Friday, August 31, 2007

Quote from The Dance of Passion






Somehow I find this speech extremely insightful, and thoughtfully phrased. It might seem like it's ice on the surface, but what lies beneath is unfrozen water. Many will find that I often have a tendency of thinking too much, I prefer to think that I enjoy reading between the lines.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Rats other than Ratatouille

He nearly died to become a chef.

I nearly died watching him dying to become a chef.

And one guy who sat next to Bernard nearly died watching this movie.

Don't get me wrong. Ratatouille is undoubtedly a very pleasant, non-18PG, kids friendly Disney animation. It's definitely not one of those Korean horror movies where characters jump out from the screen to stab you with a kitchen knife either. At least, that's not how we nearly died. Good news is, no one died. Thank Brad Bird for not killing Little Chef. Thank me for not killing the guy next to Bernard. And last but not least, thank the guy for ruining my otherwise perfect movie experience.

Remember the Digi ad right before shows, saying "Thank you for turning your phone into silent mode" ? The one with one of Digi's florescent yellow aliens right next to some Ah Beng looking moron who thinks he's the Tai Kor? If you think that's bad, you have yet to meet the worse. At least now we know that Ah Beng "got a hurt REAL BAD" *Quote Russell Peters* in the end.


Unfortunately for me, it's the open-my-mouth-out-wide-and-laugh-as-loud-as-humanly-possible species of laughter. Bad! Each laugh of his outdid his previous attempts, reaching out to every eardrum in the cinema. I swear I saw people in front looking back to identify the culprit. Generally, he's a Chinese Ah Beng-like dude in his twenties, rather thin, not too tall, with a date. I thought it's an unspoken rule that we all have to be quiet in the cinema? This mighty rude fella just wont stop talking nor laughing. Both of which were performed in higher than normal decibels. Damn! There went my hopes of having a pleasant movie from the middle seat of the last row of couple seats. What's the use of great seats, when you were seated right next to someone as annoying as that guy! I also paid Rm 11.00 for those seats. Why should I tolerate such stupidity? Why should he get away with making people in the cinema miserable?

I considered my options. He got me thinking about what I can do to him half of the time. See how irritating that is, when you can barely concentrate on the beautiful movie that's unveiling in front of you. Some of the time, I couldn't help but noticed that my hands were clenched into a fist in a feeble attempt to suppress my annoyance.

A) Discreetly hint that you're annoyed, like a loud Shhh..!, a "Ahem", or a "Can't hear lah"
B) Politely ask him to be more considerate
C) Ask for a staff to escort him to the exit
D) Have my boyfriend give him a very cold, menacing Mafia Boss look
E) Ignore him as I continue my movie with Hypertension.

I didn't want to cause a scene, he could probably be extremely unreasonable by arguing loudly on the spot. That would possibly destroy other people's movie experience too, which might be worse.

But if I don't try, I will never find out if I saved future movie go-ers from having to put up with his inconsiderate attitude. Hey, even his companion *I hope she's not his gf* seemed unamused, and embarrassed. If I were in her shoes, I'd run far far away that instant and never ever see him again. Oh, there is no way that I can tolerate someone like this.

I thought of an IDEAL Option F: The next time he opened his mouth to laugh, I'd throw in a popcorn of two into his smelly mouth and watch him run off to the toilet as he chokes it out. That had got to bring a few minutes of peace in the cinema. I'm pretty sure it wont kill him, if he's too stupid to choke out a popcorn, there's always the Heimlich Maneuver. I could make him swear never ever to make a noise in a cinema before saving him!

Nyahahahaha, am I an EviL GeniuS or what?

So how exactly do we deal with these people? Which option is the best decision?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Gwen Stefani Live in Kuala Lumpur!!!

OMG Gwen is so amazing!
OMG I just saw my first concert!
OMG This could be the concert of a lifetime!

Yes, the entire night, my sentences were all OhMyGawd-ish. Bet Fluffy's real tired of hearing it by now. It was undeniably one of the most AWESOME night in my short short life *you all don't curse me so much ya, I wana live longer*

My Aunt Gabrielle scored 2 Gwen Stefani-The Sweet Escape tickets, Rm 285 seats by the way, for herself and her friend. Unfortunately, for unforeseen circumstances, they were unable to attend. Hence, the tickets barely made it into my hands! *Jumps around in delight* Even better, they were given to me as an early birthday prezzie. Long live Aunt Gabrielle!

The concert was supposed to be at Stadium Putra in Bukit Jalil, we got stuck in traffic jams, had a little directional problem, and parking confusion. It was all totally nerve wrecking, wondering all the time if we are ever gonna make it to see Gwen on time!

By the time we reached, I was so excited I felt goosebumps rising when I heard Gwen's melody being played as we were approaching the stadium. We had major problems looking for the proper entrance though, as each type of ticket has its allocated entrance gates. We were franctically looking around for the right gate, the right queue. Despite having about 7 gates, the queues were freaking long I tell you, could be as long, if not longer than your normal KTM train. After asking around for abit, a good man directed us to our gate, finally, hallelujah! Well what do you know, our entrance gate was the same as the VIP and VVIPs. Naturally, there were hardly any queue...Shiok!

Then there was a bouncer checking out tickets, I saw him groping my boyfriend's thighs and ass, to check his pockets. Ish, my boyfriend's not for him to grab, go grab some other gay men who loves being grabbed. That meanie sent us walking all the way back to our cars because cameras weren't allowed. Hmph! It was already 8.30 pm at the time... So sweating, and rushing we did all the way. And poor Fluffy sweated it out with me.

The cons of being an inexperienced concert go-er. I felt like I was being bullied.

15 minutes later, we arrived at the entrance, and was quickly let in without further ado. It could be that they want to rush everyone in because the concert's about to start. Celaka-nye, if I had known I would've just stood there a little while longer just so I can bring in my camera.

Thank goodness the concert has not started at all although we were about 20 minutes late! I was extremely suprised to see how close the seats were to the stage. Lookie at this picture, it was taken WITHOUT ZOOMING! First row on the First Floor, as SuAnn puts it "had damn good seats!! better than the media & vip seats -___- ".

With SuAnn, a blogger who happened to be Bernard's long-time pal. Friends who read KennySia's blog will remember her as the one who went on to conquer Mount Kinabalu with him. Feel so proud to have met her that day, turns out that she's a very warm and friendly person XD Isn't her SchoolGirl outfit just lovely?

You have gotta tell me it's fantastic, especially when the tickets are free, lol. We sat right next to Audrey and Lesley, both of them Aunt Gabrielle's pals, who were very friendly to us through the night, having met us the first time.

"Where's Gwen?"
"Must be looking for a tudung to match her outfits."
"Embraced the Malaysian Culture of Bad Timing."
"Forgot to change her watch to local time."

While waiting, naturally, we camwhored, to prove our very presence that night.

And then, the lights dimmed... Out came the band, the crowded screamed in excitement. But when they realised Gwen was not in sight, they died down a little. As if on cue, The Harajuku Girls appeared as well as 2 other male dancers to reignite the excitement, playing cop-and-criminal on stage for awhile, with the music growing in recognition, the crowd just got so excited...

When Gwen appeared right on time to sing the first notes of The Sweet Escape, the crowd erupted into a frenzy cheers and screams!

I have to admit, I lost my mind when I saw Gwen and the Harajuku Girls as they broke into The Sweet Escape and amazing dance moves! Fluffy must've been staring at me in disbelief while shielding his ears, lol!

Some of the best pictures of the concert from both my Sony Ericsson K610i, and Fluffy's Sony Ericsson K800i.

Batman Gwen ran from end to end on stage throughout, despite donning sky high heels.

Beautiful bright lights, so that we can all see Gwen clearly XD

Mobile musicians and entertaining dancers...

Connecting with the audiences... much to the spectator's delight =)

Despite being left alone by her dancers, Gwen single handedly kept the crowd going wild with her larger-than-life charms!

Gwen and The Harajuku Girls going Japanese...


Gwen at the other end of the Stadium, interacting with fans.

One bald lady with an amazing voice who was part of her entourage, sang duets with Gwen.

I ran out of ideas for captions... >.<

School children outfits!

Love this shot, with another Gwen on screen!

Closest I got to Gwen, she about 6 feet away only! I had a good look, and she looks GREAT upclose!

Some of Gwen's costumes for the night.

Thanks to some spoilsport authorities, they made damn sure that Gwen compromised her wardrobe specially for little Malaysia. Way to go, no wonder so many artistes prefer to perform in Singapore, leaving us International Artiste deprived. There you go, her modified costumes, hardly any bare skin, happy now? Well just so you know, Gwen still look downright sexy no matter what she wears or what you make her wear =P

From what I've heard, the costumes were from her L.A.M.B line of clothing. Photos were taken from a big screen near me to get a clear view of her and the outfits.

Gwen's version of how Prison Break characters should dress like.
Costume for Sweet Escape. FYI, the whole night, Gwen platinum blond hair was held in a simple ponytail, and she still looks lovely =)

Probably the sexiest costume of the night, sleeveless top with a Kimono ribbon!

I'm sure Gwen looks lovely even when she cooks baby food for Kingston.

If I'm not mistaken, this is for Luxurious.

Look at Gwen's belt... She performed hits such as The Sweet Escape, Rich Girl, Luxurious, 4 in the Morning, Hollaback Girl, Wind it Up, Early Winter, and more, all from her 2 solo albums LAMB and The Sweet Escape. So many hits from just 2 albums, I'm so very impressed.

Sorry that it's blurry, Gwen just wont stop moving, lol! She was running all over the stage all night. We could see that she was sweating from the screen, but it didn't deter her spirits in engaging with us!

Now this is the most revealing costume of all, baring her hands. Just a very short dress and black opaque stockings to cover her legs. In fact, that's what she wore the entire night, and white opaque stockings for the encore performance

Now this is interesting, Gwen came out with our Jalur Gemilang in her hand, told us what she's been doing in Malaysia, talked about Kingston's Step Grandmother, and told us we were practically relations! You can almost guess that the crowd went wild. She also wished us a Happy Independence Day. Lol, she really took her time to engage with us, and I was this close to thinking she was going all the way by singing Negaraku. Then again, I'm sure she doesn't want to end up like Namewee.

Casual Gwen in L.A.M.B apparel for Cool. She wore this when she ran right across the stadium! I thought they would've banned her from direct audience contact but they didn't. Gwen ran to the opposite end so that her fans could see her up close and personal, shake her hands and stuff.
I heard someone say "pay less for tickets but get more"

Gwen poses! Look at those muscles, not bad for someone in her thirties, eh? She left after this, and everyone went, WE WANT MORE! WE WANT MORE! WE WANT MORE!

Gwen came back for an encore performance in white stockings and gloves. We just couldn't get enough of her, hopefully the same applies to her too. She came back for 2 more hits! Encore videos, please scroll down. You see that blue-green thingy? That hideous glow stick belonged to some guy, it's so ugly it annoyed the hell outta me all night.

Videos captured with my Sony Ericsson K610i

I'm sorry that all the picture and video quality was not fantastic, in fact this is the best I can manage. With me not being a professional photographer and video recorder. I think it was quite decent, considering I captured this all on my phone.

Gwen singing Cool amongst fans.

That's The Harajuku Girls for you, and other dancers.

Gwen singing Watchu Waitin For *Full Song*

Gwen singing The Real Thing, my personal favourite.

Overall, the concert was a total blast, and worth every single penny (if I was paying for it). The energy, the beat, the music, the band, The Harajuku Girls, and last but not least, the artiste, Gwen Stefani herself made it all worthwhile. I'm proud to say this is my very first concert (Fluffy's too) and no doubt, it's going to be one of the finest I've ever attended!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fluffy's entry

Well it’s not a frequent thing for me to post something here. In fact it’s my first time! And on a short note too!!! But I wouldn’t mind spending more time invading this blog, as I’m too lazy and forgetful to update one myself. To cut things short, I’m here to write, and write I should.

We just had one of our greatest nights together after a most memorable night in Putra Stadium, enjoying to the beats of Gwen Stefani, and meeting some of our friends. Even after an exhausting night, this particular meal was always on your mind, questions of whether you should marinate the chicken tonight or tomorrow keeps proddiing on the blood vessels in your brain. Even while you were sipping from my mineral water bottle and napping on the way home, you kept thinking of the outcome of the project the day after, worrying if it would be successful or not, whether it would taste great or not. And when you woke up in the wee hours of the morning to blend the ice and to check on the poultry, I said to myself, I’ve never known a person so dedicated to another, the willingness to sacrifice *SuetLing sleeps 12 hours a day* and to put a smile on his face.

Now, I’m staring at her in a blue top, sweating, moving around and hastily preparing a meal fit for a king. Well, not exactly THE ‘king’, but in the manner she prepares it, all the concentration, the hard work, the sacrifice and all the love poured into the meal. An onlooker would think that she is the royal chef – minus the attire “acts like didn’t see what she was wearing just now” *smelly la you**muaxxx*

It’s not all about the meal I cooked for you the other day, or the flowers I gave you, or the wonderful nights we shared together. It’s nothing about these, nothing at all. Love is about sacrifice and I saw it with my eyes today, someone who would always want to give you the best *this isn’t slavery* and the effort you put in. A relationship is not a give and take sort of situation, and it’s definitely not a so called job or a burden. It’s about embracing what your significant other would do for you and how much are you willing to give.

I’ve learned a thing or two today. Baby, it does not matter if the food is good or not *Honey, it IS GOOD, but there’s still room for improvement like I said* but I want to thank you for the things you have done for me, all the effort, time and all the sacrifice. I will treasure this all my life and I want to spend every moment of the coming years with you. I love you baby and heres to many, many more crazy love and fun filled years together.

The food!

And the recipe!

With love,

Fluffy =)

*added by The Ling

As they say " The way to a man's heart is through his stomach". These may not be gourmet, but I'll work on my cooking till it's perfect! I only want the best for my Fluffy.

Tomato Soup, healthy and suitable since you're dieting. No colouring, or flavoring for you either.

Lemon Sorbet, cream-free and hence fat-free. I know it's a tad sour, that's because I cut down on sugar for your low-carb diet.

And the 95% oil-free Chicken Chop. I want you to know it was fun going through all the trouble because I know I'm doing it for you. Only the best of home-cooked goodness for you, so that you can achieve your ideal body weight soon XD

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Big Apple Doughnuts

I'm not usually a big fan of doughnuts, but lookie here...

Beautiful, mouthwatering doughnuts!

So I found this new place in The Curve that sells doughnuts - Big Apple Donuts. Big deal....NO! This IS a big deal. You're now witnessing the dawn of my Doughnut infatuation! No only that I'm fascinated by their Doughnut-making machine, I enjoy reading the quirky doughnut names and fancy descriptions, I'm especially fond of watching Doughnut sifu-s making their doughnuts pretty! What's more fun is picking which doughnut looks more delicious, because I'm jobless and only have enough money for 1 dozen of them.

The impressive variety without compromising quality.

I swear they're so fresh the chocolate icing was still dripping when they were packing into the box! Business seems very brisk, with the line reforming itself over and over again. That kept the Doughnut sifu-s really busy, the Doughnut trays never full. Lady luck must've been watching over me because I managed to get the last Chococino! I'm nuts, (nuts over dougnuts, geddit? Lol... No? Nevermind) but who wouldn't go nuts over these beauties?

For my next birthday, I want a box of doughnuts *Hint Hint* It does make a good option doesn't it? Economical, easy to obtain, convenient, and practical, best part is, no wrapping involved, muahahaha... Those people who still owe me yumchar, you all are gonna treat me to doughnuts and coffee, wee... Drown me in Doughnuts!

Friday, August 17, 2007

My New Sis-in-Law

At long last, I finally met my dear pet sis-in-law, Kathleen! So glad that I was able to meet my dear kai gor Eugene and his girlfriend... They've been dating for 6 months already and we never really got the chance to meet each other. The same goes to Eugene, he's not met Bernard too!

Then Bernard and I got a brilliant idea to Double Date! It would give all four of us a chance to meet each other, and for Kathleen and Bernard to get to know "The Family". Next up, I'm gonna intro him to my pet sis, YinYen, then my pet dad, CY...etc... Dear ah, looks like you have alot of people you need to meet, hehe...

Cue: Awwww~
My favourite picture of them both! Don't you think they just look so "xin fu" here?

My first impression was: Wow, she's pretty! I mean, I've only seen her in pictures, and she just looks different in person. We had some really good conversations... I prayed that I left a good impression either! I'm never really good at something like this you see. You know how they always say that something like, meeting family is a bad thing, because you worry that they won't get along? Well, thank goodness that was not true for me! She's so sweet and nice, I feel misbehaved. Lol... and the uber sweet couple things that they do... I'm extremely glad and relieved that my gor is in such good hands! Seriously, you both look so good together, I'm dedicating this especially to you both!

Muax, you two! For the inspiration that good relationships do come by. Also, you guys took so much pictures, Bernard and I will have a hard time catching up, lol...

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Mynah Starling

Everyone, I wish to take this opportunity to remind yourselves what's outside that shopping mall, what's beyond that Friendster account... The Value of Life.

For a change today, I decided to shed off my lazy layer of dead skin, go jogging instead of just sleeping all day. I hit the paths alongside my mom, with an image of the well-built Alyssa Milano in my head as motivation. Barely 5 minutes into the jog, my spirits fell. In sight, there was a fellow neighbour fussing about her drain. Lying inside was a helpless starling, barely breathing, hardly moving...

This is the starling I mentioned. When I brought it home, it was positively alive and panting. Something tells me that it ain't gonna make it to the worms next sunrise. Still there's no way I'm gonna let nature take it just like that. I believe that there is a reason that this little birdie and I crossed paths. Whether if it's to help it survive, a message from Mother Nature, or keep it from being cat chow, I should at least try. I don't care if it had Bird Flu, or deadly diseases. I had to do something.

I was able to spare a comfortable stink-free shoe box, a cozy piece of towel, as well as some paper for insulation. It breaks my heart to witness the panting, the many attempts to stand or to spread a wing. The poor little critter must've been petrified to be in such close proximity with suspicious humans, no matter how hard it tried, it was helpless to do anything about fear. Not when survival is greatly at stake. Thoughts on how to keep the bird comfortable raced through my brain, it frightened me badly. There was really nothing much that I could do, but provide it with water from a straw. With all the education, all that I've learnt... In the face of death, the so-called superior species that I am, felt utterly powerless, useless.

Time of death : 20:22 pm Thursday, 09 August 2007
Please take a minute to mourn in silence.

Remember Life, Remember Death
Our Existence Does Not Come Without A Debt

To Mother Nature We Owe
The Protection To Her Creations Are Due

The Big Question is, What Are We Going To Do?

It's time to wake up and realise the responsibilities that we have neglected.
It's time to act. The least we could do is to prevent animal cruelty.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Chef Bernard last saturday

Bonjour Monsieur and Mademoiselles, may I present to you, the one and only, Chef Bernard! Chef Bernard is not your ordinary male chef. He is not gay as so...

Chef Wan

And he lacks the signature bell shaped figure, stumpy fingers, and a thick forest of moustache...
Fat French chef ala Ratatouille

This is the beginning of a new era, where chefs need not be gay nor French, they just have to be great boyfriends whose desire is to shower their girl, not with fancy restaurants, but their own cooking =) Mark my words. Girls, show this to your boyfriends *Hint hint* Recipes are available on request, they are simple, requires very little preparation time and very yummy! My Fluffy came up with them himself *Wink*


Just a tiny sprinkle of salt to season the abalone mushrooms, my favourite!
Isn't he just awesome to know that I love mushrooms more than Super Mario!

Mushrooms baked to perfection in the oven, healthy stuff here, 99% fat free!
He takes care of my health too, I cant ask for more.

Remark: Slightly overbaked, making mushroom too soft. Otherwise fragrant and very healthy!


Concentrating on not getting anything, or the kitchen burnt, teeheehee...
*trys to look pro doing it*

Viola, the masterpiece!

Remark: Garlic slightly burnt, but the herbs was a very very nice touch, adding colour and aroma! Lovely!


Pretty huh? He even shaped the little carrot pieces into flowers. And Twin-Eggs as well!
I just recalled, I should've gone to buy 4D that day *pouts*

I hate veggies, although I am aware that I need them. I have a feeling Fluffy made me a bigger plate of salad on purpose. He knows I'll eat everything he made, even if they are burnt.

Remark: Homemade dressing was super uber yummy! I swear! Veggies never tasted so good! Two Thumbs up for you!

He cooks and then does the dishes...
I foresee a life without household chores...

I guess that makes us a pretty good couple XD
Thanks dear for the wonderful lunch! Your lunch is on the way!

p/s: psst boys... you know what to do now eh? hehehe...

Coming up soon, my culinary inventions for Fluffy...