Thursday, August 09, 2007

Mynah Starling

Everyone, I wish to take this opportunity to remind yourselves what's outside that shopping mall, what's beyond that Friendster account... The Value of Life.

For a change today, I decided to shed off my lazy layer of dead skin, go jogging instead of just sleeping all day. I hit the paths alongside my mom, with an image of the well-built Alyssa Milano in my head as motivation. Barely 5 minutes into the jog, my spirits fell. In sight, there was a fellow neighbour fussing about her drain. Lying inside was a helpless starling, barely breathing, hardly moving...

This is the starling I mentioned. When I brought it home, it was positively alive and panting. Something tells me that it ain't gonna make it to the worms next sunrise. Still there's no way I'm gonna let nature take it just like that. I believe that there is a reason that this little birdie and I crossed paths. Whether if it's to help it survive, a message from Mother Nature, or keep it from being cat chow, I should at least try. I don't care if it had Bird Flu, or deadly diseases. I had to do something.

I was able to spare a comfortable stink-free shoe box, a cozy piece of towel, as well as some paper for insulation. It breaks my heart to witness the panting, the many attempts to stand or to spread a wing. The poor little critter must've been petrified to be in such close proximity with suspicious humans, no matter how hard it tried, it was helpless to do anything about fear. Not when survival is greatly at stake. Thoughts on how to keep the bird comfortable raced through my brain, it frightened me badly. There was really nothing much that I could do, but provide it with water from a straw. With all the education, all that I've learnt... In the face of death, the so-called superior species that I am, felt utterly powerless, useless.

Time of death : 20:22 pm Thursday, 09 August 2007
Please take a minute to mourn in silence.

Remember Life, Remember Death
Our Existence Does Not Come Without A Debt

To Mother Nature We Owe
The Protection To Her Creations Are Due

The Big Question is, What Are We Going To Do?

It's time to wake up and realise the responsibilities that we have neglected.
It's time to act. The least we could do is to prevent animal cruelty.

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