Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Chef Bernard last saturday

Bonjour Monsieur and Mademoiselles, may I present to you, the one and only, Chef Bernard! Chef Bernard is not your ordinary male chef. He is not gay as so...

Chef Wan

And he lacks the signature bell shaped figure, stumpy fingers, and a thick forest of moustache...
Fat French chef ala Ratatouille

This is the beginning of a new era, where chefs need not be gay nor French, they just have to be great boyfriends whose desire is to shower their girl, not with fancy restaurants, but their own cooking =) Mark my words. Girls, show this to your boyfriends *Hint hint* Recipes are available on request, they are simple, requires very little preparation time and very yummy! My Fluffy came up with them himself *Wink*


Just a tiny sprinkle of salt to season the abalone mushrooms, my favourite!
Isn't he just awesome to know that I love mushrooms more than Super Mario!

Mushrooms baked to perfection in the oven, healthy stuff here, 99% fat free!
He takes care of my health too, I cant ask for more.

Remark: Slightly overbaked, making mushroom too soft. Otherwise fragrant and very healthy!


Concentrating on not getting anything, or the kitchen burnt, teeheehee...
*trys to look pro doing it*

Viola, the masterpiece!

Remark: Garlic slightly burnt, but the herbs was a very very nice touch, adding colour and aroma! Lovely!


Pretty huh? He even shaped the little carrot pieces into flowers. And Twin-Eggs as well!
I just recalled, I should've gone to buy 4D that day *pouts*

I hate veggies, although I am aware that I need them. I have a feeling Fluffy made me a bigger plate of salad on purpose. He knows I'll eat everything he made, even if they are burnt.

Remark: Homemade dressing was super uber yummy! I swear! Veggies never tasted so good! Two Thumbs up for you!

He cooks and then does the dishes...
I foresee a life without household chores...

I guess that makes us a pretty good couple XD
Thanks dear for the wonderful lunch! Your lunch is on the way!

p/s: psst boys... you know what to do now eh? hehehe...

Coming up soon, my culinary inventions for Fluffy...

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