Friday, August 17, 2007

My New Sis-in-Law

At long last, I finally met my dear pet sis-in-law, Kathleen! So glad that I was able to meet my dear kai gor Eugene and his girlfriend... They've been dating for 6 months already and we never really got the chance to meet each other. The same goes to Eugene, he's not met Bernard too!

Then Bernard and I got a brilliant idea to Double Date! It would give all four of us a chance to meet each other, and for Kathleen and Bernard to get to know "The Family". Next up, I'm gonna intro him to my pet sis, YinYen, then my pet dad, CY...etc... Dear ah, looks like you have alot of people you need to meet, hehe...

Cue: Awwww~
My favourite picture of them both! Don't you think they just look so "xin fu" here?

My first impression was: Wow, she's pretty! I mean, I've only seen her in pictures, and she just looks different in person. We had some really good conversations... I prayed that I left a good impression either! I'm never really good at something like this you see. You know how they always say that something like, meeting family is a bad thing, because you worry that they won't get along? Well, thank goodness that was not true for me! She's so sweet and nice, I feel misbehaved. Lol... and the uber sweet couple things that they do... I'm extremely glad and relieved that my gor is in such good hands! Seriously, you both look so good together, I'm dedicating this especially to you both!

Muax, you two! For the inspiration that good relationships do come by. Also, you guys took so much pictures, Bernard and I will have a hard time catching up, lol...

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