Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fluffy's entry

Well it’s not a frequent thing for me to post something here. In fact it’s my first time! And on a short note too!!! But I wouldn’t mind spending more time invading this blog, as I’m too lazy and forgetful to update one myself. To cut things short, I’m here to write, and write I should.

We just had one of our greatest nights together after a most memorable night in Putra Stadium, enjoying to the beats of Gwen Stefani, and meeting some of our friends. Even after an exhausting night, this particular meal was always on your mind, questions of whether you should marinate the chicken tonight or tomorrow keeps proddiing on the blood vessels in your brain. Even while you were sipping from my mineral water bottle and napping on the way home, you kept thinking of the outcome of the project the day after, worrying if it would be successful or not, whether it would taste great or not. And when you woke up in the wee hours of the morning to blend the ice and to check on the poultry, I said to myself, I’ve never known a person so dedicated to another, the willingness to sacrifice *SuetLing sleeps 12 hours a day* and to put a smile on his face.

Now, I’m staring at her in a blue top, sweating, moving around and hastily preparing a meal fit for a king. Well, not exactly THE ‘king’, but in the manner she prepares it, all the concentration, the hard work, the sacrifice and all the love poured into the meal. An onlooker would think that she is the royal chef – minus the attire “acts like didn’t see what she was wearing just now” *smelly la you**muaxxx*

It’s not all about the meal I cooked for you the other day, or the flowers I gave you, or the wonderful nights we shared together. It’s nothing about these, nothing at all. Love is about sacrifice and I saw it with my eyes today, someone who would always want to give you the best *this isn’t slavery* and the effort you put in. A relationship is not a give and take sort of situation, and it’s definitely not a so called job or a burden. It’s about embracing what your significant other would do for you and how much are you willing to give.

I’ve learned a thing or two today. Baby, it does not matter if the food is good or not *Honey, it IS GOOD, but there’s still room for improvement like I said* but I want to thank you for the things you have done for me, all the effort, time and all the sacrifice. I will treasure this all my life and I want to spend every moment of the coming years with you. I love you baby and heres to many, many more crazy love and fun filled years together.

The food!

And the recipe!

With love,

Fluffy =)

*added by The Ling

As they say " The way to a man's heart is through his stomach". These may not be gourmet, but I'll work on my cooking till it's perfect! I only want the best for my Fluffy.

Tomato Soup, healthy and suitable since you're dieting. No colouring, or flavoring for you either.

Lemon Sorbet, cream-free and hence fat-free. I know it's a tad sour, that's because I cut down on sugar for your low-carb diet.

And the 95% oil-free Chicken Chop. I want you to know it was fun going through all the trouble because I know I'm doing it for you. Only the best of home-cooked goodness for you, so that you can achieve your ideal body weight soon XD

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