Sunday, August 19, 2007

Big Apple Doughnuts

I'm not usually a big fan of doughnuts, but lookie here...

Beautiful, mouthwatering doughnuts!

So I found this new place in The Curve that sells doughnuts - Big Apple Donuts. Big deal....NO! This IS a big deal. You're now witnessing the dawn of my Doughnut infatuation! No only that I'm fascinated by their Doughnut-making machine, I enjoy reading the quirky doughnut names and fancy descriptions, I'm especially fond of watching Doughnut sifu-s making their doughnuts pretty! What's more fun is picking which doughnut looks more delicious, because I'm jobless and only have enough money for 1 dozen of them.

The impressive variety without compromising quality.

I swear they're so fresh the chocolate icing was still dripping when they were packing into the box! Business seems very brisk, with the line reforming itself over and over again. That kept the Doughnut sifu-s really busy, the Doughnut trays never full. Lady luck must've been watching over me because I managed to get the last Chococino! I'm nuts, (nuts over dougnuts, geddit? Lol... No? Nevermind) but who wouldn't go nuts over these beauties?

For my next birthday, I want a box of doughnuts *Hint Hint* It does make a good option doesn't it? Economical, easy to obtain, convenient, and practical, best part is, no wrapping involved, muahahaha... Those people who still owe me yumchar, you all are gonna treat me to doughnuts and coffee, wee... Drown me in Doughnuts!

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