Thursday, August 23, 2007

Gwen Stefani Live in Kuala Lumpur!!!

OMG Gwen is so amazing!
OMG I just saw my first concert!
OMG This could be the concert of a lifetime!

Yes, the entire night, my sentences were all OhMyGawd-ish. Bet Fluffy's real tired of hearing it by now. It was undeniably one of the most AWESOME night in my short short life *you all don't curse me so much ya, I wana live longer*

My Aunt Gabrielle scored 2 Gwen Stefani-The Sweet Escape tickets, Rm 285 seats by the way, for herself and her friend. Unfortunately, for unforeseen circumstances, they were unable to attend. Hence, the tickets barely made it into my hands! *Jumps around in delight* Even better, they were given to me as an early birthday prezzie. Long live Aunt Gabrielle!

The concert was supposed to be at Stadium Putra in Bukit Jalil, we got stuck in traffic jams, had a little directional problem, and parking confusion. It was all totally nerve wrecking, wondering all the time if we are ever gonna make it to see Gwen on time!

By the time we reached, I was so excited I felt goosebumps rising when I heard Gwen's melody being played as we were approaching the stadium. We had major problems looking for the proper entrance though, as each type of ticket has its allocated entrance gates. We were franctically looking around for the right gate, the right queue. Despite having about 7 gates, the queues were freaking long I tell you, could be as long, if not longer than your normal KTM train. After asking around for abit, a good man directed us to our gate, finally, hallelujah! Well what do you know, our entrance gate was the same as the VIP and VVIPs. Naturally, there were hardly any queue...Shiok!

Then there was a bouncer checking out tickets, I saw him groping my boyfriend's thighs and ass, to check his pockets. Ish, my boyfriend's not for him to grab, go grab some other gay men who loves being grabbed. That meanie sent us walking all the way back to our cars because cameras weren't allowed. Hmph! It was already 8.30 pm at the time... So sweating, and rushing we did all the way. And poor Fluffy sweated it out with me.

The cons of being an inexperienced concert go-er. I felt like I was being bullied.

15 minutes later, we arrived at the entrance, and was quickly let in without further ado. It could be that they want to rush everyone in because the concert's about to start. Celaka-nye, if I had known I would've just stood there a little while longer just so I can bring in my camera.

Thank goodness the concert has not started at all although we were about 20 minutes late! I was extremely suprised to see how close the seats were to the stage. Lookie at this picture, it was taken WITHOUT ZOOMING! First row on the First Floor, as SuAnn puts it "had damn good seats!! better than the media & vip seats -___- ".

With SuAnn, a blogger who happened to be Bernard's long-time pal. Friends who read KennySia's blog will remember her as the one who went on to conquer Mount Kinabalu with him. Feel so proud to have met her that day, turns out that she's a very warm and friendly person XD Isn't her SchoolGirl outfit just lovely?

You have gotta tell me it's fantastic, especially when the tickets are free, lol. We sat right next to Audrey and Lesley, both of them Aunt Gabrielle's pals, who were very friendly to us through the night, having met us the first time.

"Where's Gwen?"
"Must be looking for a tudung to match her outfits."
"Embraced the Malaysian Culture of Bad Timing."
"Forgot to change her watch to local time."

While waiting, naturally, we camwhored, to prove our very presence that night.

And then, the lights dimmed... Out came the band, the crowded screamed in excitement. But when they realised Gwen was not in sight, they died down a little. As if on cue, The Harajuku Girls appeared as well as 2 other male dancers to reignite the excitement, playing cop-and-criminal on stage for awhile, with the music growing in recognition, the crowd just got so excited...

When Gwen appeared right on time to sing the first notes of The Sweet Escape, the crowd erupted into a frenzy cheers and screams!

I have to admit, I lost my mind when I saw Gwen and the Harajuku Girls as they broke into The Sweet Escape and amazing dance moves! Fluffy must've been staring at me in disbelief while shielding his ears, lol!

Some of the best pictures of the concert from both my Sony Ericsson K610i, and Fluffy's Sony Ericsson K800i.

Batman Gwen ran from end to end on stage throughout, despite donning sky high heels.

Beautiful bright lights, so that we can all see Gwen clearly XD

Mobile musicians and entertaining dancers...

Connecting with the audiences... much to the spectator's delight =)

Despite being left alone by her dancers, Gwen single handedly kept the crowd going wild with her larger-than-life charms!

Gwen and The Harajuku Girls going Japanese...


Gwen at the other end of the Stadium, interacting with fans.

One bald lady with an amazing voice who was part of her entourage, sang duets with Gwen.

I ran out of ideas for captions... >.<

School children outfits!

Love this shot, with another Gwen on screen!

Closest I got to Gwen, she about 6 feet away only! I had a good look, and she looks GREAT upclose!

Some of Gwen's costumes for the night.

Thanks to some spoilsport authorities, they made damn sure that Gwen compromised her wardrobe specially for little Malaysia. Way to go, no wonder so many artistes prefer to perform in Singapore, leaving us International Artiste deprived. There you go, her modified costumes, hardly any bare skin, happy now? Well just so you know, Gwen still look downright sexy no matter what she wears or what you make her wear =P

From what I've heard, the costumes were from her L.A.M.B line of clothing. Photos were taken from a big screen near me to get a clear view of her and the outfits.

Gwen's version of how Prison Break characters should dress like.
Costume for Sweet Escape. FYI, the whole night, Gwen platinum blond hair was held in a simple ponytail, and she still looks lovely =)

Probably the sexiest costume of the night, sleeveless top with a Kimono ribbon!

I'm sure Gwen looks lovely even when she cooks baby food for Kingston.

If I'm not mistaken, this is for Luxurious.

Look at Gwen's belt... She performed hits such as The Sweet Escape, Rich Girl, Luxurious, 4 in the Morning, Hollaback Girl, Wind it Up, Early Winter, and more, all from her 2 solo albums LAMB and The Sweet Escape. So many hits from just 2 albums, I'm so very impressed.

Sorry that it's blurry, Gwen just wont stop moving, lol! She was running all over the stage all night. We could see that she was sweating from the screen, but it didn't deter her spirits in engaging with us!

Now this is the most revealing costume of all, baring her hands. Just a very short dress and black opaque stockings to cover her legs. In fact, that's what she wore the entire night, and white opaque stockings for the encore performance

Now this is interesting, Gwen came out with our Jalur Gemilang in her hand, told us what she's been doing in Malaysia, talked about Kingston's Step Grandmother, and told us we were practically relations! You can almost guess that the crowd went wild. She also wished us a Happy Independence Day. Lol, she really took her time to engage with us, and I was this close to thinking she was going all the way by singing Negaraku. Then again, I'm sure she doesn't want to end up like Namewee.

Casual Gwen in L.A.M.B apparel for Cool. She wore this when she ran right across the stadium! I thought they would've banned her from direct audience contact but they didn't. Gwen ran to the opposite end so that her fans could see her up close and personal, shake her hands and stuff.
I heard someone say "pay less for tickets but get more"

Gwen poses! Look at those muscles, not bad for someone in her thirties, eh? She left after this, and everyone went, WE WANT MORE! WE WANT MORE! WE WANT MORE!

Gwen came back for an encore performance in white stockings and gloves. We just couldn't get enough of her, hopefully the same applies to her too. She came back for 2 more hits! Encore videos, please scroll down. You see that blue-green thingy? That hideous glow stick belonged to some guy, it's so ugly it annoyed the hell outta me all night.

Videos captured with my Sony Ericsson K610i

I'm sorry that all the picture and video quality was not fantastic, in fact this is the best I can manage. With me not being a professional photographer and video recorder. I think it was quite decent, considering I captured this all on my phone.

Gwen singing Cool amongst fans.

That's The Harajuku Girls for you, and other dancers.

Gwen singing Watchu Waitin For *Full Song*

Gwen singing The Real Thing, my personal favourite.

Overall, the concert was a total blast, and worth every single penny (if I was paying for it). The energy, the beat, the music, the band, The Harajuku Girls, and last but not least, the artiste, Gwen Stefani herself made it all worthwhile. I'm proud to say this is my very first concert (Fluffy's too) and no doubt, it's going to be one of the finest I've ever attended!


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hi! great pictures. i was at the concert too - opposite where u were sitting. Do visit my blog for Gwen pics and reviews. Cheers!

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Another Gwen Stefani fan! Yay! I manage to take some pics too, posted it after I got back that night! I'm still reliving the moments! :o)

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I wanted to go so badly.. T.T