Monday, October 27, 2008

Ling's Loves

It's time to get rid of all the negative energy from my blog as well. The dark clouds in my life has FINALLY floated away after much swearing from me. What better way to chase away yet another depressive episode of my life, than to recollect the things that I'm fond of.

Confession, I was lepak-ing around Beeston today between lectures. Actually, more like window shopping! It's been ages since I last had the mood to explore the quaint little stores with a large SALE banner on the display window. I realised that I have been missing out on the little joys of life while I was being depressed. Now that I'm seeing my glass as being half full again, I want to embark on a little psychological rediscovery of myself. To get in touch with my inner self again.

Let's see if I still remember what I love...

Religiously visiting 1Utama every weekend! Generally for window shopping, trying on clothes that I love-but-cannot-afford, taking pictures in the dressing room, meeting up with friends for movies and karaoke!

Patani style Sup Kambing, Mamak, and all their Ah Nehs. I miss those late night outings with friends, indulging in sinful plates of oily, salty Maggi Goreng, only to wash it down with a glass of super sweet Limau Ais. And for dessert? Portugal winning a world cup match on their gigantic screen projectors. Sweet!!!

Getting my hair washed and trimmed for only Rm15. Now everyone knows that I am STILL a cheapo. Because everyone already knows I'm a cheapo. But seriously, the salons here charge a bomb for washing your hair, and yet they never do it like they do in Malaysia. It's the way they keep adding expensive smelling shampoo on your head, making more and more and MORE WHITE SUDS on your head, all the while making sure that my stressed scalp was getting a good pressure massage all the way down to my neck and shoulders. A good 20 minutes worth of bliss I say! I nearly always fall asleep on the chair.

The Body Shop SALE!!! Everyone loves the The Body Shop. I have a soft spot for ethical trading gimmick and plant derived products! Unfortunately the normal retail prices of British TBSs are so excruciatingly unaffordable. It's a luxury that I will have to give up. Sigh. I've brought some TBS products, such as my favourite Peach Body Butter. Tak sampai hati to open the tub lah! Once opened, I will finish it very soon. And then I will have nothing left =( But I now have to resort to it. My hands have started to hurt and crack from being overused and tormented with washing detergents. Need the super duper body butter to save my poor hands.

Lazy afternoon naps on the couch. Need I to elaborate more? Just knowing the fact that I have got the time to relax and be lazy, even if it's just for 15 minutes, does wonders for my brain too.

Flipping through bimbo magazines and being stupid. I have got to just appreciate moments of low brain activity. Forget the lab reports, deadlines, and books. In my definition, being bimbo, is not about being beautiful. It's about being delightfully dumb and self obsessed. A brief moment of bimbo-ness a day, keeps the insanity at bay.

Christmas: the season, the song, the sales, the mood and the decoration! All I know that Christmas is magical somehow. I can't seem to put my finger on it, but everything seems more peaceful, and beautiful at the same time. Probably the only time of the year when people are actually genuinely nice to each other. Be it the Kenny G Holiday Albums, or the gorgeous decorations, or the industrial conglomerates commercializing the holiday, I will still love it. No matter what.

Long warm baths! With loads of suds, shampoos and shower gels in my favourite scents. Or even better, a bath tub perfect for bubble baths :) All that's left is a good heater so I can get my bathroom all steamy and foggy for writing silly notes on the mirror and sounds proof walls so that I can practice my horrible Mariah Carey impersonation XD Good times...

Laps in the pool. It's not easy for me to get started. But when I do, I'm pretty much unstoppable until I have done at least a dozen laps in an Olympic sized pool. Yes I do realise that I may seem like a fragile bag of bones that can be washed away by the currents generated from another stronger swimmer. I guess that when I swim, I'm pretty much in a trance of my own. My mind tends to unreel itself, so I get a lot of deep thinking done while I'm on autopilot in the pool. Especially on sunny afternoon, I like watching the diffracted sunlight at the bottom of the pool, the way it changes with every ripple generated from each swimming stroke. I find it somewhat emotionally therapeutic.

Playing my piano or guitar in the dead of the night. Many should have known by now that I'm never really good with words. However, I do find that I can express myself through music. The best time would be when everyone's asleep, and that would be the best moment to unleash all that emotions. I miss my piano, I really do. It's the only thing that has gone through most of my life with me, from PTS to SPM, and all the way to uni. We have a unique love-hate relationship =)

That's 10 of Ling's Loves. By now, I'm feeling oh-so-good about myself. Pardon this bimbotic, self-obsessed entry full of "I"s, a girl needs moments to be all about herself sometimes. Maybe just this one time. Remind me to do this again when I start to be emo next time.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

N96 dates C902

And then, the long awaited day has arrived.

It was going to be their first date.

While everyone was busy taking in the info in Advanced Drug Delivery,
the lovebirds gadgets couldn't help but pay attention only to each other.

(Picture taken by another N96, intrigued by the inter-racial relationship-in-development.)

To her surprise, N96 decided to sent her a romantic song via Bluetooth.
Both phones were only equally as fast in Bluetooth speed.
The N96 was flirting so hard there were sparks in the air!

How could it resist?

Soleil is stunning in black, with a hint of silver for a touch of class.

Not only drop-dead gorgeous in its slender one-piece figure,
Yes, my phone looks nicer than yours.
the C902 is a highly intelligent gadget capable of taking this game to a whole new level.
Tech-wise, the C902 was not as far away from N96 as their price.
A challenge is probably what the brainy N96 is up for.
My C902 is not playing hard to get, it IS hard to get.
The Slim Soleil (C902) subconsciously leaned on the strong shoulders of the N96.
Now you see how thick that thing is.
The N96, large built all around, meant there Soleil is never gonna have insecurities.
Too bulky for girls, its like holding a chunk of cheese. Tut tut.
N96's bold and black exterior was all too sexy for Soleil to resist.
N96 is too much of a fingerprint magnet for my liking
It was all good and romantic, until...

N96's master decided that he wants to play with his phone once the lecture was over!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

not ready to make nice

Not Ready to Make Nice
by Dixie Chicks

Forgive, sounds good
Forget, I’m not sure I could

They say time heals everything

But I’m still waiting

Some people should stop bitching about me, I'm through being patient
I’m through with doubt

There’s nothing left for me to figure out

I’ve paid a price

And I’ll keep paying
And stop pretending in front of others,
I’m not ready to make nice

I’m not ready to back down
I’m still mad as hell
I don’t have time
To go round and round and round

It’s too late to make it right

I probably wouldn’t if I could

‘Cause I’m mad as hell

Can’t bring myself to do
what it is you think I should

Fishing sympathy out of nothing, I do think that's pretty pathetic

I know you said

Can’t you just get over it

It turned my whole world around

And I kind of like it

Forget physical injuries, who is there to nurse my emotional wounds?

I made my bed
And I sleep like a baby

With no regrets and
I don’t mind sayin’

It’s a sad sad story when a mother will teach her

Daughter that she ought to hate a perfect stranger

And how in the world can the words that I said

Send somebody so over the edge

That they’d write me a letter

Sayin’ that I better shut up and sing

Or my life will be over

Leave me some dignity and stop acting like you care
I’m not ready to make nice

I’m not ready to back down
I’m still mad as hell and

I don’t have time
To go round and round and round

It’s too late to make it right

I probably wouldn’t if I could

Cause I’m mad as hell

Can’t bring myself to do
what it is you think I should

For I've seen it all, and I do feel sorry for the people who fell for it
I’m not ready to make nice

I’m not ready to back down

I’m still mad as hell and

I don’t have time
to go round and round and round

It’s too late to make it right

I probably wouldn’t if I could

‘Cause I’m mad as hell
Can’t bring myself to do
what it is you think I should
I know why help was given because they are the same kind of humans
Forgive, sounds good

Forget, I’m not sure I could

They say time heals everything

But I’m still waiting

There is no excuse for incompetence, especially when the initiative is not there.
P/s: I can't think of a better way to express myself. Many thanks to those who lent their ears, (and knees) to shake me up from my dream. I love you guys.

Monday, October 20, 2008

cant work in malaysia?

Dear Mummy,

It's approximately 5am in Malaysia now so I dare not wake you up. And I know you read my blog. I pray that you will read this morning!

I've just realized something. You know I have a folder for all my certificates and qualifications?
Well I THINK I stuffed it in the DHL box as well. The one that DHL destroyed. (Story below)

Yes, my paperwork for A Levels, SPM, PMR, UPSR, PTS, Piano, Mental Arithmetic, Cambridge ESOL, IELTS, Competitions, Positions, are all in there. Both ORIGINALS and VERIFIED COPIES.

Without my SPM cert, I think I can't go back and work in Malaysia anymore. And there will be nothing else to back my qualifications anymore. All the claims in my Curricullum Vitae are henceforth pointless.

Please check for me if it's still where I usually keep it. My other non-clothes cupboard, the shelf below the drawers. You will remember it as the RED clear folder.

Thanks mummy, and email me the results please. I will be in Lab all day.


Friday, October 17, 2008

DHL bluff my money

It's official now. Confirmed and everything.

DHL has DESTROYED *echo* DEStroyed, Destroyed, destroyed... *echo* my 20kg parcel from Malaysia!!!

An accurate account from the DHL person's email to me. Apologetic and all.

DHL bluff my money... =(
And then I cried my heart out. Poor Julyan stumbled onto me at the wrong place and at the wrong time.

For the lazy bums who were too lazy to click onto the picture, here's what happened in a nutshell. DHL was scheduled to destroy parcel number 9475, but my 9745 parcel was destroyed instead. Obviously, it was an error on their part. No wonder I couldn't get my delivery despite multiple attempts, and spending nearly 10 pounds on calls to DHL alone!
(Apparently, 08- prefixed numbers does not contribute to the minutes on contract phones)

Seriously, what are the odds of that happening. I don't see me beating the odds at lotteries lo. Emo Extreme!!! Lately my luck damn suey, dont' know why. Chopped my fingers along with my carrots while laughing the other day, not to mention a series of events that contributed to the emotional turmoil in me. These are times when life is so cruel!!!

I have lost Sherwood's Human Physiology, Alcamo's Microbiology, Dewick's Medicinal Natural Products, all original books. And that's not even the worst bit. My beautifully handwritten notes, in lead and Foolscap Paper... Gone...! GONE...!!! That's over 10kgs worth of handwritten & lecture notes. Can you imagine how much it is??? In addition to that, the numerous lab practicals that I have slaved and starved over...! GONE!!!! And, and, my lovely guitar notes and scripts...! (Thank goodness my guitar wasn't in there) DHL!!! How could you do this to me T__T Yes, other than my precious notes and books, there was nothing else in there.

*Crying so hard Nottingham is gonna flood all week*

No amount of compensation is gonna make up for the loss. Nothing. DHL you just wait. I'm gonna sue you until your pants drop. Hmph! People next time use Pos Laju, FedEx, or whichever. Not DHL PLEASE!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

N96 meets C902

When Nokia N96 meets Sony Ericsson C902...

The humble C902 was just indulging in the sounds from the Grand Piano at the Queens Medical Centre when the more absolutely stunning N96 caught the corner of its eye.

The shininess, oh-la-la!
Can you see now how beautiful it is?
All the glory of the sleek N96 captured in 5 megapixel clarity.
Clear shot from the Sony Ericsson C902
And then the N96 caught my C902 staring lustily at its body.
It thought, "Tryin' to hit on me , aye?"
The N96 then glared back 5 megapixels worth of approval.

The look of a nervous C902.
And with a capture of the picture, the heart of the C902 was also captured.
Dull disappointing shot of the C902 by the N96
It was hot, and it was fast.
My vulnerable C902 was led on.
Well the first thing to do is of course to flirt from far via Bluetooth.
To her very surprise, the N96 flirted back too!
And then there's going to be, another date, another day.
Another exciting hot moment of getting to know the N96 awaits.
The dawn of C902 vs N96 wars, stay tuned ;)
A hot new single from Britney Spears, Womanizer to complement this entry.

Can I say I'm so addicted to the beat of this song!
And I don't even love pop for a living... Britney is absolutely stunning here. What a comeback!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


With a heavy heart, I have let my long weathered locks go. Now sporting a lightweight, short-ish bob, I have a new bounce in my step!

Hurrah to saving shampoo, conditioner, hair care, washing time and blow drying time!!! Besides saving plenty of money in the long run, I am also saving precious time. They say time is money right? In the end I save even more money then! Ahah! Yes, it's all about the money!!

Before: Long Hair, looking rather mature and feminine.

I have this uncanny urge to want to do multiple hair flips within a short time frame. Muahahaha... And this time, my hair ain't gonna slap anyone in the face, get tangled, or get caught on a twig. Bouncy bobs are the way to go! Bye limp locks!

Look at the hair, and forget the face.
Looks like I've taken off some years as I take the inches off my hair!
Seriously, no amount of camwhoring can turn out right in the wee hours of the morning.
Promise to put up a nicer shot one day.

Perhaps I should also couple this entry with a review of the DJ Hairdressing Salon at Portland Building. Don't buy it when they say appointment not always necessary, it IS necessary. To be honest, I did not expect their business to be so good. The one in UNiM always seem to be pretty deserted if you ask me. There are basically 3 hairdressers there, and I had Emma serving me.

We went through some magazines, for what she called a "complete restyle"... I just wanted to chop like 6 inches off my hair, she makes it sound so dramatic! I would say she was quite honest to say that my pathetic mop of curl resistant hair will never achieve "The Magazine Effect"without styling products, and probably Adobe Photoshop. Being the typical British she is, she put it in the most elegant sounding way possible, I'm the one being blunt on my blog. I liked that honesty, and the not-too-peppy personality. Honestly, the way the girls in Malaysian salons always pretend to take so much interest in you scare the crap outta me. Especially with me not being too keen to share details of my life with perfect strangers. I always think "very close with you meh, ask so much. Busybody betul."

40 minutes was all she took to decide on a style, wash, cut and blowdry my hair. What a nice way to earn 20 pounds. I really should quit pharmacy and take up hairdressing. Oh and did I mention that she used loads of products on my hair as well? Generous dollops of shampoo, conditioner, volumising moose, setting spray, shine serum and other potions was slapped onto my hair. By the time she was done, my hair was clubbing-ready! Although I did think she OD-ed on the volumising thingy, I felt like a poodle for awhile. After an afternoon nap, the volume died down a little leaving me feeling just like a cotton ball and less like Guy Sebastian. Much better now :) Bottomline? Recommended if you want to save 3 pounds travelling to the city centre for a hair cut.

P/s: What do you think of my new haircut? Poll on side column!!!

P/p/s: Did I mention that I *heart* my new phone?! Test shots from my Sony Ericsson C902 coming up soon. It will make you want to forget about the iPhone.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008




I want my mummy T__T

With winds of up to 29 miles an hour, I was nearly blown all the way back to Malaysia ok. One whole frozen block of bones. And I'm not even joking.

Why oh why
I so "pandai"
Choose to come here, where no sun 晒
(berpantun pulak, eh leh.....)

The wind was like "Wooooo.... wooooo.... woooo...."around my ears.
And then I go like "Huhuhuhu.....T__T"
More scary than hearing that my account has just been successfully deducted of thousands of pounds. No fatty meat or hot cocoa to keep me warm inside out. Sigh. Just some half digested Salami Sandwich desperately trying to crawl deeper into my gut where it's warm.

Feeling terribly whiny today. Probably due to the lack of sleep, or that I didn't manage to chop my locks off as intended. Or maybe because I know that I have a full heavy duty day tomorrow. Sigh. If I have a camera following me, you would be watching the most tear jerking drama EVER.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Sony Ericsson C902


Now my life doesn't seem so bad...

It's the best that I've ever had...

This phone I get to own FINALLY...!!!"

Sony Ericsson C902.

Light weight



Cool shade of black

5.0 megapixel Cybershot Camera

Touchscreen features

20 pounds a month for 18 months

Allowance of up to 2600 minutes & texts

Please turn GREEN with jealousy because that would make me so happy.
(joking lah!)

No I don't care if you have a N96, iPhone or Omnia.

Your N96 is thicker than my ham sandwich.

The iPhone is an overrated piece of metal.
(except Barrie's unit *swoon* )

And I dislike Samsung phone systems in the first place, let alone the Omnia.

Everybody meet my new phone/camera, Soleil.