Friday, October 17, 2008

DHL bluff my money

It's official now. Confirmed and everything.

DHL has DESTROYED *echo* DEStroyed, Destroyed, destroyed... *echo* my 20kg parcel from Malaysia!!!

An accurate account from the DHL person's email to me. Apologetic and all.

DHL bluff my money... =(
And then I cried my heart out. Poor Julyan stumbled onto me at the wrong place and at the wrong time.

For the lazy bums who were too lazy to click onto the picture, here's what happened in a nutshell. DHL was scheduled to destroy parcel number 9475, but my 9745 parcel was destroyed instead. Obviously, it was an error on their part. No wonder I couldn't get my delivery despite multiple attempts, and spending nearly 10 pounds on calls to DHL alone!
(Apparently, 08- prefixed numbers does not contribute to the minutes on contract phones)

Seriously, what are the odds of that happening. I don't see me beating the odds at lotteries lo. Emo Extreme!!! Lately my luck damn suey, dont' know why. Chopped my fingers along with my carrots while laughing the other day, not to mention a series of events that contributed to the emotional turmoil in me. These are times when life is so cruel!!!

I have lost Sherwood's Human Physiology, Alcamo's Microbiology, Dewick's Medicinal Natural Products, all original books. And that's not even the worst bit. My beautifully handwritten notes, in lead and Foolscap Paper... Gone...! GONE...!!! That's over 10kgs worth of handwritten & lecture notes. Can you imagine how much it is??? In addition to that, the numerous lab practicals that I have slaved and starved over...! GONE!!!! And, and, my lovely guitar notes and scripts...! (Thank goodness my guitar wasn't in there) DHL!!! How could you do this to me T__T Yes, other than my precious notes and books, there was nothing else in there.

*Crying so hard Nottingham is gonna flood all week*

No amount of compensation is gonna make up for the loss. Nothing. DHL you just wait. I'm gonna sue you until your pants drop. Hmph! People next time use Pos Laju, FedEx, or whichever. Not DHL PLEASE!



Faith said...

it seems life in nottingham doesnt start too +ve...
anyway lah....the best is yet to come....
cheer up lah!

AtelierGal said...

Sorry to hear about it.
You should have send with UPS or Fedex.

I know how it feels to have lost your mail (in my case, my expensive mails were lost instead of being destroyed, still the same thing)

*pat pat*


Charlotte said...

dearie... i'm really very very sorry about what happened... T.T
i know how that feels... sigh...
u ok now? wht u plan to do about all those notes n books? mayb can try 2 borrow from friends again?

siusiu said...

oh dear im so so sorry to know about that...those books are not really needed in these 2 years thou, so don u worry much about tat, n those precious notes n reports...its over, u might miss them now but u r gonna totally forget bout it one day! im giving u 100% support to sue DHL til they drop! claim as much as u can my dear!!!

The Ling said...

looks like i'll have to live without it then! (or knock on doors to borrow them notes) With any luck I wont have to rely heavily on previous notes! thanks u guys for the support, it's been a rough week. there goes the memories i had in UNiM...

Anonymous said...

Hi kiddo -

I don't buy it, shouldn't there be a record of the "other" waybill in DHL's system. hmmm?

"No Result Found for your Query. Please Try Again."