Wednesday, October 08, 2008




I want my mummy T__T

With winds of up to 29 miles an hour, I was nearly blown all the way back to Malaysia ok. One whole frozen block of bones. And I'm not even joking.

Why oh why
I so "pandai"
Choose to come here, where no sun 晒
(berpantun pulak, eh leh.....)

The wind was like "Wooooo.... wooooo.... woooo...."around my ears.
And then I go like "Huhuhuhu.....T__T"
More scary than hearing that my account has just been successfully deducted of thousands of pounds. No fatty meat or hot cocoa to keep me warm inside out. Sigh. Just some half digested Salami Sandwich desperately trying to crawl deeper into my gut where it's warm.

Feeling terribly whiny today. Probably due to the lack of sleep, or that I didn't manage to chop my locks off as intended. Or maybe because I know that I have a full heavy duty day tomorrow. Sigh. If I have a camera following me, you would be watching the most tear jerking drama EVER.

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