Monday, October 27, 2008

Ling's Loves

It's time to get rid of all the negative energy from my blog as well. The dark clouds in my life has FINALLY floated away after much swearing from me. What better way to chase away yet another depressive episode of my life, than to recollect the things that I'm fond of.

Confession, I was lepak-ing around Beeston today between lectures. Actually, more like window shopping! It's been ages since I last had the mood to explore the quaint little stores with a large SALE banner on the display window. I realised that I have been missing out on the little joys of life while I was being depressed. Now that I'm seeing my glass as being half full again, I want to embark on a little psychological rediscovery of myself. To get in touch with my inner self again.

Let's see if I still remember what I love...

Religiously visiting 1Utama every weekend! Generally for window shopping, trying on clothes that I love-but-cannot-afford, taking pictures in the dressing room, meeting up with friends for movies and karaoke!

Patani style Sup Kambing, Mamak, and all their Ah Nehs. I miss those late night outings with friends, indulging in sinful plates of oily, salty Maggi Goreng, only to wash it down with a glass of super sweet Limau Ais. And for dessert? Portugal winning a world cup match on their gigantic screen projectors. Sweet!!!

Getting my hair washed and trimmed for only Rm15. Now everyone knows that I am STILL a cheapo. Because everyone already knows I'm a cheapo. But seriously, the salons here charge a bomb for washing your hair, and yet they never do it like they do in Malaysia. It's the way they keep adding expensive smelling shampoo on your head, making more and more and MORE WHITE SUDS on your head, all the while making sure that my stressed scalp was getting a good pressure massage all the way down to my neck and shoulders. A good 20 minutes worth of bliss I say! I nearly always fall asleep on the chair.

The Body Shop SALE!!! Everyone loves the The Body Shop. I have a soft spot for ethical trading gimmick and plant derived products! Unfortunately the normal retail prices of British TBSs are so excruciatingly unaffordable. It's a luxury that I will have to give up. Sigh. I've brought some TBS products, such as my favourite Peach Body Butter. Tak sampai hati to open the tub lah! Once opened, I will finish it very soon. And then I will have nothing left =( But I now have to resort to it. My hands have started to hurt and crack from being overused and tormented with washing detergents. Need the super duper body butter to save my poor hands.

Lazy afternoon naps on the couch. Need I to elaborate more? Just knowing the fact that I have got the time to relax and be lazy, even if it's just for 15 minutes, does wonders for my brain too.

Flipping through bimbo magazines and being stupid. I have got to just appreciate moments of low brain activity. Forget the lab reports, deadlines, and books. In my definition, being bimbo, is not about being beautiful. It's about being delightfully dumb and self obsessed. A brief moment of bimbo-ness a day, keeps the insanity at bay.

Christmas: the season, the song, the sales, the mood and the decoration! All I know that Christmas is magical somehow. I can't seem to put my finger on it, but everything seems more peaceful, and beautiful at the same time. Probably the only time of the year when people are actually genuinely nice to each other. Be it the Kenny G Holiday Albums, or the gorgeous decorations, or the industrial conglomerates commercializing the holiday, I will still love it. No matter what.

Long warm baths! With loads of suds, shampoos and shower gels in my favourite scents. Or even better, a bath tub perfect for bubble baths :) All that's left is a good heater so I can get my bathroom all steamy and foggy for writing silly notes on the mirror and sounds proof walls so that I can practice my horrible Mariah Carey impersonation XD Good times...

Laps in the pool. It's not easy for me to get started. But when I do, I'm pretty much unstoppable until I have done at least a dozen laps in an Olympic sized pool. Yes I do realise that I may seem like a fragile bag of bones that can be washed away by the currents generated from another stronger swimmer. I guess that when I swim, I'm pretty much in a trance of my own. My mind tends to unreel itself, so I get a lot of deep thinking done while I'm on autopilot in the pool. Especially on sunny afternoon, I like watching the diffracted sunlight at the bottom of the pool, the way it changes with every ripple generated from each swimming stroke. I find it somewhat emotionally therapeutic.

Playing my piano or guitar in the dead of the night. Many should have known by now that I'm never really good with words. However, I do find that I can express myself through music. The best time would be when everyone's asleep, and that would be the best moment to unleash all that emotions. I miss my piano, I really do. It's the only thing that has gone through most of my life with me, from PTS to SPM, and all the way to uni. We have a unique love-hate relationship =)

That's 10 of Ling's Loves. By now, I'm feeling oh-so-good about myself. Pardon this bimbotic, self-obsessed entry full of "I"s, a girl needs moments to be all about herself sometimes. Maybe just this one time. Remind me to do this again when I start to be emo next time.

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jean said...

don't worry about TBS. when they r having sales, everything goes at half prize including those nice body butter tubs!! n it's coming pretty soon~~

==hi, might as well introduce myself =P i'm kenneth@chubikia's gf==