Monday, November 03, 2008

Screw HamHam

It's over.

In the closing minutes of the Brazillian Grand Prix, Ferrari's Felipe Massa crossed the finishing line to win at the Sao Paolo Circuit. The moment he crossed that chequered flag, everyone thought, Ferrari has conquered both championships this year. With some good luck and a little help from the also very talented Sebastien Vetel, they have found a new Formula 1 hero, in his homeland, Brazilian's pride, Felipe Massa.

People then started to get ready to rejoice, while waiting for the other slow pokes to finish running on the track.

Or so they thought.

In the final corner of the race, Lewis Hamilton who was supposed to be losing out to Felipe Massa in the Drivers Championship pulled a miraculous stunt to overtake Timo Glock to take 5th position. At 5th position he was, and then he crossed the finishing line. As the brand new Formula 1 Champion Driver.

Instantly, the celebration preparations in the Ferrari garage ceased.

My hats off to Lewis for winning the Drivers Title on his second season. Unfortunately, mere figures and trophies aren't convincing me that you are indeed a good driver. You're just a lucky b*st*rd.

My apologies to British Hamilton fans. Why are you supporting someone who moved from a taxable British bank account to a new tax-free Swiss account? He's earning millions, and could be subsidizing loads on your merciless English Taxes, to benefit the NHS or other government funded projects. And yet, this selfish airhead decided that he wants to earn all your money (through endorsements and sponsorships), then keep it ALL for himself. I feel sad for your blind support.

My deepest regrets and consolation for the Ferrari Team. Who worked so incredibly hard against the McLaren scandal, on the engines, and on the drivers. You have never failed to prove that you operate as a TEAM. Win as a team. Lose as a team. Ferrari deserves nothing short of a Constructors Championship really. However I am confident, that with Kimi and Felipe under your belt again next season, this will give Lewis a run for his money.

One championship for each team. Constructors for Ferrari, Drivers for Hamilton of McLaren. Share share lah ok. McLaren you take what you can get. Next year you're not getting it anymore.

P/s: Screw you HamHam for ruining my day.

P/p/s: Although Kimi didn't win the championship this year, I'm glad he got 3rd anyway. He's been brilliant. As always =)

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