Friday, November 14, 2008

Anti-sick people campaign

I'm tired of mumbling, "NOT ANOTHER ONE" to myself. So this is going to public, once and for all! For I am not a very happy sick person now.

I hereby proclaim war against Stubborn Sick People.

Before anyone start abandoning me for discrimination against people with ill health, please hear me out. Ill people are MY BUSINESS you know. Pharmacist-in-training, hello?

There is a particular SUBTYPE of Sick People, you qualify if you fulfill all the conditions below.

-Has been sick for more than 3 days, or have been sick more than twice in 1 month
-Don't take care of your health, eg: not eat, not sleep, not clean
-Live in a poorly hygienic environment
-Have people around you who are also sick
-Think you can "handle" it
-Not going to the doctor/pharmacist
-Not taking medication for it

Congratulations. You are selfish.

Don't think you're very strong, that you can "handle" it. You can't, and you're weak. That's how you got sick in the first place.

Don't complain about your sickness to others. Complain it to The Doctor. Sympathy and attention ain't gonna cure any sickness. The Doctor, however, can do something about it.

Don't avoid taking medication, or explicitly exhibit your medical symptoms in class. By then it won't be difficult just for one person, but for hundreds of other students who really wants to hear the lecturer and not your cough/sneeze. It's bad enough that you can't study, don't ruin it for others, they can teach you if they can hear everything.

Don't come into close contact with others. If you don't want to save yourself, fine. But don't go around spreading your germs to hundreds of other people. Because if you really cared about other people, you would want them to stay healthy. It's bloody selfish to let hundreds of other people suffer, just because of one person is just thinking for him/herself only.

Don't go about telling the whole world about it, just to ignore people's advice. Isn't it obvious there? Wasting a few minutes of someone's life while they listen to your complaints, only to reject their conclusions and advises when you are satisfied with the number of germs that have escaped from your mouth. What's your damn point? Oh I know, attention.

And finally, don't go out with very little clothes because everyone knows it's 6'C out there. Summer clothes are best left for summer, and sometimes, your skin is better kept away from direct contact with the wind. Anyone with common sense and functioning receptors would dress appropriately to the temperature. It's either you have no common sense or you asked for it. You asked to get sick.

Call me cruel, call me selfish. Because I am not sympathetic, and going all gushy and "poor you" over the sick person. I don't do it because I believe that is NEVER productive. I am, however, generous with constructive advices and chicken soup =)

I am definitely not snubbing sick people here. As a confession, I am very vulnerable to diseases. For a change, I DO care whether I get sick. That's because when I do get sick, I get it BAD, like REAL BAD even with medication. I'd say at least I'm sensible enough to not put anyone else in the same rotten condition as I am. These are somethings that I never SHARE with friends or family. Simply because I care.

But guess who's more selfish by not considering the benefit of MANY OTHERS.

Disclaimer: Does not apply to people who doesn't fulfill all of the conditions above. If you think I'm talking about you, just think, do you really have this problem? If you do, shame on you.

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