Friday, November 07, 2008

Food in uk

Meet my "daddy", How. No really, his name is HOW, fullstop.
He's a cool dad this one, with his Apple Green Macbook and iPhone.

That's SayYuen trying to grab some chocolate cookies.

My daddy makes Killer Chicken Rice!!!
Old School style. Rindu-nya...
And Bak Kut Teh, and loads of other yummy stuff...
So yummy that all his housemates growing fatter by the day, lol!

Found my Camwhore kaki PotaTeo.
Days when my hair was still long.

And then we went for DimSum at Ocean City because they have 30% discounts on weekdays!

The Gang who Gorged DimSum on a Wednesday.
Gary, Say Yuen, Michael, Myself and Alfred

Gary trying to act cool.
But the only cool thing here is probably the tea.

Some DimSum pictures to stimulate your appetite.
Zoomed extra large, so you hate me now?

Siew Long Pao.
Hahaha, please give me satisfaction by growling your stomach please!
I'll leave the food reviews to Food Critic Michael.

Alfred very give face ok. Pose more cute than me. I respect you!!
But the head looks a little dislocated here. Hmmm...
Get well soon please my friend.

With Uncle Mike.

Gary and Say Yuen.
Gary is like this fella out of TVB. Don't know how he manages to give 1001 facial expressions while still looking so pretty!!

What's a good lunch if it wasn't followed by tea?
Apple tea and mouthwatering NY Cheesecake, courtesy of M, G and A.

I also had plenty of birthday cakes, because everyone decided that the womb is too unpopular in October. This is Pek San turning 21 in her PJs =)

About a century ago, I was also lucky enough to be invited to Bernard's place for Steamboat Open House. Seriously it was like ages ago.

Who's that drinking away?
Would you believe it if I said I wasn't drinking beer?
As a matter of fact, it was Wong Lo Kat. Believe or not.
(Cheh, steal Ripley's line, haha.)

Grilling the meat. I must say Benedict did a great job on it.
Not much pictures on it, too busy eating, don't complain.

I think I also forgot to mention that I have a Korean flatmate, EunMo?
We invited her over for dinner exchange one night.

Me and dear EunMo.

This is Cheh Yuk Puk Kum.
Pork in gravy. It's tangy, it's spicy, it's as hot as EunMo!

My favourite dish, hand rolled rice balls with seaweed and sesame.

In exchange, we made Ginger Chicken.
Looks gross but I swear it tasted damn nice that night.

Being Big Bird's Fashion Consultant

After being trapped in Broadgate Park (BGP) for a few week, I've finally outgrew my patience to go lepak in the shopping-haven of a city.
Anyway Big Bird wanted to shed his yellow feathers for cow's skin. Big big project!
Operation Leather Jacket going at full speed ahead!

2 shopping companions for the day, Daniel OMG and Big Bird.
See that Big Bird, 2 phones on his hands! *jealous*
Hmph, at least I have the C902 that you want so much =P

Daniel looking smug grabbing Furry Brown tits.
Just kidding! Melanie, I'm just kidding. He's been a good boy.

This is Big Bird - Before.

Big Bird - AFTER!!!
So handsome, can? Both of us like it so much at first sight.
But then we went looking at Marks & Spencers, TKMaxx, Topman, and a whole range of hight street retailers... still have to come back to this one!
This jacket is probably fated just for Big Bird.
No more cute fluffy yellow big bird. Just rugged, edgy Big Bird now.
Debenhams leather jacket. Price is, well, ask Big Bird yourself =)

Of course, you can't have a girl going out without her actually trying to shop something for herself. Tried on some boots in New Look. Can't decide which really.
Left or right?
(Neither's gonna make my legs look any longer anyway)

A beautiful Autumn's evening in Nottingham city.
It was about 5pm me thinks. Where's the sun?!

To be continued...
Goose Fair, Guy Fawkes Night.

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