Tuesday, November 04, 2008

nandos uk

Mummy I did something evil in UK. But I have a weird feeling you won't scold me for it. Well, maybe in front of people, but behind walls, we'll be scheming away...

This is inspired by a blog entry from a new reader who is also a blogger, who is also a friends gf, J. Teeheehee... Welcome to Ling-o-logy 101. Class has been in session since June 2006.

I'm sure pretty much every Malaysian student in the UK would've known about Free Nandos 1/2 Chicken on WinningWembley.com. The most important part of the online voucher would be the part where it says that it expires in 3 days.

Any true Malaysian would have had their Extra Hot 1/2 Chicken digested and excreted out of their system by now. Well, unless you are severely constipated. Ewww... please I don't need to know you're full of shit. Pun intended. Go eat 1kg worth of papaya guarantee your intestines will come out with your shit.

As I was saying...
Any Evil Malaysian, like moi, hohoho, would've done more than just obediently using that voucher 3 days after registration, maybe even had multiple half chickens at all 3 Nandos in Nottingham City. Catching up with my hectic schedule hadn't been easy. Considering the series of unfortunate events that has been twisting my life in 4D directions. (Yeah la I know 4D doesnt exist, just let the poor girl exagerrate a little) I missed the expiry date at 11:55pm on the same date. Dulan betul.

But then!!! Albert and Duncan gave me a brilliant idea! Them being seasoned conmen, and all that hahaha. Good conmen though, if that even makes any sense. Lol, you'll have to meet them to start loving conmens.

And then I went home and photoshopped my voucher. Here's how for freshies and future purposes.

1) Generate another new voucher with a bogus student ID, make sure the new expiry date is what you're looking for.

2) Cut the "Student ID Number" from your expired voucher and paste it on the new one.

3) Print and go claim your chicken.

Voila~! Is this kiasu or what? Probably the best thing I've done since I've been here. As if that was not enough, I also helped generate a few more vouchers for friends who had forgotten to save the PDF file. That's a little more tricky, but it can be done =)

As long as everyone is happy, (happy as above those 2, kekekeke), who cares right? Malaysians must help Malaysians be Malaysians ma. *Sniggers* They charge far too much for a piece of chicken anyway. International students who are reading this, please don't learn such bad things from us Malaysians ok. Especially you M!

I am such a bad influence, Muahahahaha...


Had another full day lab again. This time, we were making ACE inhibitors. No idea what's that? Check your grandparent's blood pressure pills, the most common one is Enalapril. The process of synthesizing it was so gruelling I was this close to self-administering some unpuritfied ACE inhibitors by stabbing a glass pipette full of it, because my stress levels were sky high.

Except for the moment when I was coo-ing and aww-ing at my beautiful crystals! My babies did turn out plenty and lovely... =) So did my genetics lab gel electrophoresis. Hohoho, I'm so proud of them.

And then I had the most interesting piece of conversation I've had all day. Read, read...

*help The Ling... Ferrari almost had it all, screw you HamHam! says:
glock is an ass
*help The Ling... Ferrari almost had it all, screw you HamHam! says:

from that day i start to anti him already
*help The Ling... Ferrari almost had it all, screw you HamHam! says:

mclaren paid him money izit

*help The Ling... Ferrari almost had it all, screw you HamHam! says:

你最大的弱点背后可能隐藏着巨大的能量,一旦爆发会成为撼动世界的优点! says:
suspect by F1 lerr..
你最大的弱点背后可能隐藏着巨大的能量,一旦爆发会成为撼动世界的优点! says:
in the end ...u know Clock say wat ?
你最大的弱点背后可能隐藏着巨大的能量,一旦爆发会成为撼动世界的优点! says:

"I was fighting as hard as I could but it was so difficult to just keep the car on the track and I lost positions right at the end of the lap."
你最大的弱点背后可能隐藏着巨大的能量,一旦爆发会成为撼动世界的优点! says:

babi ..

你最大的弱点背后可能隐藏着巨大的能量,一旦爆发会成为撼动世界的优点! says:

really want cekek him .
*help The Ling... Ferrari almost had it all, screw you HamHam! says:
Glock la

*help The Ling... Ferrari almost had it all, screw you HamHam! says:

ape Clock

你最大的弱点背后可能隐藏着巨大的能量,一旦爆发会成为撼动世界的优点! says:
thn now make Mr ham LCLY .

*help The Ling... Ferrari almost had it all, screw you HamHam! says:
amboi... when u wana cekek, i help you castrate him while u cekek

I think I'm turning SM. Couldn't stop ROFLMAO-ing the whole conversation. Of course, there were more to it, some part have to censor ok. Got young readers here.

That aside, I think I'm on the verge of stretching myself a little too far again. Gonna hit the sack super early with a belly full of Hot Chocolate =)

Next entry: Yet another one of my PHOTOBLOGs!! Mummy you don't want to miss out on all the things I've been up to while you're not here to keep tabs on me. Muahahaha... Chill mum, chill, I'm just kidding.

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