Sunday, November 09, 2008

guy fawkes day

On every 5th November, is Guy Fawkes day.

They told me its a massive must-go event, with fireworks and bonfires!

Why is there a huge celebration for this guy? Did Guy Fawkes win British Idol or something?

Not one to miss out on hot celebrities, I wiki-ed Mr.Fawkes. To my disappointment, he's not a star. He has a beard. And he's dead.


That aside, I had a good time.
Just the 4 of us, celebrating our virgin GF (Guy Fawkes la, what are you thinking) Day.

Michael & Gary (PRO-camwhore) both from Hong Kong.
Myself and Say Yuen both from The Land of Pan Mee *SLURPSS*

My random scribblings on the bus.
Unfortunately for me, as always, it was raining, and the wind was strong that day.
And it was colddd, so so very colddddddd....

However, the beautiful city of Nottingham at city made it all worthwhile.

The Cinema. So romantic right?
The photo below is much better than this!

Told ya, told ya, told ya, told ya.... repeat x infinity!
This my good people is Old Market Square. The heart of Nottingham.

From here, we take the Tram to "Forest", where the fair is.
Allow me to show you bits and pieces of the fair.

Not the cheap rides you get in Genting ok.
These travelling fairs have some VERY GOOD rides.
I mean, I don't even have the balls to go for this one.
Not that I have any balls. Just an expression.

Some very interesting rides don't you think.
Unpredictable, refreshing, and definitely exciting.
For 2 or 3 pounds/ride, they will attempt to bring out your dinner.

Bumper Cars!
The story behind this is more than a thousand words.
Warning: NEVER EVER get into a car or vehicle (not even a bumper car) with Michael on the wheel, if you value your life, you will want to trust me.
My knees were totally weak from laughing at Say Yuen freaking out, and watching the car disobey Michael's feeble attempts to conquer it.
Michael was so OWNED by the car.

Something familiar at last! But they're kiddie games here.

No story here, just a random shot.
They do have something similar to the Solero in Genting though.
Travelling fair only ok, pro or not?! Genting you cheat peoples money lo.

Even the games also also extra cute, and the toys, well, I want one too!!

While waiting for the fireworks and the bonfire to start, we wait for it, the lala way!
What lala way, you might ask? Camwhore, of course!

I was going to try and "smoke" because my breath was creating vapours!
And then Gary damn busybody come interrupt my photo.

Sharing cotton candy!
The wind so bad la, ruin my hair.

Lookie's who I caught?
Note: That's not my hair. I swear.

Another masterpiece from the Mr.Pro-Camwhore himself.

Doughnut & Toffee pieces with chocolate fondue!!

Michael and I showing off our cotton candy and quarter pounder burger!

Cravings for hot food in cold weather.
You know what they say, street food IS BETTER than restaurant food!

Gay. Ewww...
Don't look so much, later you get a growth in your eyes.

People marching to light the bonfire.

It started small, very small!

And then it became HUGE!
I could feel the heat although I'm about 20 metres away from the flame.
Instantly, I turned from freezing to warm and fuzzy!

*Video of fireworks*
Will be uploaded soon. Can't be done now because of internet problems.
Check this space.

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