Saturday, November 29, 2008

PS I Love You

You HAVE GOT TO try TERRACOTTA, the brand new chinese restaurant in Beeston!
(I mean it! Got To!)

Personally, I've been there several times, and each experience has never been a let down!
Can I first say that for someone who's trapped in smelly ol' Broadgate Park for weeks on end, I expect my occassional excursions out of the accommodation to be smashingly worthwhile.

Credits go to Milton who has spent much of his ATP convincing me that dorm-air is bad for my health, other than assuring me that I don't want to be a BGP Zombie with no life for all eternity. Others worthy of mentioning are Angil, Tim, Che Zi, Fred and Xie Chong for the car rides (I miss the smell of car seats!), singing, invitations, toasting, alcohol and the wonderful company of course! Multi-National Chinese Hospitality at its best I must say, with American, HongKee, China Chinese, Taiwanese and Malaysians sharing their genetically programmed love for good chinese food and karaoke.

Let's now go over the most important thing, PRICES! I wouldn't say it's expensive. If you had spent time looking around Beeston, you will know that the price is definitely not a discriminating factor here.
I've the "Seafood" page here to totally tempt your tastebuds.
Well, the seafood page is always more expensive than the "chicken" page, mind you.

Tim and Che Zi waiting impatiently for their food.
To be honest, this place looks and feels better than the Tai Thong Restaurants we were so used to back in Malaysia.

All the while not skimping on the warm and inviting decor.
Though I do find the statues a little too creepy because every time I look up from my food, I see them staring at me stony-faced and all.
*GULP* and the food I swallowed landed in my stomach in a stony-sounding thud.

After your meal, you can always opt to digest them with a good round of singing at their karaoke rooms. They cost 8 to 10 pounds an hour for a small room, not to sure about the big ones. On weekends, they even open till 4am. Just for you to sing the Mr.Sun of out of his bed.

Tim telling his Karaoke Kakis that he's starting without them!

Our "regular small room" beautifully hand painted, comfortably furnished.
The negotiation of who gets the mic first, before the kakis come pouring in.
Haha! Just kidding.

And that is just ONE HALF of Terracotta! Be sure to check out their BAR, it's GORGEOUS!!!
(Sorry, forgot to take pictures in the bar because I was too distracted *winks*)
I'm in love with the tasteful decor and furniture, and sexy barmen *salivates* Allow me to assure you it's totally westernised on the other half of the restaurant! Get your liquor and cocktail fix without going all the way into the city.

Flaming Lamborghinis are available on request. I've tried the Mojito that was slightly different from the ones in Malaysia and PS I Love You which was totally sweet and yummy. Both were awesome. At some point I also downed or shot of something no one wanted to tell me. It tasted great, but I felt a little whoozy not long after. Lol. Yeah, they have a DJ on weekends too, and a bouncer to keep everything in order. In terms of the girls, well, I did see some chinese girls (majority of the patrons are chinese obviously) and they will let you buy them drinks =)

Whoever's planning to go to Terracotta please bring me along as well :D I promise I'll be good.

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