Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kitchen On Fire

You know those cooking shows you watched on TV? With professional chefs, drizzling in some wine/ oil, and with a little toss, the pan goes in flames for a brief moment, only to disappear, leaving food looking and tasting (and pricing) better than ever?

I had that "awesome experience" on Friday night.

Yes, something like that, except, imagine me instead of him, holding a pot instead.
You'd think, "Wait a minute, I thought there was no fire stoves in your studio"
Bingo. There wasn't. I was just heating up some oil in a pot.
It wasn't unsupervised, so I pretty much witnessed it lighting up!
Was about to put my chicken in, had I leaned a few inches closer, my face would've been burnt with my hair going up in smoke.

The Notorious Pot of Oil.
The flames were huge, and I must admit I panicked. Like, Whoa...
Not my first mishap with fires. Apparently, we don't have a history of getting along well.
Then I remembered the fire blanket in my room.
One tug, and one throw later, the fire was contained in the pot, and I can see it getting smaller.
Just when I thought the situation was under control, there was too much smoke in my room the fire alarm went off.
Great. A full scale evacuation was all I need.

I have been cooking for a few years, and I know that you pretty much can't cook without heating up oil. Which brings me to the deduction that I can't cook if every time I heat up oil the pot will catch fire? Or maybe it was too long? I don't know... I am damn sure it was heated for less than 5 minutes. Sigh. Another streak of bad luck.

My kettle a little burnt, but most of it were removed after cleaning.

My cooker hood suffered a little more, as the flames were so huge the flames were licking the hood. Cleaning managed to remove most of the dark stains, which were more like smoke stains. But there are some burnt areas that couldn't be salvaged. Sigh. I have a bad feeling I'm not getting back my deposit.

Thank God, everything else, and myself was alright.
Badly shaken, but I'm alright.

I pretty much trembled for the next hour or so.
I was so frightened I lost my appetite for a few hours, but I knew there was one number I could call. Gratefully, he knew what to do with me, and that was just what I needed after a horrible night.

Huo Guo Rou @ The Pink Wing in Beeston!
This, my friends are super yummy.
We ate, we chatted, we sang karaoke, we downed some Jack Daniels and Chivas along with some new friends and dice games.
The mood was sometimes merry, at times it was low.
I guess we were both in a similar situation right now, and somehow we were there to support each other. Someone said, God planned for him to find me, because he felt like I was just what he needed right now, and he appreciated the fire for bringing me to him last night.

I went into deep thought and had another mouthful of whiskey.

I don't know anything. I don't know if God exists. If I can help him. If the fire happened for a greater good. If I can pay off the damages to my kitchen. If I have completely gotten over my past relationship. I don't know.

All I know is, I will do my best and hope that "I can make it through the rain".

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