Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nottingham Malaysian Games 2008

What better way to start the Nottingham Malaysian Games 2008, than in typical Malaysian Fashion?! I slept like a Malaysian, overslept like a Malaysian, and rushed over like a Malaysian to arrive beautifully on Malaysian timing!!!

Perfect =D Lucky for me, I did not have any significant duties in the morning.

But then I crossed paths with The Bouncer in his "Leather" Jacket. Uh-oh...

Big Birds back view look super ganas.
My legs turned into jelly...
A smile and a joke later, I was squrming past the Big Bouncer into the Opening Ceremony!

Got a bird eye's view from above.
At that time, I did feel quite sad that the people had to sit on the floor.
Like kindergarten Story Time like that. Ahah!
Despite the crowd in this shot, the other half of the crowd is actually OUTSIDE this hall.
They were denied entry because they were late.
Come on la, can't blame Malaysians for being Malaysians mah!
In contrast, Very-late-me can go in because I'm The Volunteer with a green shirt.
Man, I love the extra privileges, teeheehee~!

Hand shaking because I came out without breakfast =(
A few shiny looking trophies, the VIPs.
It took FOREVER for the speeches to end, seems that the cold weather won't stop them from berleter-leter panjang lebar.
*I would write this entry in Malay, but my tatabahasa is getting from bad to worse*
*And I know most of us don't miss Malay that much anyway =P *

Emcee, "Please raise your right hand"
Me, "OMG, don't tell me they're gonna do the ikrar behind our little brown exercise books"
Emcee, "Kami berikrar..."
Me, "Aiya, forgot all the lines already!" *Sweating like mad*
Emcee, "...went on with another kind of ikrar..."
It's just doing some sports and exercise, like that also need to ikrar?

Before the Games begin, camwhore a bit first...
SayYuen, Myself, Big Bird The Big Bouncer and Brian Pota-Teo.

I look like I'm cheerleading with 2 x EXTRA LARGE green Pom-Poms.
Big Bird and Kelvin have like giant hands, you can't see my body anymore.

Manja with Daddy How at the Table Tennis room first...
Could I have been *secretly* trying to influence the Table Tennis scores?

... Because my friend YukChang from UCL was competing.
That one on the other side of the table.
His opponent looked so huge and intimidating in comparison.
Now you see him...

And now you don't.
Where did that big guy disappear to?
Poor YukChang continued playing on his own and went on to win this match =D

Finally caught this Long Lost Friend, whom I have not seen since my A'Level days in Taylors College. Only heard him once when he called me from UK when our darling Kimi Raikkonen won the Drivers Championship in 2007!

A box of Krispy Kreme that he bought me =P
Thank you YukChang, you're the best.
And you're in Ling's Book of Records for supplying me my first ever Krispy Kreme!

Met Tad-Song-the-Great.
After a bit of IM-ing a few years back, free-parking on my MSN list for another few years...
I have finally managed to stand in his towering presence. (seriouslyhedamntallidon'twanttostandsonearagain)

Myself, TadSong, YukChang and the famous Michelle Lau.

The Volunteer's Free Lunch as promised by the Nottingham Malaysian Society (NMS).
To be honest, it was no where near free. Had to walk so much and so far for it.
As if that is not enough torture for The-Hungry-Volunteer, have to "Treasure-Hunt" it down some more. This is too much ah! *Saying it like Phua Chu Kang*

The Volunteer was still very hungry, so she went around foraging food from people whom she thinks can lose a few pounds.
Thank you Brian. May God bless you.

Another picture with Big Bird.
I sayang him loads. He so give face, never once shied from my camera. *HUGS*

This picture speaks more than a thousand words for sure!
Brian's ultra rare uncool facial expressive frozen, in this picture, on my blog,

Oh yeah, and then I went to lepak with the Chess Competition fellas after lunch.
Now I realise how interesting it can be watching nerds battling nerds ,
all to be crowned the nerdiest of them all! *Cheers*
Just kidding, I love nerds. What would we do without them.
Check mate, yo!

Okay, so maybe chess can be a wee bit draggy...
So while waiting for the nerd's next big move, we camwhore!
Introducing Shy Lih and Elaine, both live directly underneath my floor.
Eeee... see all my dark eye circles! Gross!

With SiowChin who practically lives next door.
How can she look younger than me T__T

Simon and I look like muka baru kena belasah.
Hahaha. I've got him addicted on my massage now =P

SiowChin and Grace having their "Appetizer" before we start work serving dinner.
With food in their hands, they really can't be bothered with who's capturing their gluttony on camera! Lol. Girls and chocolates. Whatever makes them happy.

Me and my Grace darling with her Million Dollar Smile.

Setting up the VIP's table.
It was then we realised that none of us have pay attention in Kemahiran Hidup.
Pharmacy girls scratching their head, and squeezing brain juice on table arrangements.
Sad case la.

Everybody rejoicing with the arrival of FOOD!!!
FOOD!!! Isn't that what Malaysians are all about?
No? Slap you. Malaysia should disown you.

Us pharmacy girls then have to serve food to everyone.
Green shirt ones get extra drumstick with my compliments! =D

Appetizer: Salad

The crowd favourite of the night: Curry Puffs!
There was this guy, who came back 5-6 times just for the puffs.
And yes, he took the very last one.

Spicy Rice, slightly different from the local Nasi Briyani.

I was the Drumstick and Curry Puff "Guardian".
Serving like a crab like that, a tong in each hand.
Ish, the chicken is like SUPER TASTY!!!
So tasty we EACH secretly tarpao-ed HALF A DOZEN back home to last us the week!
I know, very cheapskate! But lazy to cook ma, plus got plenty of leftovers, don't waste.
Looks like I'll be spending less than 5 pounds again this week =P

Main course: Curry Veggies

Main course: Curry Chicken

Dessert: Halwa
No idea what it really is, but it tastes super duper nice. Sweet potato with butter me thinks.
Makes a lovely warm dessert! Wondering where to find this again in UK.

What's a big meal together without a huge ass...
YUM SENG chant...

My Malaysian buddies. Paris Adventure Gang. Yeah!
Kelvin, SayYuen, Julyan, Myself, Big Bird, Daniel, Simon and Daddy How.
Woohoo, I'm the centre of attention! Perasan-nye saya =P

The family and Little Illegal Me.
Muka tembok go gatecrash people's photo.

And finally, the event was a success because all the hungry volunteers were fed.
The Nottingham Malaysian Society 2008 everybody.
*Cue: Applause*

Thank you.


bhavani said...

When honour is at stake fight till the last strawnewport driving school

Boss Stewie said...


This brings back memories.

I was at Notts Games ermm.. I think about 4 years ago and I represented UCL in table tennis there. I think it was the same table and hall I played in.

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

i was there this year ^^ trashed in quoter finals =(