Monday, August 31, 2009

Summer Travels

Sorry I've been away! I've only just got back to Nottingham after a lengthy, well deserved getaway. Although I have intentions to blog extensively about my journeys, I'm afraid this plan has to be pushed aside for the moment, to make way for some MASSIVE CLEANING of the new house!

It did not help at all, with the luggages all in the way, and only 2 pairs of hands to work on it. I'll be back to blog if I survive!

In the mean time, I'm determined to deposit all the photos on Facebook, before I forget and get lazy about it. They are such lovely pictures this time around. Do check them on my Facebook!

As the summer holidays are drawing close to an end, take care everyone, and please do let me know when you are heading back!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Attention whore?

Recently, I got to know of someone who was upset with her medical examination. According to her description, there were concerns about the examiner making contact with the upper portion of her breasts as well as going in between them under the claims of checking her breathing. Additional information were provided as well: the doctor was not wearing gloves.

The first impression I got was that I felt somewhat insulted. Although I must say I am confused as to whether I felt this negative because

1) another female was potentially sexually harassed,


2) because as a future member of the healthcare profession, our ethics have been undermined, and our actions misinterpreted.

Due to the relatively vague, and one-sided description, wouldn't it be really immature and insensible to make any accusations? A number of our youth today have reflected their rash judgment.

To make things clear, I am no medical practitioner, with limited knowledge of the body's anatomy. However I do know this much. That the lungs are safely and strategically positioned behind a pair of fat insulated breasts. The structure of the human lung also varies from the top, to the bottom, bronchus, alveoli and all. Access to any part of the human lung, without cutting up the body, will face the The Great Wall of Breast Tissue.

If there was any assessment that requires inspection on a specific part of the lung, naturally, it's better to go straight to the location of where it should be. However, I feel it should be with a stethoscope, and not with the hands alone.

Personally I do not feel that a pair of gloves will be necessary, although it's probably good practice and hygiene to wear them. There is a low risk of contamination, no open wounds and also nothing to do with a body cavity. Any risk of infection being contracted from the patient as a result of gloveless contact, would then be at the expense of the doctors own health.

If there was a stethoscope in hand, I would take it as a routine examination procedure, and not worry about it too much. It would then probably be a misunderstanding made by someone who is overly conscious of her breasts. This character is also suggested by an very detailed description of the breasts that was potentially harassed.

However, if there was no stethoscope in hand, it was most likely a lame attempt at harassment.

If that was the case, it will be an embarrassment to the professionalism of the healthcare profession. The best thing to do would to to question the doctor's actions, and challenge it, if necessary, on the spot. Who is it to blame, when the victim was aware of the situation, and yet allowed it to happen? Publicizing it later on, or any complaints seems to be gathering attention and pity. Channeling any relevant grievances through the right procedures, to have the situation properly investigated is the best course of action at this point. Should the medical practitioner be at fault, his medical license will be at stake as a result of his own actions. After all, responsibility comes with the job.

Just another case where I think it can be handled in another way, and viewed from another perspective. However, if I were the victim, I would probably overreact as well. After all, there aren't many females out there who deem their dignity as sacred anymore. If there was any good from all the attention that was received, perhaps attracting the attention of someone who can give advice would be more desirable, rather than someone who joins in a blind accussation with no substance. Well then, the advice is here and made available. Whether it is used, is no longer of any concern to me.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Girls too free

There's been something on my mind.

Girls who ALWAYS look all fabulous, prancing around in the latest fashion, hardly ever repeating the same outfit.

Girls well groomed from top to toe, luscious treated + perfectly dyed + styled hair, shaved underarms and legs, amazingly well-kept body, perfectly done make up, and beautifully manicured nails.

Girls who are always (possibly every day) out and about, hanging out with friends, be it clubbing, yumchar, events, or movies. Enjoying food at top restaurants, and posh cafes. All well documented with regular photographic updates on social networking sites.

I know I can't, despite my best efforts. My favourite "excuses " are:

I haven't got all the time in the world to read the latest fashion magazines, go shopping, shave my legs, pluck my eyebrows, cleanse-tone-moisturize, go for facials, do my nails, pick out and outfit, style my hair everyday, put on make up every morning, take pictures of everything I do, waiting for them to upload or even to exercise to keep my bingo wings at bay. I need to sleep, over-sleep, and eating whenever I get the chance to. Although I am not the most dedicated student out there, I still spend a fair amount of my time studying for my degree. Despite sacrificing beauty sleep, and beauty treatment time, I am still as stupid as ever.

I cannot afford Clinique, L'occitane, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Louis Vuitton, Prada, digital cameras, hair treatments, french manicures, gym membership, clubbing entrance fee, Starbucks, car, phone bills, bikini waxing kits...etc. Style gone. Appearance gone. Social life gone.

Aside from the fact that I cannot afford nice apparels, I don't good in them either. PERIOD. If I had a nice body, I could've seduced someone into buying them for me. Unfortunately in this world, NO BODY NO TALK!

There is handwash laundry to be done, dishes to wash, fish and chicken to cut up, meals to cook, toilet to clean. I know for certain that I can't do all that and still have a gorgeous French Manicure, soft supple hands, time to go out, and energy to stay up late. Not to mention, the lectures, projects, assignments, reports... *faint* Forget waking up early to comb my hair or moisturize my face. Every second of extra sleep counts in the morning.

I guess my point is, I have no idea how I could've been able to do all the above, and still be able to perform my priorities, and maintain my studies. As it is, I am already struggling to keep up. How they can do all that, is the 8th wonder of the world to me.

Monday, August 17, 2009

No sex? No food.

Hello, this is the new Lepak King speaking.
( HAHAHA, lepak-ing becomes lepak KING. Get it? Why am I such a lame genius?! )

My days are spent loitering around Dunkirk, doing absolutely NOTHING. Even floating around on your Messenger "Online" List doesn't cut it anymore. When I want to do nothing, I will do nothing. Chatting online is something, so that defeats the purpose.

Eventually, I got tired of Dunkirk and decided to expand my Lepak Kingdom to University Park. That's how I stumbled across the papers, and read the article,

(what the *censored*)

This is a new bill passed by President Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan. His past achievements also include "Women to have sex with their husbands every 4 days at a minimum".

How on earth could this have been allowed to happen? In the 21st century! I'm flabbergasted, gobsmacked, so shocked that I became instantly constipated.

The female race does not exist for men to have sex with, at their disposal. Even animals know that they have to deserve mating their rights, by fighting another suitor or by attracting the female. I am almost embarrassed to be genetically related to these people.

Imagine that, coming from THE PRESIDENT. Aren't presidents supposed to improve the welfare of people, and the image of the country? Why did the people of Afghanistan elect him to promote sexual slavery, starvation, and absurdity. With it follows death, large ill population, and worse, uncontrollable population growth that is beyond the economy's support. The reason why the people elected for a path of self-destruction, is beyond my comprehension.

Furthermore, who is to decide on other people's sex lives, people should be less of a nosy busybody! Every individual's intimate life is subject to their own privacy. Such ridiculous rules are almost implying rape. Getting married legally binds you to provide sex at demand to your husband. So then, what good is a marriage anyway when it's no different to being kidnapped by a rapist.

This is just so screwed up. But there's something worth pointing out though. It is possible that men have now evolved to be so unappealing to women, that they need to actually enforce a law in order to have someone to screw. Is that how gays started off? As an evolutionary measure to provide sexual satisfaction through same gender attraction, as opposite gender attraction seems to be failing one unfortunate gender?

For all you know, the bill was passed because someone's wife refused to have sex with him. For someone who disrespects women so much, I wonder why.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Boots Summertown 1848

Alas, another summer placement with Boots has ended, with mixed feelings this time. Now that I'm not having anymore income, I've abandoned posh Oxford for good old Nottingham. Where life is more affordable.

To sum up the experience, it was enriching, but mostly enlightening. Fortunately for me, I remember the bulk of the stuff that I've learnt from my previous summer placement, so settling into work was not a problem. This allowed me more opportunities to polish up all the skills that I have, to develop my style of communication, and also to brush up clinically. It was a very pleasant surprise to know that 3 years into my degree, and I'm already pretty much equipped with most of the things I need to work in a pharmacy.

This is Nathalie, my tutor & a very experienced pharmacist.
Simply speaking, it was her dispensary, and she rules it with her Golden Rules. Hahaha, and believe or not, 2 weeks of telling off later, I was happily working within the comfort of the rules. I was trained with discipline and sensibility under her supervision. What we both have in common is our vertical challenges in reaching the top shelf.

For our top shelf woes, we had Toyosi, ex-Pre-Registration Pharmacist, current Post-Registration Pharmacist. So tall I never could peek at the crown of his head to see if he was bald over there, LOL. Talented bloke, and not one to go easy on the freshie summer student, he threw question after question in my direction. And I thank him for that, for I need the push. Now a freshly pharmacist, I wish him the best career.

Marjan, our part-time dispenser was really sweet, and funny. She's a friend of another summer student within the region, and that's how I got to know Ramak better. Hahaha... She left on holiday before I did. Hope she had a great holiday.

Monica, 18 and engaged. I am so jealous. For I have a bad feeling I'm going to be 81 and still be single. Loads of fun, and a talented dispenser in the making.

Alice, our sole solution to the Healthcare Counter, before I came by of course! A trainee Healthcare Advisor, she's nearly there, determined to take her last test before she goes on maternity leave. Baby David's gonna be out soon and I wish her all the best.

Meet my buddy, funky Renita from Estonia! Will miss her cheekiness everyday T__T

Lovely, sweet Kate from Poland, also very pregnant. (What is up with this store?) She's our permanent Trainee Dispenser, with only me and the pre-reg to help her out. I was lucky that she is a very patient woman, who tolerated well with my inability to locate items which I like to blame on my poor eyesight.

The latest addition to the Summertown family, Anne the new Pre-Reg! Oh, that girl's got attitude and Disney in her cells! Pity I hadn't met her sooner. But I know I will see her again, a qualified pharmacist!

Also, I will not forget Paul, Sarah, and Brigid who has been so kind to me throughout my placement.

As you can tell, everything at Summertown was awesome, except for the fact that Boots offerred me a position for after my graduation, in.... LOUTH. Ugh. Don't even get me started on that.

*rolls my eyes*

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Last Minute Luck

Sunday morning I was snoring...
Then my phone decided to ring...

I was sloppy when I picked up the phone, then every single cell of my body woke up when I heard that my friend lost her travel tickets and her debit card!!!

International student - Debit card = Powerless

And the worse thing was, she's due to catch a train, then a bus, and finally a FLIGHT.

Can it get any worse? In the end, I hastily scrambled out of the house, loaned her some cash, and helped her to the train. I'm not even sure if I did a good job as I was still tired. Fingers-crossed that she makes it back home without any more hiccups.

These last minute disasters are the worse kind. They catch you unaware, turn all your beautifully knitted plans upside down, making you feel absolutely hopeless.

It is in time like these, I think, that our survival instincts are tested. How well we cope in the face of adversities, how we build up our odds against the odds.

Keeping calm is not the best thing to do, because the brain will then be automatically be swarmed by a gazillion of horrible ordeals that are going to befall yourself. Isn't it strange that the human brain is designed to react to troubles in terms of "fear" rather than "solution". And that, is going to spell our extinction in times to come.

Or at least, that's what I think. The human mind is overrated, and is flawed. At least, I know that much.