Monday, August 17, 2009

No sex? No food.

Hello, this is the new Lepak King speaking.
( HAHAHA, lepak-ing becomes lepak KING. Get it? Why am I such a lame genius?! )

My days are spent loitering around Dunkirk, doing absolutely NOTHING. Even floating around on your Messenger "Online" List doesn't cut it anymore. When I want to do nothing, I will do nothing. Chatting online is something, so that defeats the purpose.

Eventually, I got tired of Dunkirk and decided to expand my Lepak Kingdom to University Park. That's how I stumbled across the papers, and read the article,

(what the *censored*)

This is a new bill passed by President Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan. His past achievements also include "Women to have sex with their husbands every 4 days at a minimum".

How on earth could this have been allowed to happen? In the 21st century! I'm flabbergasted, gobsmacked, so shocked that I became instantly constipated.

The female race does not exist for men to have sex with, at their disposal. Even animals know that they have to deserve mating their rights, by fighting another suitor or by attracting the female. I am almost embarrassed to be genetically related to these people.

Imagine that, coming from THE PRESIDENT. Aren't presidents supposed to improve the welfare of people, and the image of the country? Why did the people of Afghanistan elect him to promote sexual slavery, starvation, and absurdity. With it follows death, large ill population, and worse, uncontrollable population growth that is beyond the economy's support. The reason why the people elected for a path of self-destruction, is beyond my comprehension.

Furthermore, who is to decide on other people's sex lives, people should be less of a nosy busybody! Every individual's intimate life is subject to their own privacy. Such ridiculous rules are almost implying rape. Getting married legally binds you to provide sex at demand to your husband. So then, what good is a marriage anyway when it's no different to being kidnapped by a rapist.

This is just so screwed up. But there's something worth pointing out though. It is possible that men have now evolved to be so unappealing to women, that they need to actually enforce a law in order to have someone to screw. Is that how gays started off? As an evolutionary measure to provide sexual satisfaction through same gender attraction, as opposite gender attraction seems to be failing one unfortunate gender?

For all you know, the bill was passed because someone's wife refused to have sex with him. For someone who disrespects women so much, I wonder why.

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