Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Girls too free

There's been something on my mind.

Girls who ALWAYS look all fabulous, prancing around in the latest fashion, hardly ever repeating the same outfit.

Girls well groomed from top to toe, luscious treated + perfectly dyed + styled hair, shaved underarms and legs, amazingly well-kept body, perfectly done make up, and beautifully manicured nails.

Girls who are always (possibly every day) out and about, hanging out with friends, be it clubbing, yumchar, events, or movies. Enjoying food at top restaurants, and posh cafes. All well documented with regular photographic updates on social networking sites.

I know I can't, despite my best efforts. My favourite "excuses " are:

I haven't got all the time in the world to read the latest fashion magazines, go shopping, shave my legs, pluck my eyebrows, cleanse-tone-moisturize, go for facials, do my nails, pick out and outfit, style my hair everyday, put on make up every morning, take pictures of everything I do, waiting for them to upload or even to exercise to keep my bingo wings at bay. I need to sleep, over-sleep, and eating whenever I get the chance to. Although I am not the most dedicated student out there, I still spend a fair amount of my time studying for my degree. Despite sacrificing beauty sleep, and beauty treatment time, I am still as stupid as ever.

I cannot afford Clinique, L'occitane, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Louis Vuitton, Prada, digital cameras, hair treatments, french manicures, gym membership, clubbing entrance fee, Starbucks, car, phone bills, bikini waxing kits...etc. Style gone. Appearance gone. Social life gone.

Aside from the fact that I cannot afford nice apparels, I don't good in them either. PERIOD. If I had a nice body, I could've seduced someone into buying them for me. Unfortunately in this world, NO BODY NO TALK!

There is handwash laundry to be done, dishes to wash, fish and chicken to cut up, meals to cook, toilet to clean. I know for certain that I can't do all that and still have a gorgeous French Manicure, soft supple hands, time to go out, and energy to stay up late. Not to mention, the lectures, projects, assignments, reports... *faint* Forget waking up early to comb my hair or moisturize my face. Every second of extra sleep counts in the morning.

I guess my point is, I have no idea how I could've been able to do all the above, and still be able to perform my priorities, and maintain my studies. As it is, I am already struggling to keep up. How they can do all that, is the 8th wonder of the world to me.

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