Sunday, August 02, 2009

Last Minute Luck

Sunday morning I was snoring...
Then my phone decided to ring...

I was sloppy when I picked up the phone, then every single cell of my body woke up when I heard that my friend lost her travel tickets and her debit card!!!

International student - Debit card = Powerless

And the worse thing was, she's due to catch a train, then a bus, and finally a FLIGHT.

Can it get any worse? In the end, I hastily scrambled out of the house, loaned her some cash, and helped her to the train. I'm not even sure if I did a good job as I was still tired. Fingers-crossed that she makes it back home without any more hiccups.

These last minute disasters are the worse kind. They catch you unaware, turn all your beautifully knitted plans upside down, making you feel absolutely hopeless.

It is in time like these, I think, that our survival instincts are tested. How well we cope in the face of adversities, how we build up our odds against the odds.

Keeping calm is not the best thing to do, because the brain will then be automatically be swarmed by a gazillion of horrible ordeals that are going to befall yourself. Isn't it strange that the human brain is designed to react to troubles in terms of "fear" rather than "solution". And that, is going to spell our extinction in times to come.

Or at least, that's what I think. The human mind is overrated, and is flawed. At least, I know that much.

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