Thursday, July 30, 2009


I can't believe that my summer placement is coming to an end. 7 weeks of work flew by so fast. I can't believe I'm 7 weeks older already T___T It won't be long till I reach 30 and start worrying about my wrinkles...

Tuesday was Celebrate & Review Day, where all the summer students within a region gather, share, and celebrate their success. In other words, it is the dreaded Presentation Day. The day you "show off" your project, you brilliant light bulb ideas, and how "successful" it went.

Unprepared, I sent off my poster via email to the printers on Sunday, collected it at 9am Tuesday, only to attend the presentation at 9.30 am, the same morning. I was mighty impressed by how clinically knowledgeable everyone was. Frankly, I avoided the clinical project simply because I knew I would be rubbish at it. However, it seemed that I somehow did not do too bad with my business project, because I won Best Project in the region. Weee~~ Thorntons chocolates as the prize!

2 days later (today) I had to prepare for another interview with Lloyds Pharmacy. Frankly speaking, I was just drained from Tuesday, and really had no time to prepare for it. But since I got it, I might as well give it my best shot. Lloyds people were very very nice! And even that is an understatement. I was interviewed by the Area Manager, who really put me at ease, and patiently listened to what I had to say for a whole hour. I must say, although this was the day that I had to sell myself to him, he sold Lloyds Pharmacy to me.

At the same hotel where I had my Lloyds Interview, I met Ramak, another Boots Summer Student whom I met. He told me how upset he was that I missed out on the FRPS challenge. In case you're wondering, I was beaten by another candidate in my region by just 1 freaking sign-up, so I came up 2nd. He believed that the dude who beat me cheated somehow, and I could not believe my ears when he said he told his tutor about it, and even emailed our Pharmacy Area Manager about it. For justice's sake, as he called it.

I think he did that because he didn't think that dude deserved the prize:
An invitation to a Celebrate & Review Day at Boots Head Office, with other regional winners.

But honestly, I was secretly relieved that I did not win, because the prize sounded scary. It is awesome alright, but still scary.

For someone I have just met 7 weeks ago, he's one plucky fella who has made a very deep impression on me. He didn't have to care, but he did, and I appreciate it loads =) I don't know what I did to deserve his kindness, but I know he's gonna make a fine pharmacist one day.

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Jean said...

Congrats on your project!! Our Review and Celebration day was cancelled tho. Good thing it was cancelled as my Lloyds interview was on the same day. Teehee.