Sunday, July 19, 2009

Swine Flu

I've had it! All the fuss and commotion about the Swine Flu has gotta stop! It is bringing out the worse in people to the surface, and it ain't pretty at all.

Boots the Chemist, Summertown branch have officially sold out of THERMOMETERS (digital, ear, forehead ones)! Just a few days ago, we were also sold out of PARACETAMOL tablets & caplets, and almost sold out of alcohol hand hygiene gels. And no, we don't sell FACE MASKS.

Today's society is mentally sick. Alcohol hand gels claim to kill 99.9% of bacteria, NOT VIRUSES. Innocent bacterias are dying by the gazillions, while the flu viruses are enjoying a killing spree.

The NHS has advised that face masks are not going to improve your chances of survival. Good hygiene, however, WILL! So can everyone please stop asking for it.

Paracetamol tablets will lower your fever, and help with aches and pains. But! It will hinder you from detecting the crucial temperature of 38'C that is needed for swine flu diagnosis. Also, can the regular paracetamol addicts please stop taking these pill as if they're sweets.

And no, having a second thermometer isn't going to give you a different reading for your body temperature. Stop buying them.

Everything you need to know about swine flu is in the papers, asking me or the pharmacists about it isn't going to give you a different answer.

Please give up on coming into pharmacies, if you think you have swine flu. Everyone in the pharmacy is not keen to catch your flu, thank you very much. No matter how many times you ask, we do not give out Tamiflu / Relenza, just because you want some. We don't have it! And I won't let you have it, even if I have some, unless I have orders from your doctor.

Unfortunately, panicking about the crisis isn't going to deter the virus from coming anywhere near you. Wake up!

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