Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer Sale Spree

There will not be a single female that can resist the seduction of the notorious Summer Sales. I tried hard, in fact, I tried very very hard. I am embarrassed to admit that I succumbed, hopelessly to the evil sale.

I went on another spree at Jamie's Italian, French Connection, Accessorize, and Zara. The results were painful...

Tops, Coats, Hats.... OUCH!

Someone hold me back please!
But it was a very lovely weekend. I haven't had anything like it for nearly a year now, and I just know that days like this are hard to come by.

The sales in UK have been nothing short of exciting, incomparable to that of Paris, or KL. I wonder if Shanghai's gonna be any good at all?

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babysara said...

i wanna shop in uk too!!!!!! yikes!