Tuesday, July 07, 2009

When customers are not right

Whoever that invented the phrase "The customer is always right" needs to be shot in the head a million times over.

It's a big fat lie, that makes no sense of all.

As you can already guess, I'm very dulan with customers now. This happened today. This girl came in with a list of drugs on her iPhone, written in a foreign language that I have no clue about. I could barely make out what they sound like and what they might be. She claimed that they were medication prescribed to her by her GP back in her home country. Fine. So I asked her what she was diagnose with, so as to help me get an idea of alternatives that I can get her in the UK instead.

She said Herpes. I reconfirmed it with her, and she nodded.

Of course I was shocked, she's very young. Among the drugs that I managed to work out with her previously, was one for Aciclovir, an antiviral. To me, Herpes = a nasty viral infection, and I know nothing more about it. At this rate it didn't seem impossible that she might have Herpes. So naturally, I would pass on this case to someone who might know it more than I do, the Pre-Reg Pharmacist, my pal Toyosi. And then I went on to serve other customers.

Minutes later, Toyosi asked me why I diagnosed her with Herpes. I was like "What the *beep* !!!" I DID NOT diagnose her with Herpes! Apparently that stupid girl told Toyosi that I diagnosed her with Herpes. That LIAR. How dare she accused me of such things!

Diagnosing someone with a viral infection as foul as Herpes would be the last thing on my mind! There's nothing available for sale that can be used for the treatment on Herpes anyway. I had no motive to diagnose her with something this horrible at all.

I believe I have not disclosed any details (physical description or nationality) that will lead to the identification of this customer. Hence, I have not breached any patient confidentiality here. I just need to vent out my annoyance at some customers.

That will go down as one of the worst ever customers that I have ever served!

To make matters worse on the same day, a customer picked up my pen, and put it in his bag, and left! He seemed very well-to-do, if not rich, well mannered and all that. It wasn't by accident, I'm 100% sure of that. I was missing a pen, and I stood there staring at his hand for minutes! But he ain't letting go of my poor pen. I turned my back for a second to serve a customer, and poof! He bloody stole my pen!!!


ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.... I am so frustrated I could throw pen darts at the customer if I wasn't paid a salary for this summer placement.

Cool down girl, cool...

Why are they our customers?
Because they're not smart enough to be the pharmacist.

My patience mantra, that will help me through this.


Anonymous said...

yu use the word "dulan" :)

Anonymous said...

yu use the word "dulan" :)