Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I support The Fuel & Food Price Hike!
(With that said, I will soon have an angry mob chasing after me. Before they kill me, I shall go finish up my lab report so I can be The-Ghost -That-Finished-Her-Report, no "unfinished business" whatsoever.)


Again! They monkey-ed again! From what I heard this time, at KLCC, Jalan Ampang. Hey people, if you want to waste your time, please be my guest. Just don't stop the rest of us who have urgent errands to run, in your quest to embarrass yourself. I have other more productive things to do. Like shopping in Pavillion, hello? It was going to be my first ever, and Fluffy's too, shopping trip to Pavillion! Thanks for ruining it for me. If you like gathering so much, come gather in front of my house, I assure you that you pleads will be heard. (By me, not that I'm gonna do anything about it). Free Guards surrounding my house, what's not to like?

I came across this article which I found to be very insightful. Although I don't agree 100% of the time, it makes more sense than those foolish people who got charged for standing among a crowd of "more than 3 people without a police permit".

"The Government is doing this in order to ensure that such items are affordable so that people will not be overly burdened financially, and it is spending billions annually to achieve this target. While this is laudable, it is a serious drain on financial resources that could be used for projects that can bring greater economic growth and jobs."

Yes, the subsidies make plenty of our everyday items much more affordable, besides curbing inflation. The part about the funds could've been used for economic growth and job? Well, don't blame it on the subsidies. Blame it on the many times they had to spend large figures to fix the MRR2, and refix the MRR2, or re-refix the MRR2, because someone didn't do a good enough job in the first place or someone didn't make sure that the other someone didn't do a good job. I forgot which, it's confusing. What about the drain in resources caused by undeserving students who got sponsorship to pursue costly education but flunked/ dropped out. Subsidies should not be blamed for the drain in resources, as there are certainly better reasons out there.

"It is just not possible to keep a low inflation regime for too long, since this is just not practical. The cost of production will have to rise and people will have to get used to higher prices."

Now this is true, although subsidies do not account for a great drain in in resources. In time, the world prices WILL increase, the government soon will not be able to keep up with high subsidies. In the long run, subsidies will be a major burden. Malaysians, it's time to GROW UP. The world is facing this. Why should we be any different? This is not the time to be selfish and demanding. Sometimes, I think Malaysians are so pampered they don't appreciate the things which the government actually did for them. With the elections coming, do you think the government would love to announce a price hike right now? If there's a need to, they'll have to do it. At the end of the day, we have to remember that they are consumers too.

"The Government, too, must be prepared to reduce subsidies on fuel, including diesel, gradually so as not to create undue hardship on wage earners. "

That ought to be the right way to do it. If the people can't afford it, they've gotta learn to afford it. Trying working OT for a few extra bucks, instead of wasting time gathering, or paying off police bails, for a start. Be more thrifty with spending instead of splurging on the credit card all the time. Also, be more careful with your everyday goods, and do not practice waste. That's gonna teach some people to appreciate cooking oil more. Besides, the shortage is a perfectly good excuse to consume less oil, people in this region are obese and diabetic anyway.

Oil is going to be more scarse, everyone knows that. And yet they are ignorant about it, thinking it's some grandmother story. As they keep up the demand for more oil, the oil companies will keep digging. So whose fault is it that the oil prices are increasing? All those moves to encourage carpooling, the usage to public transports, and smart cars, have received very little good responses. Don't say you were not warned.

Malaysians are selfish. All they care about, is how everything affects them. What I see, is Malaysians refusing to grow up and accept the fact that Price Hikes are a scary inevitable truth that they will have to face one day. Like a baby refusing to poop in the potty, because pooping in diapers feels so much more comfortable. Well, grow up. They'll just have to get used to it. But then again, they could always fly off to Neverland with Peter Pan and never ever grow up. Oh, I forgot. Peter Pan is not asian, and he doesn't even know that Malaysia exists.

Quotes taken from this article.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Shopping woes

There we go, the first week of the new semester. It's routine.

I started it by reluctantly dropping a cheque in the Admin building. Gosh, it just gets harder and harder to let it go. I took a second glance at figures, gee, I wonder if I'll be able to earn enough to issue a cheque like this once day. But hey, no pressure ya? *forced laugh*

The new semester promises a lot of work, like practical work. Lotsa Labs... So many hours, so little lunches. Looks like my dream belly will have to wait. There's also dissertation, reports, video conferences, poster presentations, and role playing to do. Role playing is not fun, especially when it accounts for 100% in a module, no kidding. Sigh... This is going to bring my stress levels to an all-time high.

On a lighter note, I haven't been getting into the studying mood. Not yet, not so soon. No way lah, I still want to have fun. The first week alone I spent like zero time studying, without a hint of guilt. Instead, I was indulging in alot of food, some sports, plenty of sleep and computer games! Yay me! At this rate, I'll be fat in no time *optimistic* And I haven't even done my New Year shopping yet! It's ILLEGAL to not have new stuff to wear on New Years Day.

By the way, they should make it illegal for malls that do not stock Real S sizes... I'm starting to think it's a gimmick. These days, they're making the clothes real big, but labeling them small sizes like S or M. Hello? It's not fair to the fat people! Let's say there's 2 shirts, both 20 inches across. Brand Honest labels it as an L, while Brand Gimmick labels it as an M. Then there's also a big fat lady who'd fit perfectly into this shirt. She normally buys an average of L sizes, while religiously worshiping her slimming pills everyday. One day, she stumbles across the Brand Gimmick boutique, and tried on the shirt in size M. It fitted nicely. This poor lady would be tricked into a false sense of security, thinking she slimmed down to an M. The result is the lady buying the "M" sized shirt because she is so happy. Now, she can go tell everyone she's wearing a size M, when actually, she's still a size L. See? It's not fair, making money off people with weak psychology. Oh, they should also take care of the smaller sized people like me.

Speaking of which, hohoho, another story coming...

I had a good shopping day yesterday, with satisfying purchases from Zara and Playboy. I worship these brands. When they say it's S, it's an S, for real, an S that fits me *jumps for joy* And when it comes to having sales, I can actually afford their products =) yeah, I'm very stingy when it comes to shopping. Style is not worth eating bread and veggies for a month. Besides, I prefer to shop smart, muahahaha... But, the problem with these places, namely Zara, the staff is very yong sui. I'm not discriminating them by their looks. Their staff are all pretty and slim, but they not only sulk, they're super duper rude. That makes them very ugly, even if they're wearing an inch thick of makeup. I like being polite to boutique staff, they can be very very helpful, giving good recommendations, helping you out and such. However, the Zara staff I met that day was horrible. Or maybe, they're just horrible to me. Because I'm not carrying a Guess handbag, or wearing Shu Uemura makeup, or whatever-brand fashionable heels. She took a up-to-down kinda of glance, and ignored me at the entrance of the fitting room. So I asked, if I have to take a tag. Then she grabbed those clothes from my hands, tugged them off the hanger, and gave them back. I waited for 5 seconds, nothing. Naturally I assumed that I could walk in. Only to get an angry "Girl! The tag!" Ugh, can't she like, walk over to give it to me instead of shout? Miss would've sounded nicer. If she thinks she's embarrassing me, she's only portraying herself as an ill-mannered staff who doesn't know how to behave. Sheesh! What's her problem? I could've complained. But taking into consideration that Zara gave me very good buys, I shall forget about it. On the other hand, the staff at Playboy were much more courteous. That's what I call high class staff =)

This sums up my shopping woes, heehee... Pictures of my new clothes... in posts after CNY =)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

After exams

FREEDOM!!! I'm FREEEEeeee~~~~!!!

For at least 3 days. UNiM you are so STINGY with your holidays!!! *sad* I have so many things that I want to do. So many things, so little time, and only one of me. GAH~

Stuff on my To-Do List.

- Learn CSS, my html knowledge is so outdated already.
- Learn how to use Photoshop, to make my own Raikkonen poster! With my face on it XD
- Spring clean my room, the rented house.
- Spring clean Fluffy's house, when Kenneth's not looking =P
- Bake New Year cookies!!! *reservations are accepted, hehe, lol*
- Read a book completely, and UTTERLY UNRELATED to Pharmacy. Not even a word.
- Put on weight, my target = 45 kg. Gotta EAT Fluffy's food. He says he's fat.
- Sleep more, see if my hair can grow back... My head feels botak now.
- Go shopping!!! CNY coming, time for new clothes =D UK students coming also =P
- Play Theme (Team) Hospital, hahaha, and Neopet games, HAHAHA...
- Pinch the blackheads on Fluffy's nose, I swear it's so fun!
- Go make friends with those new brown duckies in the lake, 'cuz they added me on Facebook XD
- Oh, and find out who's the mastermind behind that Notts Duck Facebook profile.

Err... that's all I can think of now. Gonna refer back just in case I forget. Will add more later. Sleep first. Nitez everyone. See you when the moon rises.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Power Cut

I think it was the night before our Pharmaceutical Technology paper. I bet everyone was cramming, like real hard. So hard even their shit was hard. Actually I don't know about their shit, but mine was. I'm just saying.

Darn, we barely get to enjoy Christmas and New Year's already. Even the countdown's well, a huge turn off. Not even the Raikkonen poster in my room can turn me on.
(Mental note: it's the McLaren uniform and MP4-22 being the turn off, must change poster!)

10, 9, 8... Study MicroBio first, then only do PhysPharm, or maybe BioChem first...
7, 6... Shit lah, don't know if I have time to do UK papers also...
5, 4... Great 3 more seconds to 7-days-to-Dooms-Day =(
3, 2, 1... Happy New Year, my job here is done. Can I go now? I need to study leh...

No kidding.
Just when you think it can't get any worse than this. TNB decides to play a huge joke. POWER CUT. On the day before PharmTech paper. Great, just great.

Now how am I supposed to study?! Not very funny lor. *facing upwards*
(With that said, I hope God is not acting like the God in The Law of Ueki, that psycho Japanese Anime version of God creates stuff like fights to keep Himself entertained, tsk tsk.)

I can't possibly relive the scene where a Chinese scholar from ancient times caught fireflies to provide light, so that he can study. Everyone in this house has a good bottle of insecticide. All the fireflies in our house would've been extinct by now. Candles are out of the question. If I start emo-ing when I get tired of studying, I'll be creating a hearty bonfire with my notes.

And so, we borrowed the car and decided to travel out in search of light. Wah... sounds so dedicated *smug look* Apparently, the affected area was Sunway Semenyih. Where the population is 30% Nottingham students in the midst of exams.

We headed all the way out to KFC, Kajang. It was a pleasant surprise. Not only does KFC, Kajang operates 24 hours (we can study till the wee hours if we like), it has FREE WIFI (Lilian said she could download torrents from there), plug points for your Laptop Lifeline, FOOD & DRINKs just a few steps away.

Other perks that you don't know of,

- Use all you want toilets. For the stingies out there, save money on your water bill at home.
- Adequately air conditioned, for people like me, whose room doesn't come with an a/c.
- No sleeping when studying, people will stare if you sleep in KFC, no?
- Interesting people to stare at when you're bored. See when people stare back, because they noticed your stare, you will look back at your work. Hence, you get a short-lived distractions, which in the end, redirects your eyes, back to your horrible handwritten notes.
- Inspire young kids to not consider tertiary education. Because if they did, they would have to cram like what we did. The thought of it would make them cry.

In the end. I thought it was pretty exciting, having no power, the night before exams. Adrenaline rushing, hehheh, pretty syok. Although, I'm pretty sure everyone else would disagree. My exam week would've been otherwise boring and annoying, thus making me more EMO than ever.

I shall end this with a YouTube video, because, I ran out of ideas to write. Last paper on Thursday, woohoo! After which I will not be EMO. Enjoy this... WHAT IS EMO?

This is dedicated to WaiKen who just spent me Mungga's =)

Friday, January 11, 2008


The most dulan incident in my Book of Dulanism...


of my Friendster material... of all things *sweat* -.-"

Can you imagine the nerve???!!! I'm so annoyed now, I'm munching on my corn kernels as if they are the words that she publicly displayed on her territory.

Why am I so darn pissed? To start with, I put my heart and soul into everything that I do. The words that I write here, and all the other stuff on Friendster, Facebook or Messenger. They are the essence of the moment that I was in. I try to record every bit of my thought, or inspiration, the best I can, in my own words. It's the way I see it that matters.

Not a word was changed. Not even a noun or an adjective. She even had to nerve to display it so publicly, happily getting away with it as if she owned that piece of intellectual property. This bitch. (I'm not usually vulgar, but I really dislike this attitude this much.) Now let's think about this person as an individual, she's probably a big fat FAKER. The rest of the words on her territory, might be bit and pieces of some other poor unsuspecting writer, or worse, writerS. And the pictures, could be more extensively Photoshopped than XiaXue's. My God, for all you know, perhaps she's even faking that NOSE... and that she actually has hair/moustache above her lips, or a Cushing's Syndrome patient's body... WHOA...... I wonder if she ever thought for a moment that I would find out.

I'm usually rather relaxed about most things. Someone once told me he caught a glimpse of my answers during exams, while sitting next to me. I wasn't pissed, not even one incy-wincy bit. He had the guts to tell me that he saw, that's bravery to me, and honesty too. Partly also because I wasn't careful with my answer sheet, so it's my fault, I can't possibly blame him for that. Her? She thinks she can get away with it in her pretty world.

My inspiration comes from the weirdest of places, when I'm bored waiting for my constipated shit to drop into the toilet bowl, or even when I'm vacuuming the dust bunnies in my room... Honestly it's everywhere. Knowing that inspiration doesn't just drop from the sky, I value my personalized work. To be frank, I'm rather proud to call my work, MINE. If some bitch thinks she can just take my words and get away with it, she's so wrong!

I'm not happy about this, and I don't know what is the right thing to do. I don't know this girl in person. Thank goodness I don't, I don't want her in my life, faking around, then bitching about me elsewhere. In my mind, I'm gleefully coming up with ideas to get back at her, one after another, the list can never end. BUT. Being the nicer person that I am, ahem, I decided not to stoop so low and do mean things to people.

I will not reveal the identity of this faker, her territory, and what she plagiarized.
I will not do mean stuff to her.
(If I ever meet her, which I hope I don't. Yeah I don't like you, so cry me a river. I don't care)
I shall not let such insignificant people distract my concentration for my current exams.
I shall let her continue doing this horrible shameless act, until one fine day, some other people decides to give her a piece of their mind, BIG TIME, muahahahahaha....
I shall not let her trick me into developing ill feelings, and doing evil acts to ruin my good karma.

See? I can be nice when I want to *smile*

The only comfort I can take from this incident is, she's so stupid she can't even come up with her own ideas, and the sole reason she copied my work is because my work ROCKS.

Happy Nerding everyone. Freedom and happiness is not too far away.

P/s: If you're smart enough to poke around a bit, I don't see why you can't spot the plagiarizer yourself. It is really that obvious.