Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Power Cut

I think it was the night before our Pharmaceutical Technology paper. I bet everyone was cramming, like real hard. So hard even their shit was hard. Actually I don't know about their shit, but mine was. I'm just saying.

Darn, we barely get to enjoy Christmas and New Year's already. Even the countdown's well, a huge turn off. Not even the Raikkonen poster in my room can turn me on.
(Mental note: it's the McLaren uniform and MP4-22 being the turn off, must change poster!)

10, 9, 8... Study MicroBio first, then only do PhysPharm, or maybe BioChem first...
7, 6... Shit lah, don't know if I have time to do UK papers also...
5, 4... Great 3 more seconds to 7-days-to-Dooms-Day =(
3, 2, 1... Happy New Year, my job here is done. Can I go now? I need to study leh...

No kidding.
Just when you think it can't get any worse than this. TNB decides to play a huge joke. POWER CUT. On the day before PharmTech paper. Great, just great.

Now how am I supposed to study?! Not very funny lor. *facing upwards*
(With that said, I hope God is not acting like the God in The Law of Ueki, that psycho Japanese Anime version of God creates stuff like fights to keep Himself entertained, tsk tsk.)

I can't possibly relive the scene where a Chinese scholar from ancient times caught fireflies to provide light, so that he can study. Everyone in this house has a good bottle of insecticide. All the fireflies in our house would've been extinct by now. Candles are out of the question. If I start emo-ing when I get tired of studying, I'll be creating a hearty bonfire with my notes.

And so, we borrowed the car and decided to travel out in search of light. Wah... sounds so dedicated *smug look* Apparently, the affected area was Sunway Semenyih. Where the population is 30% Nottingham students in the midst of exams.

We headed all the way out to KFC, Kajang. It was a pleasant surprise. Not only does KFC, Kajang operates 24 hours (we can study till the wee hours if we like), it has FREE WIFI (Lilian said she could download torrents from there), plug points for your Laptop Lifeline, FOOD & DRINKs just a few steps away.

Other perks that you don't know of,

- Use all you want toilets. For the stingies out there, save money on your water bill at home.
- Adequately air conditioned, for people like me, whose room doesn't come with an a/c.
- No sleeping when studying, people will stare if you sleep in KFC, no?
- Interesting people to stare at when you're bored. See when people stare back, because they noticed your stare, you will look back at your work. Hence, you get a short-lived distractions, which in the end, redirects your eyes, back to your horrible handwritten notes.
- Inspire young kids to not consider tertiary education. Because if they did, they would have to cram like what we did. The thought of it would make them cry.

In the end. I thought it was pretty exciting, having no power, the night before exams. Adrenaline rushing, hehheh, pretty syok. Although, I'm pretty sure everyone else would disagree. My exam week would've been otherwise boring and annoying, thus making me more EMO than ever.

I shall end this with a YouTube video, because, I ran out of ideas to write. Last paper on Thursday, woohoo! After which I will not be EMO. Enjoy this... WHAT IS EMO?

This is dedicated to WaiKen who just spent me Mungga's =)

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LiliaN said...

Aiyoh...now everyone going to go KFC to torrent d la...:'( anyway, it was an interesting night.Thanks for the effort :) Happy Studying! We will survive.