Friday, January 11, 2008


The most dulan incident in my Book of Dulanism...


of my Friendster material... of all things *sweat* -.-"

Can you imagine the nerve???!!! I'm so annoyed now, I'm munching on my corn kernels as if they are the words that she publicly displayed on her territory.

Why am I so darn pissed? To start with, I put my heart and soul into everything that I do. The words that I write here, and all the other stuff on Friendster, Facebook or Messenger. They are the essence of the moment that I was in. I try to record every bit of my thought, or inspiration, the best I can, in my own words. It's the way I see it that matters.

Not a word was changed. Not even a noun or an adjective. She even had to nerve to display it so publicly, happily getting away with it as if she owned that piece of intellectual property. This bitch. (I'm not usually vulgar, but I really dislike this attitude this much.) Now let's think about this person as an individual, she's probably a big fat FAKER. The rest of the words on her territory, might be bit and pieces of some other poor unsuspecting writer, or worse, writerS. And the pictures, could be more extensively Photoshopped than XiaXue's. My God, for all you know, perhaps she's even faking that NOSE... and that she actually has hair/moustache above her lips, or a Cushing's Syndrome patient's body... WHOA...... I wonder if she ever thought for a moment that I would find out.

I'm usually rather relaxed about most things. Someone once told me he caught a glimpse of my answers during exams, while sitting next to me. I wasn't pissed, not even one incy-wincy bit. He had the guts to tell me that he saw, that's bravery to me, and honesty too. Partly also because I wasn't careful with my answer sheet, so it's my fault, I can't possibly blame him for that. Her? She thinks she can get away with it in her pretty world.

My inspiration comes from the weirdest of places, when I'm bored waiting for my constipated shit to drop into the toilet bowl, or even when I'm vacuuming the dust bunnies in my room... Honestly it's everywhere. Knowing that inspiration doesn't just drop from the sky, I value my personalized work. To be frank, I'm rather proud to call my work, MINE. If some bitch thinks she can just take my words and get away with it, she's so wrong!

I'm not happy about this, and I don't know what is the right thing to do. I don't know this girl in person. Thank goodness I don't, I don't want her in my life, faking around, then bitching about me elsewhere. In my mind, I'm gleefully coming up with ideas to get back at her, one after another, the list can never end. BUT. Being the nicer person that I am, ahem, I decided not to stoop so low and do mean things to people.

I will not reveal the identity of this faker, her territory, and what she plagiarized.
I will not do mean stuff to her.
(If I ever meet her, which I hope I don't. Yeah I don't like you, so cry me a river. I don't care)
I shall not let such insignificant people distract my concentration for my current exams.
I shall let her continue doing this horrible shameless act, until one fine day, some other people decides to give her a piece of their mind, BIG TIME, muahahahahaha....
I shall not let her trick me into developing ill feelings, and doing evil acts to ruin my good karma.

See? I can be nice when I want to *smile*

The only comfort I can take from this incident is, she's so stupid she can't even come up with her own ideas, and the sole reason she copied my work is because my work ROCKS.

Happy Nerding everyone. Freedom and happiness is not too far away.

P/s: If you're smart enough to poke around a bit, I don't see why you can't spot the plagiarizer yourself. It is really that obvious.

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D said...

isnt the best compliment, imitation itself?