Sunday, January 27, 2008

Shopping woes

There we go, the first week of the new semester. It's routine.

I started it by reluctantly dropping a cheque in the Admin building. Gosh, it just gets harder and harder to let it go. I took a second glance at figures, gee, I wonder if I'll be able to earn enough to issue a cheque like this once day. But hey, no pressure ya? *forced laugh*

The new semester promises a lot of work, like practical work. Lotsa Labs... So many hours, so little lunches. Looks like my dream belly will have to wait. There's also dissertation, reports, video conferences, poster presentations, and role playing to do. Role playing is not fun, especially when it accounts for 100% in a module, no kidding. Sigh... This is going to bring my stress levels to an all-time high.

On a lighter note, I haven't been getting into the studying mood. Not yet, not so soon. No way lah, I still want to have fun. The first week alone I spent like zero time studying, without a hint of guilt. Instead, I was indulging in alot of food, some sports, plenty of sleep and computer games! Yay me! At this rate, I'll be fat in no time *optimistic* And I haven't even done my New Year shopping yet! It's ILLEGAL to not have new stuff to wear on New Years Day.

By the way, they should make it illegal for malls that do not stock Real S sizes... I'm starting to think it's a gimmick. These days, they're making the clothes real big, but labeling them small sizes like S or M. Hello? It's not fair to the fat people! Let's say there's 2 shirts, both 20 inches across. Brand Honest labels it as an L, while Brand Gimmick labels it as an M. Then there's also a big fat lady who'd fit perfectly into this shirt. She normally buys an average of L sizes, while religiously worshiping her slimming pills everyday. One day, she stumbles across the Brand Gimmick boutique, and tried on the shirt in size M. It fitted nicely. This poor lady would be tricked into a false sense of security, thinking she slimmed down to an M. The result is the lady buying the "M" sized shirt because she is so happy. Now, she can go tell everyone she's wearing a size M, when actually, she's still a size L. See? It's not fair, making money off people with weak psychology. Oh, they should also take care of the smaller sized people like me.

Speaking of which, hohoho, another story coming...

I had a good shopping day yesterday, with satisfying purchases from Zara and Playboy. I worship these brands. When they say it's S, it's an S, for real, an S that fits me *jumps for joy* And when it comes to having sales, I can actually afford their products =) yeah, I'm very stingy when it comes to shopping. Style is not worth eating bread and veggies for a month. Besides, I prefer to shop smart, muahahaha... But, the problem with these places, namely Zara, the staff is very yong sui. I'm not discriminating them by their looks. Their staff are all pretty and slim, but they not only sulk, they're super duper rude. That makes them very ugly, even if they're wearing an inch thick of makeup. I like being polite to boutique staff, they can be very very helpful, giving good recommendations, helping you out and such. However, the Zara staff I met that day was horrible. Or maybe, they're just horrible to me. Because I'm not carrying a Guess handbag, or wearing Shu Uemura makeup, or whatever-brand fashionable heels. She took a up-to-down kinda of glance, and ignored me at the entrance of the fitting room. So I asked, if I have to take a tag. Then she grabbed those clothes from my hands, tugged them off the hanger, and gave them back. I waited for 5 seconds, nothing. Naturally I assumed that I could walk in. Only to get an angry "Girl! The tag!" Ugh, can't she like, walk over to give it to me instead of shout? Miss would've sounded nicer. If she thinks she's embarrassing me, she's only portraying herself as an ill-mannered staff who doesn't know how to behave. Sheesh! What's her problem? I could've complained. But taking into consideration that Zara gave me very good buys, I shall forget about it. On the other hand, the staff at Playboy were much more courteous. That's what I call high class staff =)

This sums up my shopping woes, heehee... Pictures of my new clothes... in posts after CNY =)

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ps said...

sheesh urself man.. if i were u, i wouldnt jst keep it in like u did. i seriously dare her to do the same to me lol.. then she'll really get it from me.