Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I support The Fuel & Food Price Hike!
(With that said, I will soon have an angry mob chasing after me. Before they kill me, I shall go finish up my lab report so I can be The-Ghost -That-Finished-Her-Report, no "unfinished business" whatsoever.)


Again! They monkey-ed again! From what I heard this time, at KLCC, Jalan Ampang. Hey people, if you want to waste your time, please be my guest. Just don't stop the rest of us who have urgent errands to run, in your quest to embarrass yourself. I have other more productive things to do. Like shopping in Pavillion, hello? It was going to be my first ever, and Fluffy's too, shopping trip to Pavillion! Thanks for ruining it for me. If you like gathering so much, come gather in front of my house, I assure you that you pleads will be heard. (By me, not that I'm gonna do anything about it). Free Guards surrounding my house, what's not to like?

I came across this article which I found to be very insightful. Although I don't agree 100% of the time, it makes more sense than those foolish people who got charged for standing among a crowd of "more than 3 people without a police permit".

"The Government is doing this in order to ensure that such items are affordable so that people will not be overly burdened financially, and it is spending billions annually to achieve this target. While this is laudable, it is a serious drain on financial resources that could be used for projects that can bring greater economic growth and jobs."

Yes, the subsidies make plenty of our everyday items much more affordable, besides curbing inflation. The part about the funds could've been used for economic growth and job? Well, don't blame it on the subsidies. Blame it on the many times they had to spend large figures to fix the MRR2, and refix the MRR2, or re-refix the MRR2, because someone didn't do a good enough job in the first place or someone didn't make sure that the other someone didn't do a good job. I forgot which, it's confusing. What about the drain in resources caused by undeserving students who got sponsorship to pursue costly education but flunked/ dropped out. Subsidies should not be blamed for the drain in resources, as there are certainly better reasons out there.

"It is just not possible to keep a low inflation regime for too long, since this is just not practical. The cost of production will have to rise and people will have to get used to higher prices."

Now this is true, although subsidies do not account for a great drain in in resources. In time, the world prices WILL increase, the government soon will not be able to keep up with high subsidies. In the long run, subsidies will be a major burden. Malaysians, it's time to GROW UP. The world is facing this. Why should we be any different? This is not the time to be selfish and demanding. Sometimes, I think Malaysians are so pampered they don't appreciate the things which the government actually did for them. With the elections coming, do you think the government would love to announce a price hike right now? If there's a need to, they'll have to do it. At the end of the day, we have to remember that they are consumers too.

"The Government, too, must be prepared to reduce subsidies on fuel, including diesel, gradually so as not to create undue hardship on wage earners. "

That ought to be the right way to do it. If the people can't afford it, they've gotta learn to afford it. Trying working OT for a few extra bucks, instead of wasting time gathering, or paying off police bails, for a start. Be more thrifty with spending instead of splurging on the credit card all the time. Also, be more careful with your everyday goods, and do not practice waste. That's gonna teach some people to appreciate cooking oil more. Besides, the shortage is a perfectly good excuse to consume less oil, people in this region are obese and diabetic anyway.

Oil is going to be more scarse, everyone knows that. And yet they are ignorant about it, thinking it's some grandmother story. As they keep up the demand for more oil, the oil companies will keep digging. So whose fault is it that the oil prices are increasing? All those moves to encourage carpooling, the usage to public transports, and smart cars, have received very little good responses. Don't say you were not warned.

Malaysians are selfish. All they care about, is how everything affects them. What I see, is Malaysians refusing to grow up and accept the fact that Price Hikes are a scary inevitable truth that they will have to face one day. Like a baby refusing to poop in the potty, because pooping in diapers feels so much more comfortable. Well, grow up. They'll just have to get used to it. But then again, they could always fly off to Neverland with Peter Pan and never ever grow up. Oh, I forgot. Peter Pan is not asian, and he doesn't even know that Malaysia exists.

Quotes taken from this article.

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+ W @ ! K 3 N + said...

I cant quite agree with some parts of this article. U might be correct about Malaysians being selfish and refuse to get used to the price hike but I think you're being a bit general. It is true that gatherings such as the Bersih rally is not right but do you ever think of y do these ppl actually took the trouble to do all these? There must be a reason whya re dey being this unhappy and actually supported the rally.

Yes, some of them or like wat u sed, all of them are being selfish, but what about those who are fighting not just for themselves but for the people's welfare? Yes, dey shud've look for sumting to do to earn more bucks instead of participating such rallies, but yet they still do it?

Humans are always struggling and working hard just to earn a better living but have you ever thought of whether the salary their getting doing the justice of their hard work? With prices going up gradually while salaries are not keeping up with the inflation, it is hard to blame people are getting unhappy as their spending power is getting less and less. Coping with price hikes is essential, but what if it goes to the point that its unreasonable? How long can our salary cope with it?

Recently I've read an article saying our country having the 6th most efficient government in the world and placed 19th as a trading nation. Sounds prosperous huh? So why is our spending power is getting smaller?

Another thing is, our government may look good, did a great job for the ppl, etc, etc, but are you sure that dey are that great? We're often shown the exterior or the good side of the government but are they truly helping us as a whole? Newspaper articles aren't something you can totally trust on. I'm not trying to say our government is good for nothing nor do nothing for the ppl but I'm just trying to say that we should not just judge a book by its cover. Take the scholarship and the MRR2 part as an example. And u cant put corruption out of the issue.

Lastly, I would like to say that I dun mean to dispute wat u wrote. Just wanna express my point of view and introduce another perspective into this article. Read this with open heart and correct me if I'm wrong:)