Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's all about relaxation

Let's try a refreshing change on this blog. Literally.

Instead of talking about serioussssss stuff, I'm gonna talk about other things that makes me happy! Like my bargains and success in giam-ness.

(For work and related stuff is starting to consume me even in my dreams. Oh the horror! I can feel those wrinkles coming!!)

By now, I like to think that I'm pretty good at indulging in relaxation therapies and consuming recovery food to help my poor lethargic body recover from the stress I cruelly put it through, throughout the week. And I thought I would just share my little moments of indulgences, because it has done wonders for me so far!

I love my showers. My 10 minutes worth of pleasure everyday after work. The bubbles, lathers, smell, rush of warm water, and like Gargamel from The Smurfs, I love being around STEAM :) Other than enjoying my Tresemme shampoo, and The Body Shop Shower Gel (Pomegrenade). Sometimes on my weekend off I like to go that extra mile for my body: a BATH SOAK + Full Body Exfoliation :)

LUSH's bathbomb - Avobath is my favourite!
(Click to go to website)
It smells absolutely heavenly and is made from Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Avocado, Essential oils (Lemongrass, Bergamot, Rosewood). Pure natural goodness for my body! Only £2.99 for 1 home spa session. A treat a month is all I need. Who says money can't buy happiness?

The Body Shop - Exfoliating Gloves
(Click to go to website)
After 5 minutes of soaking and skin softening in the bath, I polish my body with these babies. Even if I haven't got time for a bath, I exfoliate weekly anyway at the end of my shower when my skin is super soft! Great for the hard skin on my feet. Off with all the dull dead skin! Makes a good all over massage too. Bought it for £2 last Christmas.

Once I've got myself all clean and smelling nice, I'm totally in the mood for my skincare routine. My new skincare motto is: Protection. At 22 years old, it is a little too early to be considering full-on anti-aging products (even though I am terrified at the mere thought of a single wrinkle) , while still battling the tail end of my zit-phase. Thus I've decided to go for the in-between which is preventing the criminals that are aging triggers, ie. UV rays, oxidized damage from our polluted environment, and skin stress! My skin type is Dry Combination, and these are what I am using at the moment:
(Click to go to website)
Priced at £14, I bought this for £4. What a steal LOL.

(Photo stolen from Dinky Delight)
Used with my old scrublet from my ex-cleanser L'Oreal Perfect Clean, which I adore to bits and will take it with me even when I'm travelling, still using even after changing cleansers :) It's super gentle, and yet cleans like a dream! The bristles do get into all the nooks and crannies on the face, and my face has never been smoother! I DO like the scrublet even more than the cleanser itself. By the way, this cleanser was £ 5.10, but I managed to get the Clinique cleanser for less. How awesome is that!

The Body Shop - Cucumber Water
(Click to go to website)
Using so many products, I am budgeting on my toner. Only £4, smells soothing and refreshing, contains the simplest ingredients, works perfectly well.

(Click to go to website)
I got this free from the Clinique counter. Using this serum once a week now for that extra boost for my skin!

(Click to go to website)
Priced at £16.50 (50ml) , I bought this for £11.50. Yet another steal LOL. Swapped to this last year as my skin decided to go on strike or something, it was sensitive to EVERYTHING. Red, inflammed, peeling skin and all, undoubtedly ANGRY SKIN! After trying several products, I gave up and went to the Clinique. Since then, I have found my holy grail. I prefer this to the large pump bottle, because I just can't get every single drop out of the large bottle. This tube is also small enough to travel with, and also very mess free!

(Click to go to website)
My weekly deep cleansing hero with Dead Sea Mud and Kaolin Clay to draw out impurities, at a budget price of £ 2.59. Lasts 3 months on a weekly use basis. £1 / month IS a bargain.

My staple. My new can't-live-without. SPF 15 to protect against UV rays, light coverage that is good enough for everyday use with a nice glow, great oil control, plus anti-aging benefits. The perfect product.

For my body, it gets a bit of love on a regular basis now. After my mom caught a glimpse of my horrible leg that is....

Super dry and scaly, I didn't even realize what its become. But this is now history.

The Body Shop - Dewberry Body Lotion
(Click to go to website)
I'm not a fan of spending ages on spreading it all over, just because all over is ALOT of area to cover. And also I dislike stickiness and oiliness. For regular use, something cheap and goes a long way like this £4 lotion keeps me happy! It's super light, but surprisingly moisturizing enough to keep my scaliness at bay. It's light texture makes me a breeze to apply and dries out into a film in an instant!

(Click to go to website)
9-10 hours of standing at work has taken a toll on my poor feet. No matter how awesome the footwear is, I still get hard skin on pressure points. Not to mention the odour from hours of sweating in the shoe. I treat my feet to a warm feet soak with these peppermint crystals once or twice weekly now to improve blood circulation on the feet, deodorize, followed by a gentle exfoliation with the glove I have shown above! Bought in the half-price sale for £3.50. Needs only 2 pinches each time, still pretty much have the whole container left after 1 month!

Food wise, I've taken initiative to consume more goodness to counteract the immense amount of stress that I'm going through!

Packed full of goodness, enzymes and antioxidants. Great sweet drink alternative to soft drinks.

Antioxidants, flavonoids, anti-cancer.

Antioxidants, Lycopene (for skin), Vitamins and beta-carotene (for eyes) :)

Essentially, I believe, the more you ask of your body, the more you should give back to it. If I don't take care of it, I can't make the most of it. It may seem like I'm spending a fortune (as a accumulation of many little bargains), but it works for me at the moment, and I feel good. When I feel good, I can perform at my best!

P/s: Work is going really well, plans are underway, but no extra information can be revealed until a later date!

Cheers all, and be good to yourself!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Of Lemons and Lemonade

When LIFE throws you a lemon, you take that bloody lemon and make a smashing lemonade out of it.

If there's anything I've learnt, things ALWAYS happen for a reason. Especially the "bad" things. On hindsight, they have always turned out for the better.

Of course, these situations are never easy. But you will always make it out of there, in a much better place.

Cry/ moan/ whine for a while. Letting out those extra emotions are always healthy. Once its over suck it all up and turn all that into POSITIVE energy!

What's that but a little obstacle. Think of all the people who are much less fortunate, who have no aim in their lives but only to survive long enough to see the next sunrise.

And then realize that life has been kind to you.

Then find that determination to overcome the obstacle ahead.

Success will only be found by those who seek it. Those who wait to be found by success will be waiting forever.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Start of my Career

The Registration

On 25th July 2011, I sealed my status as a qualified healthcare professional as my name got permanently imprinted onto The Register of Pharmacists. I was given an number which I had to display on every premise that I work in, a unique number for which the public could check to make sure that I was a legitimate professional. That catapulted me fully, and I mean FULLY into realization of how far I've come, how much training I have had, and most importantly, how ready I was to take this on.

The First Day

Every August, I will come to celebrate the anniversary of my career. Turning up, a little nervous, plenty excited, I was keen to start tasting the success. The first couple of days took plenty of getting used to. I've worked in 4 different pharmacies, 3 different areas, 2 different companies, and that's only over the past 3 years that I've been in the UK. You'd think there was nothing to get used to, but there still were much that was different.

Getting used to being the manager. Where you have to make all your decisions on your own two feet, no more tutor to consult to.

Getting used to different stores/ staff/ stock/ dispensary/ customers quickly. So that I may carry out the days activities seamlessly, as if their regular pharmacist was not absent.

Getting used to there being only one of me. There are tasks that only I could do, they vary, and I may get interrupted. But it is an essential balancing act that I needed to master skillfully.

The Verdict so far...

has been fantastic. I've had great feedback from stores, hoping that I'd come back. Customers wanting to know when I am going back to the store. Staff whose jaws dropped when he found out I've only been practicing for under 2 weeks, he could not believe it at all. I've been inspired by some customers, and also inspired a few others. Told people off for inappropriate behaviour, which went down smoothly because I was doing the right thing. So far so good.

It's a learning process, every single day.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Responsible Pharmacist

It's high time I updated... concisely!

20th July 2011, graduated MPharm (Hons) from The University of Nottingham
24th June 2011, General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) Registration Exam
29th June 2011, commenced new training on Foundation Management Program
5th July 2011, Foundation Management Forum + Prereg Grand Ball
19th July 2011, finished 52 weeks of training at Lloyds Pharmacy Kidlington
22nd July 2011, passed the Registration Exam
25th July 2011, was admitted into the Register of Pharmacists by GPhC
1st August 2011, a Relief Manager for Lloyds Pharmacy.

As you can see, the time from June till today (1st August) has been a huge flurry of events that are emotionally challenging. Where do I even begin to write?

The Exam...
Took 2 weeks off work to revise. Wrong choice. Should have taken longer. I've learnt, and read the same things a million times. And yet I find myself determined to read it again. Its utterly peculiar the effect this exam has on me. I stayed over at Birmingham's Jury's Inn, kindly sponsored by Lloyds, but finding it rather impossible to study further, or even sleep. The feeling was akin to having too much of something, and eventually feeling sick of it. Exam organization was a complete mess. As if the stress was not bad enough. Many of us, including myself walked out of the hall, after a whole days worth of exams, feeling dejected and defeated.

The Result...
Lo and behold, as if a miracle, I passed! After nights of nightmares and struggles to download the pass list, I saw my name on the list. I had to look twice to believe it was true. I don't need this blog entry to remind me how I felt at the time, because I know it is a feeling that I will remember forever. The result has mindblowing effects. Most people that I've spoken to, CRIED. I did. It was just the gush of emotions and relief, from the ridiculous amount of hard labour, in uni, at summer jobs, at work. Everyone who pass, at least poured their life into it. And that, I say, is the minimum requirement to succeed in this. Nothing less.

To be continued...

Monday, July 11, 2011

Blogger coming back

This blogger is coming back. I promise. I'm adamant to have at least a post every month, despite my lack of time to have extra time to spare. I have pre-written at least a couple of posts at the back of my head.

Just looking for the time to spit it out.
Wait for it.

Friday, June 03, 2011

I give up

Now this is not something I will say not even on a rare basis.

It baffles me how many times I try sometimes. Guess I'm not the most stubborn one around, aye? That can't possibly be bad news.

Nature will take its course.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Life in the fast lane

I am so bloody proud to have earned a pass for my UK Driving Theory Test.
Pardon the language. Ahem.

Initially, I must admit, I underestimated it.

It was super cocky of me to think that, since almost every Tom, Dick and Harry out there has a drivers license, it can't be that difficult for me, to get one. For the past few years I've been tackling MPharm materials, surely a mere common test ain't gonna make me break a sweat?

But NO. Oh boy how wrong I was. The first time I attempted a mock theory test online, I failed with a miserable 35/50. To pass, the minimum score would have to be 43/50. I read the DSA driving book (300+ pages), and The Highway Code (150+ pages), and still managed to fail the mock theory tests all the way up to 2 days before the exam.

It was until some wonderful preregs reminded me of the miracle I'm entitled to as an iPhone user: The Theory Test AppS. YES. APPSSSSS... Many of them, FREE on AppStore. Then started a vicious round of Q&A on the train/bus/while walking for the last 12 hours up to the exam.

That saved me. In the Questions section at least. I brushed past the Hazard Perception test, almost barely to pass the entire test. Gee. All this coming from one who holds a Malaysian Driver's License, passed from 1st attempt.

I'm sure the practical exam is gonna drive me right up the wall with frustration, but I'll get to that soon. For those who are interested to get the UK Drivers License, the RIGHT way. Not the, dodgy way, you know. Here's how:

1) Get a Provisional Drivers License.
- Submit your details to DVLA, and they will post you the form.
- Fill in the form correctly, include: photo, cheque for £50, and relevant passport (with visa).
- Your 2-part Provisional Drivers License will arrive within 1 week.
- This allows you to drive under the supervision of a full Drivers License holder above 21 years old.

2) Get an instructor.
- You could find one through recommendation, or through good Driving Schools like BSM, AA.
- They can be expensive. The average price is around £25, depending on your area.
- I recommend 2-hour lesson slots, instead of 1-hour. You can wander off further, and have more time to practice your new skills under supervision. Especially you don't have a car to practice at other times like myself.

3) Theory test.
- Your instructor/ driving school will normally book it for you for free, alternatively, you can do it online.
- The soonest slot you can book is approximately 2 weeks ahead of time.
- You will need, at least "The Highway Code", which is £ 2.50 from any good bookstore.
- Practice test questions VIGOROUSLY online or via iPhone apps, and familiarize yourself with Hazard Perception videos.
- All you need for the exam is your 2-part Provisional Drivers License, and a responsive clicking finger.

4) Practical Exam.
- I will update once I have done mine.

In the mean time, if you are considering whether to obtain a license the proper way, or the dodgy way, I recommend the PROPER way.


Well why do you think so many people die in car accidents in Malaysia, especially during the festive season, when the spirit of celebration is tainted by the stale smell of blood on the highways?

This is the price to pay for the extent of bribery and cutting corners in our culture of obtaining a Driver License.

This is why UK roads are ridiculously safe to travel on. (Except late at night when most people are drunk) Because the people who holds a Drivers License, well and truly deserves it.

Price-wise, I am confident that I can obtain my license in well under £600. Although I have a target of £ 500. Here is the breakdown:

Provisional Drivers License : £ 50
Theory Test : £ 31
Practical Test : £ 62 (£75 on weekends, evenings, and bank holidays)
The Highway Code book : £ 2.50

Subtotal : £145.50

Target lessons : £ 352
(16 hours x £ 22)

GRAND TOTAL : £ 497.50

If you choose to do it the less proper way, I heard it would cost about £300+ and it takes about 2 weeks to 1 month to get it sorted out. But would you really be comfortable for a stranger to take your passport and visa, few hundred hundred pounds in exchange for only a Drivers License?

And then, go out on the roads, not knowing any UK road rules, speed limits, and restrictions. Get out there, get fined, clamped, tickets by traffic officers as a result of your ignorance. Your demerit points will eventually take your license away. Or, because you lack the knowledge to care for your car, or know how to deal with fog/rain/snow conditions, you and your car will end up in trouble in a God forsaken place.

I don't think its worth it to be honest. I feel like I have fulfilled a duty to myself to keep myself and others safe, and eventually that extra bit of money will save me from unwanted expenditure like fines, and garage bills.

However, to each his own.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lisa Eldridge inspired

Many say make up is fake, in a negative light. Especially men.

Embarrassingly, I used to be one of those people. Until one day, a friend from A levels sent me an enlightening post by blog queen, Xiaxue. Eventually I started to embrace makeup, wear makeup, and understand makeup. Now I no longer think make up is something negative.

Every woman, deserves to be beautiful.

And even with make up, it is not even a short cut to beauty. Makeup can destroy someone's looks through improper use, and yet enhance a person's natural physical attractiveness, if used correctly. Learning how to use makeup, investing time, money and effort to source the right products, putting together a look, practice proper skincare is no easy feat.

If a woman can sacrifice all that, to look beautiful, then she deserves to be beautiful. She worked hard for it. Don't we all think that we deserve good grades, or recognition of our effort from our teachers, or superiors at work?

If a man can spend hours slaving away at the gym for a great body, minutes in the toilet to style their hair. They deserve to be attractive too.

With makeup or effort, it gives everyone the opportunity to be on even playing ground, with people who are naturally gifted in physical appearance. What is there to shun about?

I ask all people who consider makeup to be fake, in a negative light, to think twice. I say it is an art. Just like how fashion is a manipulative art. It takes skill to look great, and these artworks should be recognized for their effort too.

Saturday, April 09, 2011


Currently, I am shamelessly indulging in some K-pop. Please be aware that these are extremely addictive, but incredibly refreshing to listen to as well. Allow me to temporarily entertain you with YouTube videos, while my schedule clears up. And then, I will summarize the story of my life for the past few months, which will include: my UK driver's license, and future job prospects in the UK.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Magic Soc Gala Show 2011

Following my unfortunate bus incident, the same evening, I was at the ever-impressive Magic Soc Gala Show 2011 =)

A show that was pioneered by the Magic Society founder Chris Martin, and then relaunched years later by the 2009/2010 commitee (Albert, Graham and myself) to its maximum grandness, that it won the coveted prize of all event organizers, Best Event 2009/2010. It was our brainchild, and our success. Albert and myself poured so much of our souls into it last year, that we just couldn't miss this years show, presided over by Graham!

The show was spectacular, showcasing the brilliance of Romany, Roy Davenport, and Jonathan Shotton, who had to pull out from our show last minute due to ill health. I was even made honorary First Aider Volunteer, because they needed someone at the time, and my latest First Aid Certificated just arrived the previous day! Hehe :) The success of the show, of course, has to be credited to the astounding dedication of the Organizing Committee & Volunteers *applause*

And boy it was £10 super well spent! Especially when you can be part of the show:-

That's me being levitated by the magnificent Jonathan Shotton! Who gets to float around on a magic carpet nowadays aye? Teeheehee... Lucky me, but I didn't get to enjoy my own show for I could only take in the view of the ceiling at Studio 7 at the time. At least that is one thing crossed off the Things-I-have-to-do-before-I-die list =)

Pardon the screenshots, as FB has made it difficult to steal those pictures, and I haven't been able to get hold of the original files yet. Try to ignore my other activities!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

March 2011

A month later, I'm blogging again, YAY! It seems to have gone out of habit now. To be fair, blogging has been on the back of my mind for weeks now, just needed to find me a good weekend to write something.

This was last weekend, when I had to travel straight to Nottingham immediately after work. So there I was with my luggages with me:

- a trolley bag
- a hand luggage
- a handbag

... happily tucked in a corner (if there was an emergency brake, the seat in front of me would've prevented my luggages from propelling forward towards unsuspecting passengers), playing Traffic Panic on my iPhone with ear phones plugged in, at the second row of seat on the bus. Fully engrossed into my game, I became oblivious to my surroundings, but I was pretty sure my luggages were out of the gangway, and there were plenty of seats because it was 95% empty when I boarded.

Out of nowhere, came a lady to interrupted me, and scolded me:

"If an elderly gets on the bus, you need to get up!"

Annoyed, and slightly embarrassed, I apologized anyway, claiming that I was completely unaware that an elderly has got on. At this time all seats were occupied and there were a couple of people standing.

What puzzled me was, I was in the SECOND row! Why didn't she attack people who were in the front row, which is OBVIOUSLY more accessible for the elderly! On my side (right) of the bus, there was this sticker: Priority seats for those less able to stand, directly beside the first row, not my row. But on her side (left) of the bus, there was not any.

And then I realized that she was annoyed because SHE had to give up HER seat, on the FRONT row, on the LEFT side of the bus, for this elderly gentleman.

STUPID woman. Can't you see I have LUGGAGES with me? If I had to get up, where would my luggages go? In the gangway?

She should have asked the young man, who had no bags on him on the row in front of me.
SEEMS like a fair decision.

If the elderly really wanted my seat, she could've said, "Excuse me, do you mind offering your seat to the elderly please?". I would've gladly moved.

If she gave up her seat, and the gentleman sat down, then what's the f*cking deal? She wasn't happy, but she only had her handbag, and was probably in her 40s. It's like I did a good deed to help an elderly, but then I want to scold other people for not helping the elderly first, so I ended up having to do it. Doesn't make sense right, I know.

Granted, I should've paid more attention to people boarding. But I have given up my seat to the elderly COUNTLESS times when I only had my backpack, normally on my way to work ok. I think she was just being racist, and thought I looked like an idiot.

Technically, I would not have been at fault, because I was not aware, and I have exercised due diligence ensure the safety and comfort of other bus passengers when I boarded.

This is called act smart but fail.

Friday, February 25, 2011

What life is at the moment

Maybe some of you don't understand what's consuming me so much, that I'm not blogging, facebook-ing, or messenger-ing so much anymore.


How hard can work be? EVERYONE works.

Well let me tell you. I'm currently working on:

- My audit project poster & presentation
- My March Development Day coursework
- planning all the extra days I can do for the store
- planning all the off days I want to take in return
- processing my expense claims from the company
- applying for additional study leave
- keeping up with evidence reports and revision
- helping Magic Soc sell Gala Show tickets
- thinking about my future with the company

... and more.

My iCal is flooded at least till June its ridiculous. BUT THANK GOD FOR MY iPHONE & Mac Book Pro !!! My lifesavers. Syncing the messes of my life & plans, allowing access to internet and social network at any small window of time that I have, when I do have it.

And then are plans for the future. Not solid plans, I'm done with those. But I still do need a direction to follow, don't I?

Of course, not forgetting the silly crazy ideas that I sometimes have. That is precisely why I do find a sense of comfort in magic. Last weekend at Blackpool was a blast!

There were a handful of lousy performers, a pinch of pure brilliance, but still pretty darn amazing! There's just something that fills me with child like wonder, when I'm surrounded by magic. It brings it back to basics, where the performer executes an action deemed to be impossible, and entertains the audience. Unbelievable. A precious escape from reality.

Loved it!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Not posting

My first blog entry was early January, but now it's almost the end of February...

I promise that I really did want to blog! But just haven't got the time! I guess really had a proper holiday from everything.


Between my last blog entry and now, I have been in Oxford, London, Nottingham, Newbury, Blackpool, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur. For some destinations, I have been there more than ONCE. Oh boy. And that's just in a span of under 2 months.

I need to stop traveling. Because I don't have time. It's time now for me to get my head back into pre-reg. Not work. But pre-reg. Revising for my exams, completing whats left for registration in August! (And planning for my summer holiday, which is hopefully abroad)


Monday, January 03, 2011

The New Year 2011 Post

Happy New Year everyone.

Frankly, I think NY's day is overrated. The only thing good about it is a free holiday. Isn't it the same day every year? It is just another day, with slightly more numerical significance.

Fireworks with many sweaty bodies (MAL) / freezing temperatures (UK)? No thank you. Not my kind of thing. Not being able to catch the tube back home after the HAPPY NEW YEAR chant is not the best way to start the year. Wise word from me, hehehe.

The only significance the new year has for me, that another set of new year resolutions are due. I think I made some last year, but by the 364th day, I've forgotten what they were, let alone check if I've accomplished them. My friends, on NY resolutions (only), I am what Big Bird likes to call a N.A.T.O. (No Action Talk Only).

But, I gotta make the New Year count somehow, so I WILL make me some resolutions! (Peer pressure, because everyone is making one, and I'm not only NATO but KIASU)

My New Year Resolutions:

1) To find my 5 other serious NY resolutions by the 5th day
2) To love my myself more: with focus on health and emotions
3) To spend less money on things I don't need
4) To spend more time with friends & family, and less on work
5) To be more environmentally friendly: recycle, save energy
6) To not be a NATO on my 2011 resolutions

That's all for now. Wish me luck. And lucks to all other with resolutions. Don't be a NATO like me.


AM UBER EXCITED ABOUT GOING HOME SOON! Counting down to my holiday in Dubai and going back home... in plus minus 3 weeks. But before that, plenty of loose ends to tie, and work to do before being able to properly enjoy my holiday. Less blog, more work from now.