Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's all about relaxation

Let's try a refreshing change on this blog. Literally.

Instead of talking about serioussssss stuff, I'm gonna talk about other things that makes me happy! Like my bargains and success in giam-ness.

(For work and related stuff is starting to consume me even in my dreams. Oh the horror! I can feel those wrinkles coming!!)

By now, I like to think that I'm pretty good at indulging in relaxation therapies and consuming recovery food to help my poor lethargic body recover from the stress I cruelly put it through, throughout the week. And I thought I would just share my little moments of indulgences, because it has done wonders for me so far!

I love my showers. My 10 minutes worth of pleasure everyday after work. The bubbles, lathers, smell, rush of warm water, and like Gargamel from The Smurfs, I love being around STEAM :) Other than enjoying my Tresemme shampoo, and The Body Shop Shower Gel (Pomegrenade). Sometimes on my weekend off I like to go that extra mile for my body: a BATH SOAK + Full Body Exfoliation :)

LUSH's bathbomb - Avobath is my favourite!
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It smells absolutely heavenly and is made from Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Avocado, Essential oils (Lemongrass, Bergamot, Rosewood). Pure natural goodness for my body! Only £2.99 for 1 home spa session. A treat a month is all I need. Who says money can't buy happiness?

The Body Shop - Exfoliating Gloves
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After 5 minutes of soaking and skin softening in the bath, I polish my body with these babies. Even if I haven't got time for a bath, I exfoliate weekly anyway at the end of my shower when my skin is super soft! Great for the hard skin on my feet. Off with all the dull dead skin! Makes a good all over massage too. Bought it for £2 last Christmas.

Once I've got myself all clean and smelling nice, I'm totally in the mood for my skincare routine. My new skincare motto is: Protection. At 22 years old, it is a little too early to be considering full-on anti-aging products (even though I am terrified at the mere thought of a single wrinkle) , while still battling the tail end of my zit-phase. Thus I've decided to go for the in-between which is preventing the criminals that are aging triggers, ie. UV rays, oxidized damage from our polluted environment, and skin stress! My skin type is Dry Combination, and these are what I am using at the moment:
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Priced at £14, I bought this for £4. What a steal LOL.

(Photo stolen from Dinky Delight)
Used with my old scrublet from my ex-cleanser L'Oreal Perfect Clean, which I adore to bits and will take it with me even when I'm travelling, still using even after changing cleansers :) It's super gentle, and yet cleans like a dream! The bristles do get into all the nooks and crannies on the face, and my face has never been smoother! I DO like the scrublet even more than the cleanser itself. By the way, this cleanser was £ 5.10, but I managed to get the Clinique cleanser for less. How awesome is that!

The Body Shop - Cucumber Water
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Using so many products, I am budgeting on my toner. Only £4, smells soothing and refreshing, contains the simplest ingredients, works perfectly well.

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I got this free from the Clinique counter. Using this serum once a week now for that extra boost for my skin!

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Priced at £16.50 (50ml) , I bought this for £11.50. Yet another steal LOL. Swapped to this last year as my skin decided to go on strike or something, it was sensitive to EVERYTHING. Red, inflammed, peeling skin and all, undoubtedly ANGRY SKIN! After trying several products, I gave up and went to the Clinique. Since then, I have found my holy grail. I prefer this to the large pump bottle, because I just can't get every single drop out of the large bottle. This tube is also small enough to travel with, and also very mess free!

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My weekly deep cleansing hero with Dead Sea Mud and Kaolin Clay to draw out impurities, at a budget price of £ 2.59. Lasts 3 months on a weekly use basis. £1 / month IS a bargain.

My staple. My new can't-live-without. SPF 15 to protect against UV rays, light coverage that is good enough for everyday use with a nice glow, great oil control, plus anti-aging benefits. The perfect product.

For my body, it gets a bit of love on a regular basis now. After my mom caught a glimpse of my horrible leg that is....

Super dry and scaly, I didn't even realize what its become. But this is now history.

The Body Shop - Dewberry Body Lotion
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I'm not a fan of spending ages on spreading it all over, just because all over is ALOT of area to cover. And also I dislike stickiness and oiliness. For regular use, something cheap and goes a long way like this £4 lotion keeps me happy! It's super light, but surprisingly moisturizing enough to keep my scaliness at bay. It's light texture makes me a breeze to apply and dries out into a film in an instant!

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9-10 hours of standing at work has taken a toll on my poor feet. No matter how awesome the footwear is, I still get hard skin on pressure points. Not to mention the odour from hours of sweating in the shoe. I treat my feet to a warm feet soak with these peppermint crystals once or twice weekly now to improve blood circulation on the feet, deodorize, followed by a gentle exfoliation with the glove I have shown above! Bought in the half-price sale for £3.50. Needs only 2 pinches each time, still pretty much have the whole container left after 1 month!

Food wise, I've taken initiative to consume more goodness to counteract the immense amount of stress that I'm going through!

Packed full of goodness, enzymes and antioxidants. Great sweet drink alternative to soft drinks.

Antioxidants, flavonoids, anti-cancer.

Antioxidants, Lycopene (for skin), Vitamins and beta-carotene (for eyes) :)

Essentially, I believe, the more you ask of your body, the more you should give back to it. If I don't take care of it, I can't make the most of it. It may seem like I'm spending a fortune (as a accumulation of many little bargains), but it works for me at the moment, and I feel good. When I feel good, I can perform at my best!

P/s: Work is going really well, plans are underway, but no extra information can be revealed until a later date!

Cheers all, and be good to yourself!

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