Monday, May 07, 2012

9 months of serious can do this to me.

A lot of people that are not apart of my immediate day-to-day life has probably lost track of me. Admittedly, I have not been blogging, been much less active on Facebook, never on messenger, almost always offline on Skype.

No, I've not been commissioned off to be a spy.

To put it simply, too many thing have happened. I found myself having grown an incredible amount over the past year or so. It would be terribly boring, and thrill killing for people who has not been through this phase, therefore I shall not bore everyone with the details.

Well, I've been busy with... adult stuff. Things I used to not care about, because those jobs belonged to our parents, or adults. (By the way, we're not talking about x-rated stuff here.)

To be honest, I have lost interest in a lot of things, in a good way. For example, I have completely lost interest in publicizing every minute detail (exciting or not exciting) in my life. Be it on the blog, or Facebook, or the need to tell someone about it even though no one is around (this is where messenger comes in). The other big excuse for it? I don't have the time to indulge in self-publicity anymore. Nor do I find any satisfaction, or meaning behind it anymore. As much as I hate to admit this, I was doing it just like everyone else, only refusing to consciously admit that I was doing it. Looking back to my pimple filled teenage years, it seemed so very silly that it was such a big part of being socially relevant. I have since waved goodbye to these antics of yester-years, and have embraced the comfort of obscurity and privacy. I guess at some point, one will eventually get tired of fishing for social attention/ approval, or worse still, public scrutiny at things that you do. Because that is just what some people live to do. People like to pretend that they have influence on your social status, and they use it. People love to judge you because it's an interesting activity to add to their mundane life. In addition to that, for some weird reason, I've noticed that the older we become, the worse it gets. So much for being older and wiser. Plenty grow up to be a bigger child with larger issues. Who cares what other people think? (Except for my boss, of course, he signs my paycheck, he is a big deal) I've stopped caring. They don't need to know, neither should they try poke and pry to attempt to know. To people who are prying, I live a really boring, predictable life. So go send your prying little nose to another person who will give your more exciting information.

The relatively smaller engagement with social media now means keeping in touch with people, many of whom are far away from me, but I still care about. It does not mean, however, that I do not want to update these people of how I am doing though. I am still very happy to catch up, over messages and Skype when the opportunity arrises. Just not shoving information that are not requested down their throats like having-a-spread-in-Hello-magazine style.

I am sure I will update in time, gradually, when I know. But for the essentials, I am really happy at work, been working so hard my salary now is more than double what it was this time last year. Perfect excuse to explain my busy-ness. I have not posted on this blog I was in Rome last November, I've been back home to Malaysia in January for CNY. For anything else, call me ;)

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