Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lisa Eldridge inspired

Many say make up is fake, in a negative light. Especially men.

Embarrassingly, I used to be one of those people. Until one day, a friend from A levels sent me an enlightening post by blog queen, Xiaxue. Eventually I started to embrace makeup, wear makeup, and understand makeup. Now I no longer think make up is something negative.

Every woman, deserves to be beautiful.

And even with make up, it is not even a short cut to beauty. Makeup can destroy someone's looks through improper use, and yet enhance a person's natural physical attractiveness, if used correctly. Learning how to use makeup, investing time, money and effort to source the right products, putting together a look, practice proper skincare is no easy feat.

If a woman can sacrifice all that, to look beautiful, then she deserves to be beautiful. She worked hard for it. Don't we all think that we deserve good grades, or recognition of our effort from our teachers, or superiors at work?

If a man can spend hours slaving away at the gym for a great body, minutes in the toilet to style their hair. They deserve to be attractive too.

With makeup or effort, it gives everyone the opportunity to be on even playing ground, with people who are naturally gifted in physical appearance. What is there to shun about?

I ask all people who consider makeup to be fake, in a negative light, to think twice. I say it is an art. Just like how fashion is a manipulative art. It takes skill to look great, and these artworks should be recognized for their effort too.

Saturday, April 09, 2011


Currently, I am shamelessly indulging in some K-pop. Please be aware that these are extremely addictive, but incredibly refreshing to listen to as well. Allow me to temporarily entertain you with YouTube videos, while my schedule clears up. And then, I will summarize the story of my life for the past few months, which will include: my UK driver's license, and future job prospects in the UK.