Friday, August 19, 2011

Of Lemons and Lemonade

When LIFE throws you a lemon, you take that bloody lemon and make a smashing lemonade out of it.

If there's anything I've learnt, things ALWAYS happen for a reason. Especially the "bad" things. On hindsight, they have always turned out for the better.

Of course, these situations are never easy. But you will always make it out of there, in a much better place.

Cry/ moan/ whine for a while. Letting out those extra emotions are always healthy. Once its over suck it all up and turn all that into POSITIVE energy!

What's that but a little obstacle. Think of all the people who are much less fortunate, who have no aim in their lives but only to survive long enough to see the next sunrise.

And then realize that life has been kind to you.

Then find that determination to overcome the obstacle ahead.

Success will only be found by those who seek it. Those who wait to be found by success will be waiting forever.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Start of my Career

The Registration

On 25th July 2011, I sealed my status as a qualified healthcare professional as my name got permanently imprinted onto The Register of Pharmacists. I was given an number which I had to display on every premise that I work in, a unique number for which the public could check to make sure that I was a legitimate professional. That catapulted me fully, and I mean FULLY into realization of how far I've come, how much training I have had, and most importantly, how ready I was to take this on.

The First Day

Every August, I will come to celebrate the anniversary of my career. Turning up, a little nervous, plenty excited, I was keen to start tasting the success. The first couple of days took plenty of getting used to. I've worked in 4 different pharmacies, 3 different areas, 2 different companies, and that's only over the past 3 years that I've been in the UK. You'd think there was nothing to get used to, but there still were much that was different.

Getting used to being the manager. Where you have to make all your decisions on your own two feet, no more tutor to consult to.

Getting used to different stores/ staff/ stock/ dispensary/ customers quickly. So that I may carry out the days activities seamlessly, as if their regular pharmacist was not absent.

Getting used to there being only one of me. There are tasks that only I could do, they vary, and I may get interrupted. But it is an essential balancing act that I needed to master skillfully.

The Verdict so far...

has been fantastic. I've had great feedback from stores, hoping that I'd come back. Customers wanting to know when I am going back to the store. Staff whose jaws dropped when he found out I've only been practicing for under 2 weeks, he could not believe it at all. I've been inspired by some customers, and also inspired a few others. Told people off for inappropriate behaviour, which went down smoothly because I was doing the right thing. So far so good.

It's a learning process, every single day.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Responsible Pharmacist

It's high time I updated... concisely!

20th July 2011, graduated MPharm (Hons) from The University of Nottingham
24th June 2011, General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) Registration Exam
29th June 2011, commenced new training on Foundation Management Program
5th July 2011, Foundation Management Forum + Prereg Grand Ball
19th July 2011, finished 52 weeks of training at Lloyds Pharmacy Kidlington
22nd July 2011, passed the Registration Exam
25th July 2011, was admitted into the Register of Pharmacists by GPhC
1st August 2011, a Relief Manager for Lloyds Pharmacy.

As you can see, the time from June till today (1st August) has been a huge flurry of events that are emotionally challenging. Where do I even begin to write?

The Exam...
Took 2 weeks off work to revise. Wrong choice. Should have taken longer. I've learnt, and read the same things a million times. And yet I find myself determined to read it again. Its utterly peculiar the effect this exam has on me. I stayed over at Birmingham's Jury's Inn, kindly sponsored by Lloyds, but finding it rather impossible to study further, or even sleep. The feeling was akin to having too much of something, and eventually feeling sick of it. Exam organization was a complete mess. As if the stress was not bad enough. Many of us, including myself walked out of the hall, after a whole days worth of exams, feeling dejected and defeated.

The Result...
Lo and behold, as if a miracle, I passed! After nights of nightmares and struggles to download the pass list, I saw my name on the list. I had to look twice to believe it was true. I don't need this blog entry to remind me how I felt at the time, because I know it is a feeling that I will remember forever. The result has mindblowing effects. Most people that I've spoken to, CRIED. I did. It was just the gush of emotions and relief, from the ridiculous amount of hard labour, in uni, at summer jobs, at work. Everyone who pass, at least poured their life into it. And that, I say, is the minimum requirement to succeed in this. Nothing less.

To be continued...