Monday, August 01, 2011

Responsible Pharmacist

It's high time I updated... concisely!

20th July 2011, graduated MPharm (Hons) from The University of Nottingham
24th June 2011, General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) Registration Exam
29th June 2011, commenced new training on Foundation Management Program
5th July 2011, Foundation Management Forum + Prereg Grand Ball
19th July 2011, finished 52 weeks of training at Lloyds Pharmacy Kidlington
22nd July 2011, passed the Registration Exam
25th July 2011, was admitted into the Register of Pharmacists by GPhC
1st August 2011, a Relief Manager for Lloyds Pharmacy.

As you can see, the time from June till today (1st August) has been a huge flurry of events that are emotionally challenging. Where do I even begin to write?

The Exam...
Took 2 weeks off work to revise. Wrong choice. Should have taken longer. I've learnt, and read the same things a million times. And yet I find myself determined to read it again. Its utterly peculiar the effect this exam has on me. I stayed over at Birmingham's Jury's Inn, kindly sponsored by Lloyds, but finding it rather impossible to study further, or even sleep. The feeling was akin to having too much of something, and eventually feeling sick of it. Exam organization was a complete mess. As if the stress was not bad enough. Many of us, including myself walked out of the hall, after a whole days worth of exams, feeling dejected and defeated.

The Result...
Lo and behold, as if a miracle, I passed! After nights of nightmares and struggles to download the pass list, I saw my name on the list. I had to look twice to believe it was true. I don't need this blog entry to remind me how I felt at the time, because I know it is a feeling that I will remember forever. The result has mindblowing effects. Most people that I've spoken to, CRIED. I did. It was just the gush of emotions and relief, from the ridiculous amount of hard labour, in uni, at summer jobs, at work. Everyone who pass, at least poured their life into it. And that, I say, is the minimum requirement to succeed in this. Nothing less.

To be continued...

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