Saturday, March 26, 2011

March 2011

A month later, I'm blogging again, YAY! It seems to have gone out of habit now. To be fair, blogging has been on the back of my mind for weeks now, just needed to find me a good weekend to write something.

This was last weekend, when I had to travel straight to Nottingham immediately after work. So there I was with my luggages with me:

- a trolley bag
- a hand luggage
- a handbag

... happily tucked in a corner (if there was an emergency brake, the seat in front of me would've prevented my luggages from propelling forward towards unsuspecting passengers), playing Traffic Panic on my iPhone with ear phones plugged in, at the second row of seat on the bus. Fully engrossed into my game, I became oblivious to my surroundings, but I was pretty sure my luggages were out of the gangway, and there were plenty of seats because it was 95% empty when I boarded.

Out of nowhere, came a lady to interrupted me, and scolded me:

"If an elderly gets on the bus, you need to get up!"

Annoyed, and slightly embarrassed, I apologized anyway, claiming that I was completely unaware that an elderly has got on. At this time all seats were occupied and there were a couple of people standing.

What puzzled me was, I was in the SECOND row! Why didn't she attack people who were in the front row, which is OBVIOUSLY more accessible for the elderly! On my side (right) of the bus, there was this sticker: Priority seats for those less able to stand, directly beside the first row, not my row. But on her side (left) of the bus, there was not any.

And then I realized that she was annoyed because SHE had to give up HER seat, on the FRONT row, on the LEFT side of the bus, for this elderly gentleman.

STUPID woman. Can't you see I have LUGGAGES with me? If I had to get up, where would my luggages go? In the gangway?

She should have asked the young man, who had no bags on him on the row in front of me.
SEEMS like a fair decision.

If the elderly really wanted my seat, she could've said, "Excuse me, do you mind offering your seat to the elderly please?". I would've gladly moved.

If she gave up her seat, and the gentleman sat down, then what's the f*cking deal? She wasn't happy, but she only had her handbag, and was probably in her 40s. It's like I did a good deed to help an elderly, but then I want to scold other people for not helping the elderly first, so I ended up having to do it. Doesn't make sense right, I know.

Granted, I should've paid more attention to people boarding. But I have given up my seat to the elderly COUNTLESS times when I only had my backpack, normally on my way to work ok. I think she was just being racist, and thought I looked like an idiot.

Technically, I would not have been at fault, because I was not aware, and I have exercised due diligence ensure the safety and comfort of other bus passengers when I boarded.

This is called act smart but fail.

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