Monday, December 01, 2008


Right now, it's all about the weather. Uh huh. You ask about the weather, you wear according to the weather, you go out in the weather, and of course you wonder "weather" it will rain/snow today. *hoho, pun-puns =)*

Some purple scribbles for my own amusement!
This is what I live with everyday. Today I lived with 0'C in the morning, and 2'C in the afternoon as shown on the top right corner. Sub zero temperatures are becoming the norm here, I no longer think my fridge is cold anymore. Haha. These are times when you buy fresh milk, and leave them on the windowsill to keep chilled.

Those who missed the little snowfall about a week ago, fret not! You will have your chance of seeing "heavy snow" on Thursday!! But beware, the wind will be excruciating at 23 mph. Time to wrap up like a kebab people!

To my parents who's been wondering why I've been whining all about the weather ALL THE TIME, now you know why. Sob sob. I want my mummy... And I want to be able to wear my skirts again!!!

But then while I was out last weekend, I saw several (means quite a lot) british girls walking around in short skirts, WITHOUT stockings or leggings. Just bare, shaved, legs. Not to mention a number of them still strutting down the street, with half their breasts hanging out, just enough to warm the blood of passing men. Hahaha, how convenient and considerate indeed. I wonder if that would count as a good deed? An easy way out of Santa's naughty list perhaps? Lol...

Anyway, everything is Christmas-fied, and the atmosphere in Nottingham is nothing less than Christmasy! I LOVE THIS HOLIDAY!!! And I miss that Christmas Tree at home. Sigh... I don't get to put the star on it this year.

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