Saturday, December 06, 2008

Turning 20


To everyone, for the wishes, the cake and presents, and for being part of my 2 decades worth of life!

I love you all so much! Thank you for letting me turn 20. You guys had 20 years to kill me, but you didn't, which is really, really sweet. I want to thank my mom and dad for giving birth to me, my siblings whom I always bully, my teachers for having mercy when I forgot my homework, bla bla, so on, so on... Cheh, like the speech after receiving an Oscar award =P

Wow. The Big TWO-O! I'm so freaking old now T__T Needs getting used to really. Like yesterday, I went to Pitcher & Piano, which is a bar.

The Bouncer was like, how old are you?
I'm like, ninet.... No wait, I'm TWENTY!!! *huge kiddy grin*

Muahahaha, first moment of actually feeling happy to say I'm 20. By the way, not that I don't appreciate the wishes, but I'm actually 2o this year, rather than 21. I have no idea why there are quite a number of my friends out there making that mistake. Hmmm... Don't tell me I look THAT OLD! Okay maybe I do, considering I did receive a bottle of anti-wrinkle cream just recently.

Forget the "What I've done/achieve on my way to turning 20". Boring.

I'm gonna make a list of "What I want to do now that I'm 20"!!!

- Insist that I'm really 18 instead of 20, when prompted.
- Start making people call me Jie Jie, for a change.
- Get drunk, like really drunk. Puke. Hangover. The whole package.
- Earn more money, spend more money $$$
- Fill some pages on my crisp new passport. The cleanliness of the pages is starting to bug me.
- Give up trying to grow taller. Undivided focus on getting fatter from now.

And this is how I look like when I am 20.

That's All Folks!
*Play: Looney Toons tune*

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