Tuesday, December 09, 2008

200th post blog-o-versary

It's a bird...
It's a plane...

It's Ling-O-Logy's 200th post blog-o-versary...!!!
*throwing confetti everywhere*

Today has been good. By "good", I nearly always mean " productive". I woke up bright and early at 8am, and slowly made myself some decent breakfast! Semi-naked. Muahahaha. We had good sun on this lovely Tuesday morning, so I got rid of the curtains and let me poor pale skin absorb some rays. To say the least, I have been very sun deprived to the extent to evolving into a vampire like appearance. Just in case you're wondering I don't live on the ground floor, and I was alone at that time. Only some birds saw me making breakfast like Britney in Womanizer.

Following that I hopped into the shower for a long and hot one, then lovingly blow dried my hair. I picked out something nice from my closet, and grabbed some chocolate on my way out. Chocolate courtesy of a cutie, and that saved me from 2-decades-of-life-crisis =) With that I just know it's going to be a good day. Got out in the lovely cloudless weather, and managed to get plenty of my errands done, stopping just to get myself another chocolate bar to keep my mood going. Can I say I'm developing an addiction to chocolate as does people to coffee now? I need a cup of hot chocolate every morning now just to get myself going! I have sold my soul to Chocolates.

As something special for this special post on this special day... I'm gonna post some crumbs of my life. In other words, stuff I wanted to blog about, but am too lazy to do it because of assignments/ dinners/ head-hunted/ shopping/ burnt my kitchen/ period pain/ headache/ hangover and a gazillion of other excuses.

EeHow's legendary 21st birthday at Hooters.

Girls Gang also @ Hooters! As customers not as waitresses ok.
Both of mine still can't make up half a hooter. Lol.
Jiao (CHN), Myself, YitLing, WeiYe (CHN), SayYuen, Cassie (CHN).
By the way, China Chicks are like so hot.

Traditional Toilet Shot in the bar toilet after 2 shots of Vodka.
Myself, YitLing, Sara, Rachael, PuiLing.

Another pic of me drinking with some new found friends at The Living Room =)
IngChang, YitLing, Elwin (Bru), Daniel, Myself and Archi (Phil)
All others are Malaysians unless stated.

Condom, Tampons, and Gum vending machine in a bar toilet.

The super awesome Bak Kut Teh I made on my birthday.
It's actually much browner, but the vapour keeps clouding my lens =(
Anyway you should be glad you can't smell it, that's because you can't eat it =P

Have you ever tried looking up in the sky for a change?
Venue: Broadgate Park.

The little bit of sun we get nowadays.
Venue: School of Pharmacy.

Winter Day Out @ Old Market Square
Gary (HK), SayYuen, Myself, ChinHong, SiuSien, PekSan.

Acting like we're all below 20 on my 20th birthday surprise!
Michael (HK), Myself, SayYuen, Gary(HK).

Something awesome I made for DeeSin's birthday party. Tastes more special that it looks, with secret ingredients and secret recipe and secret method =P

Yeah, now you know how lazy I am. Lol.
Bah, got my Computing report to finish up, can't be bothered with anything else.
*Scratch out my bloodshot eye balls to stick them onto the screen*

Yes this stupid blob is my report.
Tata for now. Mummy check your email please. Thank you.

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