Monday, December 29, 2008

I know what I did last christmas

I know what I did last Christmas. And I've been on Santa's Naughty List! Oops... XD

24th December 2008: Christmas Eve

Got this baby for my 20th birthday. Downed it all in a night with an old friend.
In the end I turned into an oversized Drunken Lobster that chattered uncontrollably until I unknowingly fell asleep. Poor fella had to send me back to my room at 4 in the morning.
What a way to start the festive season =)

25th December 2008: Christmas Day

EeHow The One who Karate-ed the Turkey, Daniel The Celebrated Chef,
and Julyan The Hungry.
Daniel created a Culinary Masterpiece with this "Extra Large" turkey on his virgin attempt. Hats off to him. The turkey was "God-like" and it was the best I've tasted this season. This turkey did not die in vain. It died proud and tasty, in my very happy tummy =P
There's no better way for a turkey to die. Seriously.

Daniel took the dinner up a notch with his selection of red and white wines.
And there were also Guinness Draught, Tiramisu, Chocolates, Soft drinks, Potatoes, Stuffing Balls, Brussel Sprouts and Sausages to distract us from The Turkey.
This is Fine Dining at 51, Beeston Road for 12.

The drinks are not even opened yet and they are already drunk.
Swinging knives and bottles about.
Such dangerous people I'm mixing with, tsk tsk.

Simon (my lobster relative), Myself, EeHow, and ShinHau.
Where there is alcohol, there is a lobster in its presence.

After dinner we played Secret Santa, and Brian got my Dr.Who Bubble Bath.
Bath with it, and you'll have skin like Dr.Who's. LOL!
A bunch of twenty-somethings playing Secret Santa, sweat.
But to be honest it was really fun, because somehow we made the boys play the guitar and sing us some Christmasy tunes. Good times, good times =D

With all these booze and good food, I think I'm getting fatter for real this time!
Take a close look at me and tell me what you think.

Daniel, Daniel's guitar, Daniel's Room, and Myself.
Thank you so much. We had a great night. So next year's turkey on YOU again! =P

27th December 2008: Post-Boxing Day SALES

I shopped. Till I nearly dropped.
Shan't put any photos up because My Mom will kill me.

My God, did I miss Nasi Lemak.
We found the restaurant that the Nottingham Malaysian Society has been catering from.
Pretty Orchid is located at a hidden corner in the city centre, and serves Malaysian Food of course. Lunch goes for 5.50, for another 1.50 you can have an appetizer to go with it.

At the end of the day I had 4 bags, and they include 3 tops and a new pair of shoes.
The total undiscounted price cost around 70, and I spent less than half of that ^^
Thanks to the Year End SALES + the new VAT reduction and Student Discounts!
The theme of my shopping day was Workwear, for my new job in Oxford next summer =)

Among them, is The Most Gorgeous Workwear I have ever tried on.
I sort of knew it was meant for me. It's a size 6. The only one left.
Unfortunately it was not on sale, and I had to think twice if I could afford it.

Thanks to some kind souls, it was my Christmas prezzie!

Advice I got from the Cashier at Dorothy Perkins

"Don't complain honey, just let him buy it for you"

Sweat =.=

*Pictures were taken by Daniel and Brian. Lazy me got them straight off Facebook.

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