Wednesday, October 15, 2008

N96 meets C902

When Nokia N96 meets Sony Ericsson C902...

The humble C902 was just indulging in the sounds from the Grand Piano at the Queens Medical Centre when the more absolutely stunning N96 caught the corner of its eye.

The shininess, oh-la-la!
Can you see now how beautiful it is?
All the glory of the sleek N96 captured in 5 megapixel clarity.
Clear shot from the Sony Ericsson C902
And then the N96 caught my C902 staring lustily at its body.
It thought, "Tryin' to hit on me , aye?"
The N96 then glared back 5 megapixels worth of approval.

The look of a nervous C902.
And with a capture of the picture, the heart of the C902 was also captured.
Dull disappointing shot of the C902 by the N96
It was hot, and it was fast.
My vulnerable C902 was led on.
Well the first thing to do is of course to flirt from far via Bluetooth.
To her very surprise, the N96 flirted back too!
And then there's going to be, another date, another day.
Another exciting hot moment of getting to know the N96 awaits.
The dawn of C902 vs N96 wars, stay tuned ;)
A hot new single from Britney Spears, Womanizer to complement this entry.

Can I say I'm so addicted to the beat of this song!
And I don't even love pop for a living... Britney is absolutely stunning here. What a comeback!


Anonymous said...

yea...a nice song with strong beats thou...

Ian in Nottm said...

I think phones are the modern equivalent of the Edwardian page and maid conspiring to bring their masters together. Twice within a couple of weeks I got a call from a lady whose name was buried deep within my directory to say my phone was texting her (admittedly, only reserved and coy blanks.) We decided my ageing, wrinkled but distinguihsed sony erricsson had taken a shine to the flowing lines of her her slim, petite nokia. The phones continued to text each other - albeit aided by their owners - who are still together 2 years later. My Ericssson's not as happy though since since the nokia ws replaced by an iphone whose muscular dynamics do not appeal. I wonder where his wandering eye wil take him next.. Sorry for the interruption i was having a curious morning looking at nottm blogs and happended across yours

Faith said...

hope you will get good news from DHL tmr!