Saturday, October 11, 2008


With a heavy heart, I have let my long weathered locks go. Now sporting a lightweight, short-ish bob, I have a new bounce in my step!

Hurrah to saving shampoo, conditioner, hair care, washing time and blow drying time!!! Besides saving plenty of money in the long run, I am also saving precious time. They say time is money right? In the end I save even more money then! Ahah! Yes, it's all about the money!!

Before: Long Hair, looking rather mature and feminine.

I have this uncanny urge to want to do multiple hair flips within a short time frame. Muahahaha... And this time, my hair ain't gonna slap anyone in the face, get tangled, or get caught on a twig. Bouncy bobs are the way to go! Bye limp locks!

Look at the hair, and forget the face.
Looks like I've taken off some years as I take the inches off my hair!
Seriously, no amount of camwhoring can turn out right in the wee hours of the morning.
Promise to put up a nicer shot one day.

Perhaps I should also couple this entry with a review of the DJ Hairdressing Salon at Portland Building. Don't buy it when they say appointment not always necessary, it IS necessary. To be honest, I did not expect their business to be so good. The one in UNiM always seem to be pretty deserted if you ask me. There are basically 3 hairdressers there, and I had Emma serving me.

We went through some magazines, for what she called a "complete restyle"... I just wanted to chop like 6 inches off my hair, she makes it sound so dramatic! I would say she was quite honest to say that my pathetic mop of curl resistant hair will never achieve "The Magazine Effect"without styling products, and probably Adobe Photoshop. Being the typical British she is, she put it in the most elegant sounding way possible, I'm the one being blunt on my blog. I liked that honesty, and the not-too-peppy personality. Honestly, the way the girls in Malaysian salons always pretend to take so much interest in you scare the crap outta me. Especially with me not being too keen to share details of my life with perfect strangers. I always think "very close with you meh, ask so much. Busybody betul."

40 minutes was all she took to decide on a style, wash, cut and blowdry my hair. What a nice way to earn 20 pounds. I really should quit pharmacy and take up hairdressing. Oh and did I mention that she used loads of products on my hair as well? Generous dollops of shampoo, conditioner, volumising moose, setting spray, shine serum and other potions was slapped onto my hair. By the time she was done, my hair was clubbing-ready! Although I did think she OD-ed on the volumising thingy, I felt like a poodle for awhile. After an afternoon nap, the volume died down a little leaving me feeling just like a cotton ball and less like Guy Sebastian. Much better now :) Bottomline? Recommended if you want to save 3 pounds travelling to the city centre for a hair cut.

P/s: What do you think of my new haircut? Poll on side column!!!

P/p/s: Did I mention that I *heart* my new phone?! Test shots from my Sony Ericsson C902 coming up soon. It will make you want to forget about the iPhone.

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