Saturday, October 04, 2008

Sony Ericsson C902


Now my life doesn't seem so bad...

It's the best that I've ever had...

This phone I get to own FINALLY...!!!"

Sony Ericsson C902.

Light weight



Cool shade of black

5.0 megapixel Cybershot Camera

Touchscreen features

20 pounds a month for 18 months

Allowance of up to 2600 minutes & texts

Please turn GREEN with jealousy because that would make me so happy.
(joking lah!)

No I don't care if you have a N96, iPhone or Omnia.

Your N96 is thicker than my ham sandwich.

The iPhone is an overrated piece of metal.
(except Barrie's unit *swoon* )

And I dislike Samsung phone systems in the first place, let alone the Omnia.

Everybody meet my new phone/camera, Soleil.


Leo Raj said...

*rolls and whines like a baby*


*pouts lips*

LiliaN said...

Named after Cirque du Soleil ? Lol...okla i get it, u're seriously lack of the sun thats y u named your phone The SUN.