Sunday, October 26, 2008

N96 dates C902

And then, the long awaited day has arrived.

It was going to be their first date.

While everyone was busy taking in the info in Advanced Drug Delivery,
the lovebirds gadgets couldn't help but pay attention only to each other.

(Picture taken by another N96, intrigued by the inter-racial relationship-in-development.)

To her surprise, N96 decided to sent her a romantic song via Bluetooth.
Both phones were only equally as fast in Bluetooth speed.
The N96 was flirting so hard there were sparks in the air!

How could it resist?

Soleil is stunning in black, with a hint of silver for a touch of class.

Not only drop-dead gorgeous in its slender one-piece figure,
Yes, my phone looks nicer than yours.
the C902 is a highly intelligent gadget capable of taking this game to a whole new level.
Tech-wise, the C902 was not as far away from N96 as their price.
A challenge is probably what the brainy N96 is up for.
My C902 is not playing hard to get, it IS hard to get.
The Slim Soleil (C902) subconsciously leaned on the strong shoulders of the N96.
Now you see how thick that thing is.
The N96, large built all around, meant there Soleil is never gonna have insecurities.
Too bulky for girls, its like holding a chunk of cheese. Tut tut.
N96's bold and black exterior was all too sexy for Soleil to resist.
N96 is too much of a fingerprint magnet for my liking
It was all good and romantic, until...

N96's master decided that he wants to play with his phone once the lecture was over!

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