Monday, August 14, 2006

Stars & Tau Foo Fah

Finally! I've got that wretched week behind my back. Words simply cannot describe the power of my anticipation for a brand new week. Common sense says that Sunday is the beginning of the week. To me, it has never been so. Being the traditionally narrow minded irritant that I am, I believe rewards/ relaxation/ fun, should come after work/ in the end. A firm believer in the chinese proverb:

Translation: encounter the bitter, before the sweet. rewards come after hard work.

The weird programming that I have in my brains, is that I can almost delete all the nasty memories of the past week after Sunday is over. That leaves me with a squeaky clean start every Monday. Sweet, huh?

So here's Monday.

Woke up at a comfortable earthly hour of 9am to accompany mom to the Jabatan 'Something-Something'(I never get those horribly long, complicated sounding names, which I don't even bother to remember just because I think memorising lyrics are worth the brain-o-bytes more) to take care of the mind boggling procedures involved with my late granpa's pension. With Lady Luck by our side today, we met some pretty decent government servants. Helpful, polite, no airs, and none of the I-can't-be-bothered-by-your-troubles-as-I'm-rushing-to-punch-my-card-at-5pm-sharp attitude. Even the guard at the carpark was a professional. He knew we smelled like lost folks the moment he laid eyes on us.(excuse: my sense of direction has yet to mature) Lol, the sweet ol' thing even directed us all the way out of the ventilator-deprived basement car park. These are sincerely nice people. They speak decent, simple English too! I pity them having to work under such miserable conditions, making minimal wage, when so called 'graduates' are making the big bucks in a pretty, air-conditioned office on a landmark high-rise, playing solitaire on the company pc. And these lot can barely string a sentence without a single grammatical error. The difference? A piece of biodegradable paper with the word 'siswazah', and also the number of zeros on their paycheck.

That done, we headed to Jusco Metro Prima for my pre-hostel shopping. *cough* The way I dress at home, is absolutely illegal beyond the boundaries of my home. No, I mean it. Seriously. *cough* You know, the departmental stores usually have these very fancy hangers that holds even the most complicated piece of garment in place? So happened that I met a naughty cashier.

I was like : Psst...kak, yang tu boleh bagi tak?
And she was like: Shhh! *placed it in the bag in one sneaky move*

There! I accidently 'nicked' a hanger. Oops, hahaahaa...

My bro's studying at SJK Kepong 2, and we were to deliver him his lunch before he continues into the afternoon COMPULSORY tuition session. Chinese primary schools. Ahh... those good ol' work-load-full days, when I didn't even have time to think of other stuff that can possibly upset me. Heeheehee... Life was good. *nods* We parked some distance away, under some flats, and walks a short distance to the school. Then I saw it. TAU FOO FAH. My favourite dessert! 豆腐花!

Malaysian Food Guide for Dummies, says:
Popular local chinese dessert. Consists of smooth and soft, white toufoo, served with diluted syrup.

Haven't eaten it in AGES. Mom doesn't buy it because she has developed an allergy towards toufoo products after her 4th pregnancy. But then, she said I probably loved it because she had loads of Tau Foo Fah while I was still floating in her womb. Some aunties said, it's because little me wants to eat it even before I was born. Lol, is there such a possibility? Doesn't matter. It's cheap, tasty, and healthy. Today's Tau Foo Fah tasted very sweet. I'm pretty sure it's not the sugar. *winkz* I totally did not expect 2 young dudes to sell Tau Foo Fah. One looked like he was in his early twenties, and the other, late teens, somewhere my age, I guess. The resemblance revealed that they are brothers. Both tall, maybe 1.78m, or taller, VERY courteous, and has dazzling smiles. I had my attention on the younger dude. While the elder one was preparing my Tau Foo Fah further away, we happened to be standing nearer to the younger dude. I glanced at some of the buns they had to offer. He started introducing some of the buns. I looked at him as he talked. Eye contact. Exchange of smiles. I shy away, and I think he did too. Along came a little boy, looking at the buns. I heard him asked the boy what he wanted in a funny way. Looking down at the little boy, I see a hungry look that wanted everything but knew he could not, very determined the make the best decision with his limited budget. The boy was kinda round (chubby lah) with big round glasses, sliding half-way down his nose. It was just hard to not chuckle. He looked at me when I did that, just when I looked up. Our eyes locked for a moment, then the smiles came again. Omigosh, I'm telling you it happened to me! It's not that I wanna 'yam' every guy I can get my hands (or rather, in this case, eyes) on. But, lol, just for fun, no harm done. Teeheehee~ We went on to hand over my bro's lunch, and he HAD to spill it. Drat! Luckily we had another spare packet of chicken rice in the car. While getting this second meal for my bro, my mom walked past the stall again. Those dudes were such charmers! They smiled and said something to my mom, which later left my mom grinning away. I thought, even aunties cannot escape their grasp. Lol. I stood beside the car, waiting for mom. Guess what? I noticed that younger dude turned to the direction where my mom walked from. He was looking at me! Immediately, I hid in the car. That's probably when we found out that the right rear tyre's punctured. Double Drat. I stared in disbelief when my mom sent me to ask the Tau Foo Fah dudes to help change the tyres. Thank god, one member of The Auntie Gang came to my rescue! She took us to a nearby mechanic to patch up that very nasty hole.

Okaaay. This entry seems abit too long huh? I need to sleep too, have got a shopping date with mom tomorrow. I shall end this quickly. The rest was the day was like...

Went to pick my sisters from SMK BUD2, shopped at One Utama, cursed those shops with 'S' sized items that are still too big for me. Tomorrow may go eat Tau Foo Fah again. Teeheehee... That's it. Heh Heh. Thank you. The End. Auf Wiedersehn.

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