Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Being Asian

I've turned into one of the ang mohs. Gah. At 23'C, England is having its hottest moments this year. I mean, it's 23'C, haha, that's nothing compared to Malaysia's 32'C eh? But OMG I was sweating like a cow at 23'C, at the same time, staying out of the shades to absorb the skin warming UV rays. SUN!!! What a rare phenomenon. When I got home, I thought, SHIT. That was so un-malaysian. I almost feel embarassed with myself.
So anyway, work is getting too routine and mundane for my liking now. And the customers are literally driving me up the wall. I've been asked if I was Japanese or Chinese so many times I lost count because I don't have enough fingers on my hands. It's so often I devised the most stupid way of answering their stupid question.
"Hai. Watashiwa Chinese desu."
That'll confuse them for sure, MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...
(Lilian must feel so proud of me now, LOL)
One gutsy guy even went to the extent of saying, I bet they don't wait this long in a queue in China huh? Sweat. I look like I'm from China meh? And why are they so fascinated by my size? Cooing about how tiny I am. I'm not tiny and your boobs are way too big for you.
Every other customer calls me lovey, darling, sweetheart, and then I get a lovely, great, wonderful, splendid for every customer I serve. It's all very flattering and weird at first. By now, I feel so numb to them. I don't even know if I will respond when Fluffy calls me honey. Sigh. Don't they realise that they are unconciously using such beautiful words without actually meaning them. It's either that or my services are totally irresistable. The latter seem unlikely so I guess I'll go with the first one.
Summer seems to be over now, the weather forecasted for the next few days will be lots of rain. I can almost feel my flu making a rebound now.

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KY said...

Well, at least u didn't get "Do you still live on tree houses?". Lol.