Friday, August 01, 2008

people people people

If there's something I learnt from repeating that same old sequence on that Boots till, is that I hate Europeans. Oops, I mean European WOMEN. European men are juicy, slurrrrppps...

You see I met this law student from Poland the other day, his name is Maciek, sounds like Mak Cik, hahaha, but looks uber hot, and also my age, and then we exchanged numbers and everything...
*Slaps self*

Digression aside, European women is flooding Herefordshire by the hundreds. All desperately looking for jobs, money and English men. Sigh, they will spend all their money on shopping even before they have found a job. Worst thing is, they don't speak ENGLISH. And they wanna work here. Always asking for discount, like a severe version of the average Market-going Malaysian Aunties. No to mention a lack of respect for people and procedures. God, they think their boobs are so big they can push me over. Well too bad, their boobs are so big they're lopsided =P Oh yeah, did I mention that they are much larger than our Malaysian Aunties as well? Somewhere wear so tight, gross la.

Also, I don't like serving Irish and Scots. Can't hear a word they're saying. Seriously. Worst than Gilligan on Kim Possible. Sigh.

Tomorrow's the biggest business day ever, I'ma go rest now. Reports on that soon.

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